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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

May 28-31, 2016

National News: Navy Voting Assistance program makes voting easy

Arkansas: Voting procedure changes in Washington Co.

California: Registrar to test voting machine accuracy | Can California show the U.S. how to do elections right? | California officials ponder: Now that they're registered, how do we keep new voters interested? | Focus: A look at rising voter participation in this year's primary | Riverside registrar faces GOP criticism, sample ballot problems | Some vote-by-mail ballots being returned | Ballot problems slow down campaigns | Grand jury approves of election office purchase | County: Marin elections department 'makes voting convenient' | 1,400 ballots incorrectly mailed to SF voters right before election | Hundreds of second ballots issued in Shasta Co. | County installs 24-hour ballot drop box | Alameda drop boxes available in 14 cities

Connecticut: Scheck says he'll run for registrar in Stratford

Florida: Judge's ruling nixes nonpartisan elections

Georgia: DeKalb election lawsuit will cost taxpayer money

Illinois: Automatic voter registration measure delayed for changes | Chartwell Agency provides services to Rockford BOE

Maryland: Deadline to ask for recount in Maryland primary is today

Missouri: County clerk seeks more election judges

Nevada: No lines, no crowds, no fuss on first day of early voting | Glitch slows down first day of early voting

New Jersey: Private property owners can say 'no' to hosting polling place

New Mexico: Former colleagues vie for county clerk position | Sandoval Co. clerk candidates | Early voting app | Smartphone-friendly website launched to help early voters

New York: Elections-board deputy scolded for carpooling

North Carolina: Durham elections board: 'Not unreasonable' for new primary after ballots mishandled | Elections board revisits primary | Forsyth Co. wish list includes election equipment | Election officials ready to finalize March primary before next election

Ohio: Leaders OK more funding for voting machines | Ohio bill sets rules for last-minute orders on voting hours | Bill would alter poll-hour extensions

Oregon: Former county clerk 'vindicated' in ballot-error lawsuit

Pennsylvania: Citizenship application spike follows election-year trend

Puerto Rico: Sanders supporters up in arms over polling locations

Tennessee: New exhibit brings election process to life for kids | Coming of age to vote | Election commission changes precincts after waits during last election

Texas: City election report: One mail-in ballot marked invalid | Bell Co. recount process explained

Virginia: Va. Dems to appeal voter ID decision | Advocate pushing to register 1K ex-offenders in Roanoke | Herring defends McAuliffe's voting rights order in face of GOP lawsuit | Newport News officials prepping for June primary elections

West Virginia: County will stick with paper ballots

Wisconsin: Wisconsin at vanguard of national fight over voter ID