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November 2011

Monday, 14 November 2011

November 12-14, 2011

California: Adding to election costs

Colorado: Boulder jail inmate claims his efforts to vote were thwarted | Town fairs well in first IRV election | City files appeal to high court over ballot ruling

Connecticut: Cheshire vote recount today | Torrington resident irked by voting issue | Voters want stickers

Florida: Applications for U.S. citizenship usually surge in presidential election years | County recieves voting grant | In Hialeah mayoral race, more acusations of absentee-ballot issues

Georgia: Some Forest Park residents want election results thrown out | Election chief Sosebee sheds her interim title

Illinois: City council examining doing away with cumulative elections

Indiana: How will we vote in 2012? | Long count completed in Bloomington election

Maine: Dem leader opposes photo ID proposal in Maine | New effort to tighten election law

Massachusetts: Bill written by Woburn's city clerk would combine presidential, state primaries | Marlborough city council candidate targe of voter fraud investigation

Michigan: Cooke calling for voter fraud investigation

Minnesota: St. Paul's ranked-choice results: 1 wait, 1 upset, 1 surprise

New Jersey: Elections supervisor wants District 13 cartridge

New York: Voting machine troubles and countywide impounding delay vote counts | Steuben releases unofficial election results, some races still undecided | Sullivan schedules absentee ballot count | Post-election ballot count, audit to begin

North Carolina: Tie vote could be settled by chance

Ohio: Election costs down this year | Community protests closure of early voting site | Elections not cheap for county, candidates

Pennyslvania: Swarthmore man pleads guilty to election forgery

Rhode Island: Election officials mull ban on hats, t-shirts, cell phones at polling places | Doherty calls on state to commit to MOVE Act for Veterans

Tennessee: Voting precincts may decrease | Some Congressional leaders speak against voter ID law | AC, Oak Ridge voting changes on the way

Texas: Graham council agrees to pay share of election equipment

Utah: Low turnout and possible recounts sum up 2011 elections

Virginia: Preparation for Arlington board special election well under way | Electoral board still working on write-in election

West Virginia: Local voters react to election costs

Friday, 11 November 2011

November 11, 2011

National: Controversy over voting rules and security | Debate heats up over voter ID laws

California: Santa Clara County taps new elections chief | Vote-by-mail popular with Asian-American voters | San Joaquin County to get $150K for voting equipment | 5K-plus ballots left to count

Colorado: Judge rules in favor of Democratic map in Colorado redistricting | Complaints filed with SOS following recent election | Aspen election commissioner wants outside opinion

Connecticut: Cheshire election recount on Monday

Florida: Hiller, Coyle step back from serving on elections board

Georgia: Long road of disagreement leads Brown, Haynes to court hearing

Idaho: Idaho's new election law may get 2012 revamp after complaints

Illinois: DOJ: DuPage County must offer bilingual documents

Indiana: Judge to decide whether White can seek dismissal | Lawmaker may consider bill to ease vote center transition | Clerk calls for election task force as ballots are tallied

Kentucky: Secretary of state undergoing treatment for cancer

Maine: Portland's ranked-choice voting declared a success

Maryland: Proposed Montgomery County legislation would allow voting by mail | Groups file suit against redistricting map

Massachusetts: Election battle resumes in Wooster | Recount decision still pending | Precinct workers do their 'civic duty' | Poll workers keep busy waiting for voters

Minnesota: Panel educates about voter ID

Mississippi: Voter receives wrong ballot | Voter ID still faces hurdle | Voter ID opponents hold off on court fight | George County's election went 'really good'

New Jersey: Election results from three districts on hold

New Mexico: Duran investigating whether dead people have voted | Valencia County consolidating polling places into vote centers

New York: Port voters weigh in on new voting machines | In Washington County, counting ballots to save dollars | Despite the fanfare, little proof of election irregularities | NY awarded $2.5M to help military members vote

North Carolina: Craven commissioners contemplate voter ID | Provisional ballots could change Swansboro's election outcome | Election will stretch into next week for NC town

Ohio: Tough luck for voters who think they received wrong ballots | Absentee voting way down | Provisional ballots may swing Kent election | Poll worker charged wtih assault

Pennsylvania: Absentee ballots, voting errors change final totals

Tennessee: Election lines mostly stable | Seven voting precincts eliminated

Texas: Voter ID law may pose new challenge for some voters | Court's ruling changes filing period for primary | Georgetown voters to decide whether to move city elections to November

Virginia: Senate race hangs on single Louisa precinct | Isolated voting issues reported across Virginia | Recount necessary in Nelson County

West Virginia: Redistricting plan clears first hurdle in West Virginia lawsuit

Wisconsin: Mid-State Technical College ready to change ID cards to comply with voting requirements | UW to use alternative IDs over stickers

Thursday, 10 November 2011

November 10, 2011

National News: Mixed results on voter restrictions | Military, overseas voting tech gets boost from grants | Voting technology grants awarded

Arizona: Reactions to first all mail-in ballot

California: S.F. ranked-choice voting hurts progressive backers | Officials seek solutions to boost Solano voter turnout | Hundreds of Monterey County votes disappeared | Ranked-choice voting too complicated for some | Mail-in ballots post huge gain in San Mateo County | Chopper helps Riverside County in tallying votes

Colorado: CU to add voter registration to student portal | 7 percent of 'inactive' voters returned ballots in Boulder County

Connecticut: Problems getting tallies from three voting machines | Recount to be held on Tuesday

Florida: State investigating four more election violations | Election bill defeated

Georgia: Elections board at stalemate, appointment with judge next up

Indiana: Bloomington vote count delayed for a second day | Judge to rule on White's motion to dismiss next week | Tipp. County election day vote center card wasn't properly closed

Kentucky: Possible voting fraud in Kentuckiana will be investigated | Few snags reported at polls

Maine: Portland still counting ballots in mayoral race

Michigan: Cooke not showing evidence for voter fraud

Minnesota: Ranked voting in St. Paul: Mostly trouble-free, with a few quirks | Ranked voting gets first runoff test | 'Argument' between voter and election judge breaks out | Election judge reflects on overseeing voting process

Mississippi: Lawsuit over long lines withdrawn | Kemper County election officials question votes in House race

Missouri: County consolidates polling places

Montana: Kalispell holds first mail-in election | Ballots still being counted from Laramie election

New Jersey: Jersey City special election won't be certified until at least Monday | Warren County officials not concerned about election machine malfunctions | 84-year-old voter suffers 'minor' head injury in fall at polling location

New Mexico: Secretary of state says voter records' review found dead people eligible to vote

New York: Westchester voting machines seized; many ballots uncounted | County impound locks down voting machines | Voting machine troubles delay vote counts | Data from missing card overturns Hoosick race | Voting technology frustrates Ontario County officials | New ballots make write-in candidates more viable | Genesee board of elections had an uneventful night

Ohio: Why were election results delayed in Franklin County | Poll worker surrenders to authorities

Oregon: Oregon iHappy with iPad voting

Pennsylvania: Election errors to be discussed during Erie County review

South Carolina: Computer glitch changes totals, not outcome

Texas: Dems challenge GOP lawmaker to back up voter ID claim | Elections will still be in May

Utah: St. George pushes for count of remaining ballots

Virginia: August County electoral board verifies 'inch by inch' | Two elections may lead to recounts | Montgomery County registrar: Ballot problems minor | Confusion reigns at the polls | Montgomery County, state leaders react to election problems | Montgomery County registrar won't be investigated by state board of elections

Wisconsin: Elections board reverses itself on tech school IDs to vote | New voter ID law education session offered | Mock election held to test voter ID

Wednesday, 09 November 2011

November 9, 2011

National News: Who can vote? Maine and Mississippi consider opposite directions | NAACP says it will protest voter ID laws nationwide beginning Dec. 10 | DOJ will 'be aggressive' in looking at changes in voting laws

Technology News: Why can't Americans vote online?

California: Electronic machines replaced at polls | Two SF supervisors seek to end ranked voting | New ranked-choice ballots baffle many San Francisco voters

Colorado: Judge warns Gessler went too far in raising campaign-finance threshold

Connecticut: Elections going smoothly, despite challenges

Florid: Turnout low, voting machine malfuntions | Scott seeking replacement for suspended elections supervisor

Georgia: Voting proceeds despite machine glitches in Fayette County

Indiana: Misplaced machines create voter confusion in St. John Twp. | Polling place loses power | Evansville voters react to new vote centers | Counting inconsistencies slow Bloomington election results | Poll worker reported for wearing firefighter t-shirt

Iowa: Ooops, woman votes twice in Marion, turns herself in for voter fraud

Kentucky: Kentucky election fraud hotline receives five calls | Grimes wins secretary of state | Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes easily wins secretary of state

Maine: Voters prefer sign-up flexibility, repeal law setting restrictions | Mainers voter to continue Election Day registration

Maryland: Officials confirm machine problems hampered write-in voting | Manchester polling place changes from elementary school to high school

Massachusetts: Election workers relieved challenging season over

Michigan: New election workers brought in after Pontiac protests over city clerk firing | Election officials face learning curve with new voter registration program

Minnesota: St. Paul enters ranked choice voting era | Ballot mistake and voter turnout among concerns Tuesday | One St. Paul race heads to 2nd round | St. Paul voters take new ranked-choice ballots in stride

Mississippi: Polling places seeing some issues | Long lines, minor problems reported at polls | Voter ID initiative passes

Montana: Gallatin County election offiials busy counting ballots

New Jersey: Voters express concerns over parking | Phillipsburg man discovers voting machine error | Phillipsburg's second malfunctioning machine taken out of service

New Mexico: At least two illegally registered to vote, Duran says

New York: Voting machine glitch in Geneva quickly repaired | Getting used to new voting machines | No key equals voting delay in McKownville | Election Day off to a smooth start, commissioner says | Voting before sunrise | Voting machines create fewer problems this year | Fire, bomb scare force students, voters from high school | Residents still adjusting to machines | No keys puts voting on hold at local poll | Candidate votes, delivers baby at polling place | Polling place relocated due to flood damage

North Carolina: Elections director worries about budget cuts ahead of 2012 | Elections officials: Candidate tried to vote twice

Ohio: Elections officials test paper balloting voting machines | Praising Trumbull's voting machines | Voting machine troubles in Mahoning County | Elections board says worker bit voter's nose

Tennessee: Administrator of elections: Returns went remarkably well

Texas: Polling places warn voters that voting will take more ID next year | Voter ID law takes effect next year | Judge order Texas court to redraw electoral lines

Virginia: Redistricting has already caused some voter confusion | Some voters affected by poll book problem | Fairfax officials facing voter confusion | Handful of Montgomery County voters say they got the wrong ballot | College students are new generation of poll workers

Washington: Late ballots keep county elections officials busy

Wisconsin: Churches teaming up to help voters get IDs now required by law | Elections board to discuss requirements for college IDs at the polls

Tuesday, 08 November 2011

November 8, 2011

National News: Will new ID laws turn away some voters? | Civil rights monitors sent to five states for elections

California: $12,400: That's how much SJ County spends per month to store seldom-used elections equipment | Federal election workers to monitor county polling places | San Francisco election results could come quickly

Colorado: Aspen council discusses legal issues surrounding requests to view ballots

Connecticut: Online voting on minds of lawmakers | Election Day bake sales back | Weary registrars work through power issues | Power outages prompt polling place changes | Storms alter voting plans in Connecticut

Florida: Sen. Hays says proof-of-citizenship isn't necessary to register to vote | In sleepy city elections, mail ballots rule | Election officials encourage 18-year-olds to register to vote | Indian River County spreads word about polling place change | City council to address proposal to move city elections

Georgia: Opinions differ on new laws effects on voter turnout

Illinois: Asian Indians to gain election help

Indiana: Election to cost less due to limited voter eligibility | Vote centers changes election day tactics | 3 Indy polls delayed in opening | Long line as early balloting ends in Indy | More precincts for Tippecanoe County | Election preps months in the making

Iowa: Absentee ballots down from 2009

Maine: Mainers can register to vote on this Election Day | Question 1, a warm-up for 2012?

Michigan: Workers arrive at Pontiac polling center

Minnesota: Felony illegal voting charges dropped for Mapleton Man

Mississippi: Election officials squabble over replacing voting | State prepares for general election | Election officials hope for no hitches

Montana: High mail-in ballot turnout

New Jersey: Gloucester County election officials set for big day

New Mexico: Cases prompt closer scrutiny of voter rolls | Making a difference: Poll workers at heart of democracy

New York: Optical-scan voting machines get another test

North Carolina: Board of elections problems mishandling of absentee ballots

Ohio: Election to cost county $100K | Poll workers receive last-minute training | Lucas County BOE fixes problems before Election Day | Secretary of state sets up mobile office on OU campus

Oklahoma: Washington County election board receives new ballot machines

Oregon: Oregon pioneers iPads as vote-recording machines | Voting with iPads: Idea whose time is coming?

Pennsylvania: Some people cast their votes in unlikely places | City elections lack on-campus polling site | Suitable polling places not easy to find

South Carolina: SC's new voter ID law could hit GOP seniors | Analysis shows South Carolina's new voter ID law could affect affluent Republican seniors

South Dakota: Gant aims for more transparency

Tennessee: Special Saturday hours make it easier to get photo IDs | Camaraderie campaign: Poll workers catch up while they help out

Texas: Harris County clerk says everything's good to go for Election Day

Virginia: Election Day in Staunton, Waynesboro and Augusta County | Valley voting confusion day before Election Day | Voter fraud concerns arised in Dan River region | Virginia polling places prepare for voters

Washington: Poll workers still busy with all-mail voting | Computer 'hiccup' blamed for 11K unmailed ballots | 21K voters may not have received ballots | Election officials: Don't give ballot to strangers

Monday, 07 November 2011

November 5-7, 2011

National News: States with strict voter photo ID laws more than tripled in 2011 | Disputes over tighter voting procedures grow as election year approaches

Arizona: County scrambles to avoid chaos at new polling places

California: Like 1-2-3: Ranked-choice voting here to stay | Ranked choice put to the test in S.F. mayor race | Vote-by-mail on rise, if not overall participation

Connecticut: Would-be voters in Conn. get reprieve after storm

Florida: Small elections still mean same-size ballots in Indian River County | Pace teacher might face $1K fine for voter registration violation

Georgia: Judge deals ultimatum to Rockdale elections board | Georgians asked to watch out for voter fraud

Illinois: Cook County clerk honors Lemont election judges

Indiana: A history of voting machines in Monroe County since 1963 | Tuesday's paper ballots will be counted by hand | County officials considering implementing vote centers | Candidates listed in wrong order; fix will cost $7,500 | Some Vanderburg Dems expressing concern new vote centers weren't publicized enough | Absentee ballots 'disappear' in Clark County

Louisiana: Secretary of state Tom Schedler gets two inaugurations in three months

Maine: History of same-day registration in Maine | Bring same-day registration back? Maine votes | Governor urges 'no' vote on Question 1 | Democratic lawmaker urges Mainers to restore election-day registration law | Same-day voting supporters hold rally

Massachusetts: Election officials brace for Election Day turnout | Group to monitor Asian-American voter access

Minnesota: Ranked voting comes to St. Paul city council election | For St. Paul's ranked-choice voting, it's showtime | 49 Dakota County residents charged with illegally voting in 2008 | Mailbox as ballot box gains wider favor

Mississippi: Initiative 27 targets voter fraud | Absentee balloting on the rise

New Jersey: State ready to help voters who run into problems

New York: St. Lawrence County to spend nearly $100K on Tuesday elections | Changes should limit Election Day issues, officials say

North Carolina: Cumberland County's elections board is out of space | Dems sue over redistricting plans in NC | Ballot delivery sparks investigation

Ohio: Electronic sign-in will be used Tuesday | County plans to prevent provisional ballot problems | Former board of elections director dies at 79 | Toledo crowd protests early vote center closure | Election worker fired for marking on application

Pennsylvania: All systems are a go for Montgomery County general election | Officials expect vote counting to proceed smoothly this election | Sunny, clear skies predicted for Election Day | High schoolers to work polls | Lorraine County ramps up Spanish-language voting | Election staffer retires from polling position

Rhode Island: Donate food to need vets at polls on Election Day

South Carolina: Atlantic Beach election commission overturns mayoral and town council election results | Atlantic Beach to hold fresh election in 180 days | Election officials question AB election hearing | Myrtle Beach officials deny protest, uphold city council election

Tennessee: Driver's license offices help residents with new voter ID laws

Texas: Lee says county clerk confusing voters on voter ID | Centers meant to make voting simpler | Travis vote centers give people choice about where to cast ballots

Utah: BYU study: Maverick voters worry about ballot secrecy

Virginia: Avoid election headaches with new 'How to' guide | Law society answers voter questions on hotline | Polling place changes for town of Quantico | State elections come with changes | Fairfax County still needs more than 2,000 poll workers

Washington: Reed says email voting in the future | King County elections director invited to explain unmailed ballots

Wisconsin: Voter ID law still drawing debate

Friday, 04 November 2011

November 4, 2011

National News: Democrats ask all 50 states to oppose new voter ID laws | Congressional Democrats seek to curb tough state voter-screening laws | Why Tuesday? calls on president, candidates, Congress to support 'Voting Rights Act of 2012'

Alabama: Alabama County continues fight over Voting Rights Act

California: Extra ballot machines purchased in Riverside County | Air delivery | Rancho Mirage council OKs use of all-mail ballots for next election | Multilingual resources for San Franicsco voters

Colorado: Colorado Deputy Secretary of State Bill Hobbs to retire | Ortiz scales down inactive count

Connecticut: Mistake on Killingly ballot could have force revote

Florida: Snipes outlines voting changes at meeting | Nelson wants Justice Dept. to investigate new voter laws | Scott removes Madison elections supervisor

Georgia: Lewis calls voter ID laws 'a disgrace' | Georgians asked to watch out for voting fraud

Idaho: Counting on the people who count the votes

Indiana: Election officials ready for Tuesday | More absentee challenges filed in Clark County | GOP advertises its disgust with elections board publication

Kansas: Deputy named elections chief

Maine: Push on for same-day voter registration

Michigan: Clerk's office open Saturday for absentee requests

Missouri: Cape Girardeau County clerk seeks bid on major election equipment upgrades | Secretary of state candidate proposes voter ID requirement | State Rep. proposes elections overhaul

Nevada: Battery charges dismissed agains former secretary of state candidate | Complaints from disputed NLV election still winding through system

New Hampshire: New Hampshire sets primary date

New York: Fraud probe targets trio

North Carolina: First lawsuit over redistricting plan | Questions about Morrisville ballots

Ohio: Tracking absentee ballots helps campaigns target mailings | Hamilton County testing voting equipment | Nursing home residents get voting help

Oklahoma: 4,500 voters wind up in new districts

Pennsylvania: Poll workers driven by sense of civic duty to perform 'thankless job'

South Carolina: New voting machine not coming to Hart County | Polling places shift downtown | Myrtle Beach council candidate to protest election | Atlantic Beach election finalized after heated hearing

South Dakota: The history of the city special election

Tennessee: State posts video on voter ID law | Voter ID law has officials concerned about election day reaction | Voter ID a 'hot topic' but few attend forum in Clinton

Virginia: York registrar enjoys election process

Washington: Rep. Hudgins to run for secretary of state | Secretary of state holds mock election for K-12 students

West Virginia: Tennant defends redistricting

Wisconsin: Churches offering rides to get voter ID cards | New date for fall primaries heads to Governor, Senate approves on voice vote

Thursday, 03 November 2011

November 3, 2011

National News: In voter ID debate, a few go against party lines

Alabama: D.C. Circuit to hear Voting Rights Act case in January

Arizona: Voter registration drops as counties purge rolls

California: Explaining ranked-choice voting to San Francisco's voters

Colorado: Saguache County clerk controversy continues | Turnout by Colorado voters listed as 'inactive' rises after dispute | All-mail election nets record turnout for off-year contest

Connecticut: What does it take to cast your ballot? | Election Day planning takes on new urgency in wake of storm | Secretary of state working with local officials to assure elections go forward | On with the show: Power outages shouldn't delay Election Day

Florida: Controversy builds over Florida voter law | Florida eleciton laws likely to get lenghty review

Georgia: Rockmart couple restored to voter list after hearing

Illinois: More than 13,600 voter ID cards returned due to problems | Park Forest election judge lauded for 47 years of service

Maine: Polls on Question One appear close | Polls: Question One a close call | Mitchell endorses 'Yes on 1' campaign | Former secretary of state to challenge Snowe

Massachusetts: Marlborough police investigate possible voter ballot fraud

Michigan: Clerk's office open Saturday for absentee ballot requests

Minnesota: Ellison rolls out bills to take on new state voter ID law | Voters encouraged to use polling place locator

Mississippi: Voting machines ready in Union County

New Jersey: Cumberland County clerk's office sends out 4,014 mail-in ballots

New Mexico: Voting precincts will be combined

North Carolina: Pitt County voters allege intimidication

Ohio: Early voting's end angers Democrats

Oregon: Secretary of state visits Clatsop County elections office | Brown tours Clatsop County, promotes iPad voting project

Pennsylvania: Manchester Township woman has been voting for decades

South Dakota: ACLU, secretary of state to meet on felon voting rights

Tennessee: Election commission working to inform voters of new law | RuCo gets schooled on new voter ID law | Election workers review voter ID law | Couple to go to D.C. to testify on voter ID law

Texas: City elections move back to November 2012

Virginia: Va. redistricting leaves potential voters confused | A perfect storm of headaches

Wisconsin: Voter ID will affect UW-Whitewater students | Congresswoman Moore proposing changes to voter ID requirement | Waukesha County clerk will have a familiar challenger

Wednesday, 02 November 2011

November 2, 2011

National News: Dems, GOP spar over voter ID laws | Obama aims at election laws

Overseas News: Website helps troops vote

Arizona: Bennett awaits Brewer word on redistricting

Colorado: Inactive voters playing a major role in Pueblo County election | Smooth sailing for Boulder County vote count

Connecticut: Voter registration deadline extended

Florida: Nelson calls for inquiry into voter law changes | Madison County officials arrested for voter fraud | Madison County supervisor of elections, school board member arrested | Lake Worth special election, runoff cost taxpayers more than $40K

Illinois: Suburban Cook County to shed 264 precincts, save $1M

Indiana: Early voting a big hit | Voters facing no problems, no lines

Kentucky: Conway, Walker work to monitor upcoming election for fraud

Louisiana: Schedler sworn in as secretary of state

Maine: Group backing same-day registration ban fined for late reporting of ad buy | Explaining ranked voting in Portland | Portland voters using ranked choice for mayor

Maryland: Conaway alleges fraud over absentee ballots in city election | Mount Airy polling place changed

Massachusetts: Taunton city council seeks money for additional poll workers

Michigan: 10 funny experiences working elections at a polling precinct

Minnesota: Local official on elections taks force

New Hampshire: State ready to set primary date

New York: State, federal government battle over New York election date | Primary elections could be held on three separate dates

Ohio: Lucas County BOE is ready for the primary | Flooding closes some Bradford County polling places | Voters express concern about the board of elections | Board warns voters: Your polling place may have changed

Pennsylvania: Voting machine quirk easily rectified

South Carolina: Myrtle Beach poll workers: Job is serious and so is voting

Tennessee: Election office clears up concerns over photo IDs | Officials continue push on new voter ID law | Elderly could run afoul of ID requirements | Partisans debate state voter ID law | Student IDs deemed unacceptable as voter ID under new law

Texas: County agrees to buy additional voting machines | Court to decide if Texas voting maps discriminate

Utah: Washington County officials educate how to vote, urge students to do so

Vermont: Putney receives money to improve voting access | Condos awards $23K in grants to Vermont towns

Virginia: Fairfax County's newly hired elections chief meets challenges of Nov. 8 election

Washington: Glitch delays ballots for more than 900 local voters

Wisconsin: Eau Claire budgets more money for 2012 elections | Latino group sues GAB over redistricting law

Tuesday, 01 November 2011

November 1, 2011

National News: Congressional hearing sought over voter ID laws sweeping states | Election law becomes partisan battlefield

Technology News: E-voting remains insecure, despite paper trail

Colorado: Brisk traffic at Loveland vote centers

Connecticut: Trip to the polls will be longer for some in Torrington

Florida: Teacher says no way to comply with Fla. voting law | Another teacher may be in trouble with Florida election law | Court sets Florida election hearing for Wednesday

Georgia: Judge to decide legality of Rockdale election board

Indiana: Voter: 'It was very easy' | Public comment favors vote center use in Monroe County | Indiana BMV will extend hours for Election Day needs

Kansas: Rep. Davis says Kobach should focus on job, not 'personal crusade' agains illegal immigration

Maine: Voter fraud rare in Maine, elsewhere with same-day registration | Same-day voting proponents outspending rivals 3 to 1 | Deadline changes for absentee voting

Massachusetts: Despite storm, Marlborough city elections will be held today

Missouri: Boone County clerk to make speech emphasizing importance of voting

Nebraska: New voting booths purchased by county | Polling locations to be altered

New York: More accusations uncovered in Troy voter fraud case | State defends its ballot system | Sources: Arrest in ballot tampering probe may not happen | On primary date, AG asks judge for time

North Carolina: Orange County poll volunteers help wtih early voting | Off-year elections cost Mecklenburg County $450K | State investigating voting in Lincolnton

Ohio: Probe targets email at board of elections | Cuyahoga County absentee ballot applications down nearly a third

Pennsylvania: Two more polling places are moved in Bradford County | Northeast Philly mailer gives voters wrong polling place hours

South Carolina: Justice Dept. approves Congressional lines

South Dakota: ACLU, SD disagree on lawsuit settlement compliance

Tennessee: Dems criticize state's voter ID education effort | Sullivan election office to explain photo requirement for voting | Election commission to hold town hall meeting on photo ID law

Texas: Election manual includes voter ID law before it's the law | Nacogdoches County uses new system to reduce amendment election costs | Voting centers could increase turnout | Rice researcher casts ballot for vote centers, not polling places, to improve turnout

Utah: Is early voting period worth the money?

Virginia: Registrars report some Election Day confusion | Next city registrar is in training | Redistricting changes could cause Election Day confusion

Washington: Watch live ballot-counting on the web

West Virginia: Tennant remains mum on redistricting lawsuits

Wisconsin: Wisconsin's primary date to change to August