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Thursday, 30 October 2014

October 30, 2014

National News: Jim Crow Returns: Millions of minority voters threatened by electoral purge | This is what it's like to try to get a voter ID when you're disabled, poor or don't drive | Want to get young people registered to vote? Go to concerts, lots of them | The Roots headlining Why Tuesday? voting campaign concert | Some in Congress seek to restore parts of Voting Rights Act

Alabama: Madison Co. tests voting machines | Election 2014: Voter photo ID law

Alaska: Alaska residents targeted by group listing voting histories of recipients and acquaintances

Arizona: Pima Co.: More than 130K ballots returned

California: Nevada Co. elections office teams up with FREED to make ballot box accessible | 'Dead voter' cases to go unprosecuted | Ranked-choice voting explained | Pollworker 101: How a few crazy hats can make our democracy stronger | New, convenient service for mail ballot voters | Half of California voters getting mail ballots | New research shows Calif. youth more likely to have their vote-by-mail ballots rejected  

Colorado: State officials review voting machines | Boulder Co. to add GOP election judges | Clerk responds to voting concerns | A behind the scenes look at the life of a mail-in ballot | State election officials to help oversee Teller Co. results

Connecticut: More than 30K Conn. voters registered online | Manchester implements changes at polls to speed voting

Florida: A look at how Florida would handle a recount | Report: Fla. elections need work | US DOJ watching fro voting irregularities in Florida | Agreement reached over confusing Broward ballot | Weeks hires stenographer to transcribe meetings

Georgia: Organization calls meeting to support voter awareness

Illinois: RICO clerk addresses touch-screen polling machine issues| Some fear Madigan opinion could delay results | Voters beware, a number of polling places to change

Indiana: Three candidates vying for SoS | Vote centers in Elkhart Co. tweaked for November elections | SoS candidates battle over voting issues

Kansas: Advance voting problems arise at Sedgwick Co. Zoo | Feds to watch Kansas election | Statewide network of lawyers will be watching Kansas election

Kentucky: Redistricting haunts election with 'ghost precincts' | Mock election held | AG promotes election fraud hotline | Ministers push candidates to sign pledge against vote-buying

Louisiana: Early voting has concluded: What we learned

Maine: Legislators petitioning for ranked-choice voting

Maryland: 218K voters cast ballots as early voting enters its final day | Hogan calls on AG to set up voter hotline | State, county to respond to voter identity lawsuit | Officials dismiss vote-switching allegations

Massachusetts: Hudson ready to move to electronic voting age

Michigan: Common Cause: Michigan should improve voting process | Election preview: Secretary of state

Minnesota: 'Race baiting' charge heats up SoS debate

Mississippi: Voting machines tested

Missouri: County clerk ready for election | County clerks work to prevent voter fraud

Montana: Wrong absentee ballots sent out | So far, 60 percent of Montanans have returned absentee ballots

Nevada: SoS race highlights voter ID issue

New York: Ulrich wins county contract after flap over voting machine storage | Adopt-a-Polling Place looks to gain volunteers

North Carolina: Guilford Co. machine records vote for wrong candidate; is corrected | Elections board certifies absentee ballots | Voter registration concerns | Hagan talks voting rights with NC black Baptists | Early voting improves accessibility to the polls for working voters | Early voters encounter parking issues | Road work briefly deters early voters | Poll worker fired for public opinion

Ohio: Ohio Democrats pushing voting-rights update | Many election precincts are on a cell phone vote buying alert

Oklahoma: Oklahoma voters have several options

Oregon: Bad signatures top reason for ballot rejection

Pennsylvania: Experience history when you stop to vote at Clifford polling site

South Dakota: Minnehaha voters go to precincts, not vote centers for election

Texas: Election Day judges undergo rigorous training | Curbside option makes voting accessible | Alt. voting method OK'd for those monitored for Ebola

Utah: 9 counties ask residents to vote by mail

Virginia: State, local officials ready for general election | Virginia voting rights groups mobilize for Election Day and new photo ID law | Special election scheduled

Wisconsin: Campaign literature falsely claims voter ID still in effect | Neighbors concerned about access to polling place

Wyoming: Secretary of state: Workers get time off to vote