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Thursday, 15 November 2012

November 15, 2012

Arizona: Latinos frustrated by slow ballot count | Arizona races up in the air as ballot count continues | Wilcox backs more time for county to finish vote tabulation | 4 vehicle accident in front of polling place

California: Machines help counter slow-down caused by vote-by-mail ballots | DMV voter registration has problems | Roughly 20K ballots left to count | Confusion over write-in votes cleared up

Connecticut: Merrill discusses successes, problems in 2012 election | Registrar blames voters for Election Day confusion

District of Columbia: D.C. council chair 'dissatisfied' with BOE

Florida: Gayle Harrell: St. Lucie County elections 'a disaster' | Elections office closes to process paperwork | Scott calls for elections improvements | Scott repeats: Sec. of state is looking into voting debacle | Critics are latching on to state's election problems | What's behind smoother voting in Collier County | Election leaders brainstorm in Tallahassee | Florida governor, Democrats call for election reform

Georgia: Kemp certifies Georgia election results | Town divided over voter fraud allegations | Elections board member's future unclear

Guam: GEC addresses 22 general election complaints

Hawaii: State election commission to have meeting next month on election problems

Iowa: Supervisors finalize county's general election results | Scott County reports 3 attempted voter fraud incidents

Kansas: Kobach loses round in battle over voter names | Staff shortage, software training issues blamed for Sedgwick County election problems

Kentucky: Whitley County sees record number of elections over the past 13 months

Maine: Maine GOP chairman questions black voters

Maryland: Dems, watchdog group saw little evidence of voter suppression or fraud

Michigan: Secretary of state supports 'no excuse' absentee voting

Minnesota: Defeat of voter ID was team effort | Recount underway

Missouri: County clerk gives election wrap-up

Montana: Local vote counting wraps up | Some ballots counted twice in legislative district | Vote early, vote often: Laurel precinct shows more votes than voters | Provisional ballot count complete | Yellowstone County looks to pinpoint ballot-counting issues

Nebraska: Youth lend hand for election

Nevada: Ghost voting claim repeated

New Hampshire: Nashua broke two of its own election records last week | Voter turnout the largest in 10 years

New Jersey: Hoboken will know final election result on Nov. 20 | Man admits he committed voter fraud to make a point, now being investigated by prosecutor | Gloucester County waits for green light from Trenton before counting provisionals

New Mexico: AG wants answers to voter catastrophe

New York: 46th state senate race in limbo until December | Board of elections officials praise their work on Election Day

North Carolina: Coleman wants more ballots counted in race | Recount still possible | No word on election complaints

Oklahoma: Hearing on irregularities set in House race

Oregon: Kate Brown, saying she needs to do a better job, shakes up her staff | 1 vote, 2 votes, 3...Hand counting continues

Pennsylvania: Dems call for investigation into possible voter fraud | New website logs complaints from Pa. voters | Councilwoman ripped for poll presence | Pa. lawmakers seek probes of Election Day irregularities | NAACP leader urges defeat of voter ID law | This voting mess has city sweating ballots

South Carolina: Richland vote: Finlay, Dixon, penny tax appear winners in count | Write-in votes cast for Beyonce, Clint Eastwood in recent election | County council members say their 'hands are tied' in election mess | Richland County explains ballot troubles

Texas: Hundreds of motor voters forced to cast provisional ballots

U.S. Virgin Islands: Elections board members question investigation | Paper ballot count continues in St. Croix

Virginia: New push to allow early voting in Virginia | GOP electoral ploy may have led to long lines

West Virginia: Tennant: Election laws need attention | Ex-W.Va. county official faces vote fraud sentence

Wisconsin: Voters with disabilities have options at the polls | Stevens Point woman questions process for disabled voters