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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

October 18, 2016

National News: 'Rigged' election talk didn't start with Trump | How Election 2016 would be different with ranked-choice voting | U.S. election chief left behind Kansas scandal | Trump is warning of election fraud, but GOP officials oversee process in most battleground states | Election law expert isn't buying claims that election will be rigged | Election officials brace for fallout from 'rigged' claims | Twitter joke about 'ripping up absentee ballots' draws attention of conservatives

Alabama: 25 Alabama counties will test iPad-based voter check-in | Jefferson Co. says no rigging here

Arizona: Voting wars continue over ballot collection law in Arizona | Voting accountability activists not concerned about 'rigged' election | 'Not uncommon' for some early AZ voters to receive multiple ballots | Yavapai Co. election officials report return-date misprint on early ballots | Safety first on Election Day

Arkansas: Bowie and Miller county says there is no election fraud

California: Yes, you can vote if you are homeless | Ballot return requires two stamps | Los Angele's top elections officer talks about voter fraud and polling place intimidation in Reddit chat

Colorado: Colorado secretary of state, spokeswoman lambaste 'rigged election' claims | Secretary of state says election process secure

Connecticut: Voting concerns rise as election approaches

District of Columbia: DC underpaid or overpaid hundreds of poll workers

Florida: Court orders elections chief to meet Monday deadline to fixing mail ballots | Elections supervisors dispute 'rigged election' claims | Panel finds no easy answers on costs of voter rights restoration | Expanded early voting could shorten Broward, PBC election lines | Election chief agrees with judge on plan to fix faulty mail ballot signatures | Duval Elections Chief: Ready to comply with changes, but it will cost

Georgia: Early voting off to roaring start in Gwinnett | Georgia's top elections official combats claims of 'rigged' election | Early voting begins in Gwinnett with long lines

Idaho: Ada Co. kicks off early voting with new mobile unit

Illinois: Clerk says voter error to blame in Grundy Co.

Indiana: Incorrect ballots reported, fixed in Tippecanoe Co.

Iowa: Pate refutes claims of rigged election | Iowa officials firm: Our elections are safe | Linn Co. auditor responds to rigged election claims

Kansas: Kobach asks court to set aside default judgement | Kobach says election could be 'stolen' but not rigged | Not just anyone can observe an election | Johnson Co. elections office changing course, says it will hand out federal form

Kentucky: Kentucky election officials push back against Trump claims of rigged election

Louisiana: Voter fraud non-existent in Caddo

Maine: Former Nirvana bassist says ranked-choice voting is key to election reform

Maryland: Voter registration deadline looms in Maryland | Judge dismisses lawsuit that asked for do-over of Baltimore primary

Massachusetts: GoFundMe launched to bring "I Voted" stickers to Medford

Michigan: Record number of Michiganders registered to vote in 2016 | Johnson has full confidence in Michigan elections

Missouri: Advocates: Missourians' voting rights threated by Amendment 6 | Greene Co. clerk promises your vote will count at the polling place | Delivering ballots for others isn't illegal, but offers to do so concern voters

Montana: Missoula Co. works to secure voting machines, prevent fraud | Some voters unsettled by volunteer offers to drop off ballots at elections offices

New Hampshire: Guns allowed on Election Day, even in schools | In a connected world, NH voting machines are isolated--by choice | Durham lawmaker wants to ban guns at polling places

New Mexico: Native Americans urge tribes to vote

New York: NY sets online voter registration record | Election officials find no voter fraud in area | Schneiderman: Affidavit ballot guidance needed for NYBOE poll workers

North Carolina: NC BOE refers provisional ballot case to district attorney | Floodwaters leave some early voting locations in doubt

Ohio: 'No justification for concern about widespread voter fraud,' Husted says | Didn't put enough postage on your absentee ballot? It will still get delivered | Ohio secretary of state calls rigged election claims 'irresponsible' | Instructions list wrong postage on absentee ballots

Oregon: New technology allows Douglas Co. voters to track ballot | Voters' pamphlet organization confuses some voters

Pennsylvania: City, state and federal officials promise fair voting without tampering | Officials strike back against fraud claims | DA denies talk of 'rigged election' in Allegheny Co. | Early voting not coming early to Pa. | Pa.: Don't post ballot selfies until after you leave your polling place | New app wants to help you get out and vote

South Carolina: Election commission taking steps to protect integrity of voting results | Upstate official disputes 'voter fraud' claim

South Dakota: State elections board recommends changes to ballot-measure process

Tennessee: Scott voters will not cast ballots on paper | Secretary of state addresses voter fraud, security concerns | Tennessee election officials prep for big early voting turnout | Vote early starting Wednesday, dodge election day lines | Election officials say there's not much to fear this fall's voting will be rigged | Voters concerned

Texas: The Feds aren't watching local elections in Texas | SE Texas schools try to focus on election process | Early voting to begin for 'Super Bowl of Elections' | Bexar Co. says voting will be fair to all

Utah: Utah works to eliminate chances of election fraud

Virginia: State online voter system taxed | Some on Eastern Shore have new polling places | Virginia voter registration website crashes due to record volume | Registrar's see last-minute push before deadline

Washington: As politicians make homelessness an issue, will homeless vote? | Duplicate ballots worry voter, but not auditor | GOP's Wyman calls Trump claims of rigged election 'irresponsible'

Wisconsin: Judge OKs voting credential handouts | Funding for expansion of voter outreach unclear | Local election workers frustrated by rigging accusations