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Tuesday, 05 July 2016

July 2-5, 2016

National News: Judge upholds disputed voter registration forms | Study: Voting early trims turnout, mailing ballot boosts

Alabama: Groups appeal federal ruling on voter registration in Alabama

Alaska: Longtime elections official Shelly Growden retires

Arkansas: As Arkansas petitions flow in, 50 pore over names

California: LA County unveils prototypes of new voting machines | Touchscreen ballots and a choice in polling stations could be the future of voting in LA County | San Mateo gets time to accommodate blind voters | With all votes counted, LA County turnout tops 40 percent | Assemblywoman Waldron to introduce voter record security bill

Delaware: Lawmakers eliminate financial burden to get voting rights back

Georgia: No selfies at the polls, secretary of state warns | Athens-Clarke elections supervisor retiring

Idaho: Mills calls for a recount in primary

Illinois: DuPage Co. eyes merging election commission, clerk's office | Will Co. clerk's office to suspend all regular services on upcoming election day

Indiana: Tipp Co. Clerk: August allows enough time to choose new software

Iowa: Court decision leaves Montrose woman without voting rights

Louisiana: Group seeks to restore felons' voting rights | 70K convicted felons sue to get their voting rights back

Minnesota: Voters to get first opportunity for mail balloting with August primary | Some Brown Co. precincts will have mail balloting

Nevada: Officials say lining up election cycles could save millions

North Carolina: Appeals court tosses district maps for commissioners, school board | June primary cost $18 per vote | Re-cast of provisional March 15 primary ballots to begin in July

North Dakota: Fargo poised to study election changes, including runoffs

Ohio: Husted has lost more cases than he's won | Local BOE trying to make voting easier, faster | Husted plans to use BMV records to increase voting numbers

Oklahoma: Oklahoma voter registration rate declining so reform under way | Voting is not a right for some | State in desperate need of poll workers

Tennessee: Sumner to receive 50 new voting machines | Mosques hold statewide voter registration drive | Sevier election panel expected to reorganize under GOP leadership

Utah: Summit Co.'s new mail-in ballot system sees few glitches | How a Utah county silenced Native American voters

Vermont: Shelburne town clerk to retire for 34 years

Virginia: Polling place may move from elementary schools

Wisconsin: WEC approves voter ID awareness campaign