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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

June 29, 2016

Arizona: Reps. convene forum on restoring Voting Rights Act | Fact Check: Gov. Ducey half right on ballot collection laws

Colorado: Primary voters still turn out on election day to cast ballots in Aurora | Voters drop off ballots for Colo. primary

Connecticut: Westport readies for first presidential election with same day registration

Florida: Supervisor of elections candidates look to the future | ACRU sues Broward over voter rolls | Judge dismisses some charges against former supervisor

Georgia: Lanier may close 3 of 4 voting precincts | Georgia election board hears local cases in Savannah

Indiana: Indiana Supreme Court suspends Charlie White's law license for 2 years

Kansas: ACLU urges judge to rule quickly on Kansas voter registration case

Kentucky: The voting process has evolved in 240 years

Maine: Recount set to begin in tight congressional race | Recount likely to take 3 days

Massachusetts: Mass now accepting online voter applications for fall

Michigan: 'Historic turnout' projections prompt call for more election workers

Minnesota: Ballot barcode draws questions

Missouri: Questions raised about proposed election board move

Nevada: 6 losing GOP candidates file challenge, allege possible voting machine malfunctions

New Jersey: Legislators approve law to make MVC register drivers to vote

New Mexico: Two legislative primary races facing recounts

New York: Ballot troubles hinder voting in Columbia Co. | Voters turnout for primary | Chaos follows primary ballot glitch | Heaney calls for BOE investigation into ballot issue in Columbia Co. | Today's low-turnout primary is having some problems | Democratic primary in limbo after tight vote

North Carolina: Elections board works on relocating two voting sites

Ohio: Cuyahoga Co. delays choosing electronic poll book vendor | Cleveland hip hop artist encourages voting |

Oklahoma: Election official: 'No more than a dozen' voters turned away from mayoral election | Certain precincts reportedly turned away voters

Pennsylvania: Directors OK middle school as polling place | National nonprofit recruiting unregistered voters

South Carolina: Turnout low for run-offs in Richland, Lexington counties

Tennessee: High turnout election expected

Texas: Lawsuit over Starr Co. voter rolls may be dismissed

Utah: ACLU observing primary elections in San Juan Co. | Salt Lake Co. seeing record turnout

Virginia: McAuliffe pitches rights restoration in Hampton Roads as partisan battle rages over his actions

Washington: Snoqualmie company presents voting technology to the UN

West Virginia: Kanawha Co. debates whether to fix voting precinct problem

Wisconsin: Kevin Kennedy on voter ID | City of La Crosse urging early voter registration