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Thursday, 16 August 2012

August 16, 2012

National News: Technology could supplant voter ID at polls, but registration problems remain | Do voter ID laws prevent fraud, or dampen turnout | Key swing states tinker with Election 2012 rules

Alabama: Still no early voting provisions in Alabama

Arizona: Vote at any 11 county sites in primary | Early voting procedure concerns cities

Colorado: State official has 'no confidence' in Teller election official

Connecticut: Hartford voter registrars elected in primary

Florida: No recounts necessary in St. Johns County | Politician visited target of vote-fraud probe | Absentee ballots played big role Tuesday in Miam-Dade elections | Cause of Pinellas voting glitch still a mystery | PBC elections officials await state decision on recount date | Edwards won 74 percent of the vote | Smooth day for Palm Harbor voters | Validating the vote | Secretary of state says non -citizens likely voted in primary

Georgia: Gray officials accused of 2009 election misconduct | Fulton elections director blasted over primary | Fulton election director apologizes to commission

Hawaii: State election officials conducting own investigation | State to interview Big Island precinct chairs | Big Island elections official apologizes for polling places

Kansas: Candidate lodges concern over re-vote with secretary of state

Massachusetts: State officials investigate claims of voting fraud

Michigan: Clerk prepares for Sept. 5 special election | Michigan soldiers snubbed in August primary

Minnesota: Somea area counties report delayed final election results due to technical issues

Mississippi: Voter ID: Time running out

Montana: Absentee voting lets Flatchead County residents vote while living elsewhere

New Jersey: New Jersey Dems oppose voter ID laws

New Mexico: Former Elections Director: SOS mailings part of normal voter registration management

New York: Sylvan Beach residents petition to move election to November | Council-staffer vote mystery solved | BOE takes no blame for botched election

Ohio: Presidential campaigns spar over Ohio election | Husted standardizes early voting hours | State ruling means longer voting hours in Clark, Champaign counties | Early voting in Summit will be held at county elections office | Ohio early voting dispute goes to federal court

Pennsylvania: Some election workers express defiance over ruling | Lehigh Valley election officials project longer lines, highter costs with voter ID laws | Can voter ID laws affect the outcome of an election? | Judge refuses to block Pa. voter ID law | Pa. voter ID law a ruling almost certain to be appealed | County elections directors say voter ID preparations continue

Rhode Island: Medina claims feds are investigating RI voter fraud

South Dakota: County holds off e-poll books | Secretary of state makes two new hires

Tennessee: Shelby County election officials respond to state's questions about voting problems | Shelby ballot problems beind discussed | Examiner discusses election official shooting

Texas: County plans second early voting location

Virginia: Advocate says voter ID laws evokes 'Jim Crow' South | Registrar checks for dead registered voters

Washington: Clark County voter turnout for primary lowest in state

Wisconsin: Wisconsin elections among the best

Wyoming: Reminder to employers: Give time off to vote | Polling places changed in Park County