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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

March 26, 2014

California: City votes to move forward with changing election dates

Florida: Palm Coast voters may have to cast multiple ballots election day

Idaho: Two counties will receive new election equipment

Illinois: Democratic ballots being recounted over 'undervotes'

Indiana: Cass County prepares for new e-pollbooks

Iowa: Anderson: Use fed money for poll book expansion, not investigations

Kansas: Schodorf wants to restore 'integrity' to state office

Mississippi: County rejects new voting precinct maps

Missouri: Bill would phase out voting machines that don't make paper trail | Proposed changes to election dates worry county clerk

Montana: Court blocks top-two primary referendum from appearing on 2014 ballots

New York: Old NYC voting machines may get new lease on life | BOE Director: Council trying to 'cash starve' us | Elections board head claims agency deliberately underfunded

North Carolina: State board upholds early voting plan | Advocates say politics motivates moving polling places off campus

North Dakota: Fairfield running for secretary of state

Ohio: Savings for proposed online voting registration may not reach expectations from Husted, legislators | Husted backs Carson for BOE head | Harrison Township voters will cast ballots at electric co-op

Pennsylvania: ACLU seeks info on Pa. voter roll purge | More than 300K Pennsylvanians could be registered in another state too | County approves voting precinct changes

Texas: Commissioners Court drops voting machine investigation; DA's probe to continue | Lost ballots in Atascosa County lead to recount | Calhoun County Sheriff's office investigates voter fraud allegations