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Wednesday, 01 August 2012

August 1, 2012

National News: Federal voting commissioners AWOL as election approaches | Partisan rifts hinder efforts to improve U.S. voting system | Voter roll purges could spread to at least 12 states

Connecticut: Mayor Segarra & Hartford legislators call for election reform

Florida: Collier, Lee elections supervisors told to hand over voter registration documents | One U.S. agency working with Florida on voter purge as another fights it | Feds: Florida's voter purge violates federal law | Secretary of state visits local elections offices | Dent, Thaxton spar over elections staff raises | Miami-Dade absentee ballot-fraud probe expands | Cost of primary too high? | Absentee ballot race roils Mimai-Dade state attorney contest | Crenshaw: Early voting lawsuit 'not necessary'

Georgia: Database error causes voting snafu for Reynoldstown voters | Problems slow voting tally in Floyd County | Georgia updates list of acceptable ID documents | Election chief drops in on local voters | Early voting diminishes election day crowds at polls | EasyVote quickened Henry's early voting process | Clogged parking lot poses problems at voting precinct

Guam: Umatac mayor's office to be used as village polling site

Hawaii: Miscommunication, possible overreaction triggers election controversy | Hawaii county election troubles appear to be 'over reaction' to minor problems | Hawaii County elections official says audit found 4 people voted twice in 2012 elections

Kansas: One county trying to remove barriers to voting | Ballot error corrected by Harvey County election officials

Michigan: Feds suing state over late absentee ballots, two area townships cited | Clerk says election prep is a tight schedule | Justice Dept. sues Michigan over late ballots

Minnesota: Rochester Mayor joins fight against voter ID amendment | Court hears ballot-naming debate

Missouri: Clerk's office prepares for primary and November elections | 10,000 voter registration cards returned in Jasper County | Address changes problems for Jasper County voters

Nebraska: Phipps' Douglas County voting plan approved by state

New Mexico: State sending out notices to update voter rolls

North Carolina: Awash in conflicting advice, Forsyth elections board considers early-voting locations | Scam warning from Pitt County board of elections

Pennsylvania: Witness: PennDot can't handle voter ID demands | Pa. top election official disputes negative impact of new voter ID law | Democrats try to reach voters without acceptable photo ID | Local leader cites concerns with state's new voter ID law

Tennessee: Judge rules Memphis library card can't serve as voter ID | New voter ID law not a problem in Anderson County | Dept. of Justice election-day program to protect citizens' right to vote

Texas: Hearing continues today in Jim Wells County election challenge | Officials: 'With a runoff you never know' | Elections administrator questioned in DA trial | Some angry voters surprised at polls | Mistake occurs at Travis County polling place, about 80 ballots affected | Technical problems delay Harris County results

Virginia: Judge strikes down law on ballot petitions

Washington: Voter education emphasized as deadline approaches

Wisconsin: Independent political group pushing for election results to be tabulated by hand