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Thursday, 07 February 2013

February 7, 2013

National News: Discrepancies in voter waiting times draw scrutiny | Comparing ballot lengths around the country

Alabama: Shelby County challenges 1965 VRA

Alaska: Parnell proposes moving up Alaska's primary

Arizona: Committee narrowly endorses bill on purging early voter lists | Early voting changes debated in Senate | Report: Arizona lags most states in election administration

California: Los Angeles County working to modernize voting machines | Mayor asks assemblyman to help pay for special election | Understanding how--and where--LA votes

Florida: State: 64K voters didn't vote for president | Harrington's plan to improve voting | Election official guilty after 'breaking legs' comment

Georgia: Fairfield precinct legislation making its way through House

Hawaii: Bill would change order of names on ballot | Election reform

Illinois: Quinn to propose online voter registration

Kansas: Bill would allow explanation of confusing ballots | The other guy

Maine: Maine special commission rejects voter ID

Maryland: Lawmakers consider bill that increases number of early voting centers

Massachusetts: Election to do double duty

Michigan: New law says East Lansing landlords must pass out voter info

Minnesota: Morrow plans to help repay cost of special election

Mississippi: Votes not counted in special election

Missouri: Voter ID bill inspires pushback over 'voter suppression'

Montana: Bill to allow online voter registration wins support | Legislature debates election reform

New York: No new date for NYC primaries

North Carolina: Voter ID preview

Ohio: No contests for primary | Possible voter fraud investigation heats up

Oregon: End to Saturday mail delivery could squeeze Oregon's vote-by-mail

Pennsylvania: City Hall hears first-hand Election Day problems | Plaintiffs in Pa. voter ID case ask judge to extend block on the law | Commissioners step aside as election board

Texas: County considers election day changes | Frisco City council unable to reach polling location decision

U.S. Virgin Islands: Audit of elections continues after two months

Washington: Saturday mail delivery set to end

West Virginia: Secretary of state not worried about poor election ranking

Wisconsin: Questions arise about letter from Eagle Point clerk