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Friday, 17 June 2016

June 17, 2016

Arkansas: Northwest Arkansas election commissioners to create own statewide group

California: Get-out-the-vote mural goes up in City Heights | Motor Voter Act could diversify and expand electorate | California election turnout nearly half of registered voters | Still 1.4M ballots to be counted | Votes still being counted in Kern Co. | Less than 7K ballots remain to be counted

Colorado: Boulder Co. primary election vote centers open Monday | About 7.5 percent of voters have submitted ballots | The secret to Denver ballot secrecy sleeves

Georgia: County elections chief fired

Illinois: Registration forms are OK if completed, clerk says

Indiana: State working to refresh voter registration list

Kansas: Shawnee Co. to give voters chance to become familiar with voting equipment | AP files open-records lawsuit against Kansas county | Johnson Co. sued for public records | Judge reiterates Kobach unable to encumber voting

Kentucky: More statements released in vote-buying case

Maryland: Conway holds hearing on Baltimore primary | Baltimore elections board discusses lessons learned, preps for November | State lawmakers look to prevent repeat of April primary

Missouri: Nixon looks at whether to veto, sigh voter ID implementation plan

Nevada: Clark Co. primary voter turnout 16.2 percent, most voted early

New Jersey: Judge orders investigation and recount in Flemington primary

North Dakota: Ballot write-in names you wouldn't expect | Mayor's race ends in a tie

Oregon: Tie between candidates to end by rolling dice

South Carolina: Richland Co. election commission meeting stalls when ballots questioned | Address glitch could lead to problems at McCormick polls

South Dakota: Primary election ballot count questioned

Texas: Lawsuit filed against precinct one commissioner-elect

Utah: Iron Co. encouraging vote-by-mail

Virginia: Montgomery Co. shifts two polling places, considers third

Wisconsin: Windsor adds polling place | Green Bay area needs more than 100 poll workers