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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

June 14, 2016

National News: From Selma to Shelby Co., the rise and fall of the Voting Rights Act | Amid long lines and claims of a 'rigged system,' does my voter matter?

Alabama: Lee Co. commission approves temp worker for board of registrars

Arizona: Injunction sought against Arizona in voter rights case | Recorder candidate Suzie Sainz loves her job, touts mail-in voting

California: Group questioning registrar of voter practices | Central Coast elections officials still counting ballots

Colorado: County shows off election protocols | Completed Boulder Co. ballots start trickling in | Logan Co. clerk issues reminder about all-mail elections | Like Mesa Co., Montrose also had ballot issues

District of Columbia: Meet the new DCBOE boss, same as the old boss | 1900 workers prepared for primary

Illinois: State board approves remap item for ballot, pending lawsuit

Iowa: Pate: ID program helps keep violence victims safe

Kansas: 10th Circuit approves expedited review

Maryland: County backs away from plan to use library for storage | Senate panel scheduled to meet on primary problems

Nevada: Washoe Co. see more than 25K early voters | Big voter turnout expected for primaries

New Mexico: One ballot box scheduled for recount

New York: Activist indicted for voter fraud

Ohio: Kasich signs online voter registration bill into law

South Carolina: Election day is here

Texas: Lawsuit claims justice of the peace election was rigged | Lawsuit claims Hidalgo Co. voting machines 'either faulty or tampered with'

Virginia: Voting rights restoration case goes before Va. Supreme Court

West Virginia: Polling place gets grant to improve accessibility

Wisconsin: Committee approves $25K for voter ID education | Janesville adds 10th voting location

Wyoming: Murray: Focus on voter turnout