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Thursday, 30 August 2012

August 30, 2012

National News: Amid lawsuits and controversy, states prepare for voter ID

Overseas Voting News: Voting assistance officers here to help Marines | Military absentee voting looks weak this year

Alabama: Uniontown voting raises questions | 130 percent of Uniontown was registered to vote

Arizona: Polling places may be phased out | Early voting rules the day in Ariz. as results come early | Voting glitch repaired quickly, official says

Colorado: Database: 88% of questioned people on voter rolls are U.S. citizens

Florida: A battle over voter rights in Florida | Federal judge to finalize decision on enforcing new election laws | Judge to finalize Fla. voter registration ruling | Bernard plans challenge to his 17-vote loss

Guam: GEC prepares for test election Friday

Hawaii: Kawachi issues statement, says 'public is priority' | Kawauchi explains absence from Monday elections meeting

Indiana: Clerk spells out election deadlines

Kansas: Canvassers approve five provisional ballots | Officials don't see legal fight resulting from special election

Maine: Election study commission to hold hearing in Portland

Massachusetts: Westborough's voting scanners go through a check | Bellingham to consider voter ID requirement | Braintree preps wholeheartedly for primary despite anticipated low turnout

Minnesota: More lawsuits likely if photo ID amendment passes | Stacy's new voting booths not needed at primary

Mississippi: Where voter ID stands in Mississippi

Ohio: Dems to move forward with Ohio board replacements | Board of elections moving forward with electronic poll books

Oklahoma: Tuesday's runoff election ran smoothly in Tulsa County

Pennsylvania: Critics see a wrinkle in new voter ID card process for Pa.-born voters | Brief from Asian groups opposes Pa. voter ID law | 105-year old woman waits 90 minutes to get voter ID card | Some voters raise concerns over voter ID law

Rhode Island: Gemma says voter fraud investigation cost $40K | Fewer polling places for Smithfield voters

South Carolina: Stephens County considering changes to election process | Some SC county election officials unhappy with voter ID law

South Dakota: Gant appoints panel to review ballot-counting error

Tennessee: Democrats call for investigation of ballot issue | Ketron responds to Memphis dropping voter photo ID suit | State will check Davidson County voter histories

Texas: Abbott to issue Supreme Court challenge in redistricting case

West Virginia: 2 ex-W.Va. officials sentenced in vote fraud case

Wisconsin: Top GOP lawmaker criticizes GAB over computer records use in voter registration