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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

November 26, 2014

Arizona: Barber and McSally camps in court today over ballots

California: Two-thirds of Sacramento Co. voters cast ballots by mail | Dead voters purged from OC voter rolls | No recount in Palo Alto

Colorado: Concerns raised about Pueblo councilwoman handling mail-in ballots

Connecticut: Weston's election audit shows no discrepancies | More problems in the registrar of voters' office

Hawaii: Council candidate seeks recount or new vote

Illinois: Thomas Leach, longtime Chicago elections spokesman, dies at 76

Indiana: Residents asked to weigh in on vote center idea

Kansas: Malfunction results in missing votes

Louisiana: Early voting period is shorter by two days this time | Lawsuit challenging early voting reduction rejected | Early voting not extended

Maine: Question of voter fraud raised after untraceable ballots change outcome of Senate election | Mystery ballots in state Senate race bring call for investigation

Minnesota: Ritchie reflects on 8-years as secretary of state | State's voter turnout at a near 30-year low

Montana: State board of canvassers certifies election

Nevada: Nevada election results certified as official

New Mexico: Land commissioner race recount gets go-ahead | New Mexico city enter national voter ID fight | Canvassing board orders recount in statewide race

North Carolina: Voting machine problems do no change election outcome | Report claims NC's election changes 'silenced' 50K voters| Lawmakers told to hand over some docs as voter ID trial nears | Report: 2014 election 'silenced' voters | Elections board squabbles over minutes from protest hearing | Officials vote to certify election results | Elections appeals won't be heard until Dec. 3

Ohio: Election board certifies results | Uncounted ballots give Pepper a push | Coshocton board's error eliminated voters | USPS probing delayed absentee ballots

Tennessee: Activists planning citizen's audit of votes cast at Cora Howe precinct

Texas: Polling places set for special election

Utah: Utah's 2014 general election certified

U.S. Virgin Islands: Elections boards petitioned to recount ballots

Virginia: Va. election officials call for review of voting equipment | Virginia election official calls for equipment review

West Virginia: Kanawha Co. clerk filed complaint against Tennant

Wisconsin: Vos' attacks on elections draws return fire