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Thursday, 02 August 2012

August 2, 2012

National News: Survey: Most young adults do not know their state voting laws | Home health industry to get out the vote

Alaska: Anchorage still cleaning up election mess

Arizona: Record number of early ballots being sent out

California: California officials: Too late to renumber ballot initiatives

Colorado: Court sides with city on ballot issue

Florida: Election day simulation tests voting machines | Will changes to voting laws in Fla. have major impact on election? | Feds seek voter-purge records | ACLU: 13,000 qualified ex-felons not registered to vote | Election chief candidates pledge to avoid more PBC vote-counting gaffes | Incumbent Lori Edwards faces challenge from Colleen Burton | Tent at voting site raises ire with some campaigns | In fight over voter purge, DOJ demands Hillsborough election records | Sister in absentee voter probe denies signing ballot collected in Hialeah

Georgia: Elections officials: Faulty voting machine contains 85 votes | What went wrong? Despite 'next day' results, election official claims 'everything went according to plan' | Computer communications issue caused a delay in election results

Guam: Stricter rules for early voting

Hawaii: Kawauchi: Duplicate registrations and voters found | County clerk reveals elections snafu to media on Oahu | Walk-in voting begins as cloud clears over county elections

Kansas: County sorts out voting snafu, advanced voting continues

Michigan: Voter fraud allegations in Macomb Township supervisor race | Dearborn overseas primary ballots coming in despite late send out | Novi's Cassis and other candidates don't like special election costs | Mich. judge sets hearing on late absentee ballots | Thetford and Vienna townships get ballots to citizens in military after missing absentee voter deadline

Minnesota: City releases report of voter ID amendment costs, changes | Ramsey County elections manager rips apart political primaries | Secretary of state's talk in Minneapolis Catholic church postponed

Mississippi: City election blunders continue | Defending voter ID

Missouri: County clerk addresses precinct confusion | AG declines action against Cass County clerk | Republicans face off in final secretary of state debate | Atchison County prepares for primary

New Mexico: State to check voter registration

Pennsylvania: Philadelphia city commissioner fears chaos on Election Day | Mailer advises voters of photo ID mandate | State Democratic leader says ID law could prevent him from voting | Hostile Witness: Could poll workers resistance put brakes on voter ID law? | Philadelphia election official expects a 'mess' over photo ID law

Rhode Island: Central Falls residents decry new polling place

South Carolina: Judge dismisses Pierce appeal on Atlantic Beach special election | Franklin County voters complain about delay in receiving election results

Tennessee: Voter ID printing error no concern | Nashville judge criticizes voter ID law, says no to library cards | Watching for potential election-day errors | Shelby County election commission will slow process to prevent ballot problems | Election officials still working to inform voters | Election eve prep and a surprise | DA says early voting should leave courthouse

Texas: Harris County clerk tries to explain runoff-voting mess | Error appears to reverse Precinct 2 constable race result | Upshur County GOP chairman alleges voter fraud | Besides minor technology issue, Hidalgo County elections went well | Run off elections ran smoothly for Cameron County | Local election result now the target of written complaint | Voting box merger blamed for Upshur County mix-up

Washington: Washington's top-two primary

Wisconsin: Fall primary now takes place in August