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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

February 24, 2015

National News: Democrats want to add right to vote to Constitution

California: Limited English proficiency plays role in CA's low turnout rates

Colorado: City to consider hybrid election

Florida: Voting rights group wants constitutional amendment to make voting easier for felons | Scott cuts state losses in long voting fight

Georgia: Chatham Co. BOE split on chairman | Community group to discuss possible poll changes

Idaho: Cassia District saddled with election cost

Illinois: Suburban primary elections to be decided Tuesday | 2 candidates witness shooting outside polling place | AG assigns teams to monitor Chicago, Springfield elections | County board approves cuts to polling places

Indiana: Local election board calls off primary

Kentucky: House passes OVR

Louisiana: Registrar of voters candidates to be interviewed next week

Maryland: Hogan appoints HarCo elections board

Michigan: Bill could remove limits on Michigan absentee voting

Mississippi: Hosemann runs for third term as SoS

Missouri: Kraus, SoS candidate, renews push for voter ID law | Two different Senate proposals to require photo ID for voting

Nebraska: Lawmakers begin debate on winner-take-all voting system

New Jersey: Attorneys prep for Asbury Park mayoral trial

North Carolina: Audit: NC BOE lost $1M in software upgrade

Pennsylvania: Fresh faces on the 2015 MontCo elections board

South Carolina: Weather could hinder turnout

Texas: Cascos to take oath of office on March 7 | County keeps election boss search open

Virginia: Both sides support precinct changes in Botetourt Co.| Va. lawmakers get more time to redraw districts