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Saturday, 05 November 2016

November 5, 2016

(Editor’s Note: Due to the high volume of news stories, electionlineToday will post Sunday November 6 around 10 a.m.)

National News: After election, DHS will work voting machine vendors on cybersecurity | U.S. boosting cyber defenses, but not police presence for election | Lines, be gone: Mapping tech is here to help you vote faster | Poll: Majority of black voters believe ID laws weaken voting power | 46 states request help from Homeland Security | Homeland Security officials 'concerned' about cyber attempts to create confusion on Election Day

Alaska: Alaskans to decide on ballot measure that would tie PFD and voter registration

Arizona: As election nears, volunteers work to protect Native American voting rights | Non-citizen charged with false registration | Study: Number of Arizona polling places has fallen sharply since 2012 | Appeals Court blocks ban on ballot harvesting

Arkansas: Voting machine problems in Pulaski Co. fewer this year

California: California voter registration nearing 20M | San Francisco's greatest vote fraud cases through the years| Poll watchers will themselves be watched | Woman says ballot she got was from 2014 | My dog ate my ballot! | Want a polling place? Make sure someone volunteers to run it | Manhattan Beach may consolidate elections with county

Connecticut: Hartford registrar promises problems a thing of the past | Bracing for the busiest, heaviest election cycle | Poll workers turn fashion police | Election Day registration available

Florida: Miami-Dade SOE: 'Everything we do here is open and transparent' | Ethics complaint filed in Lee Supervisor of Elections race | Early voting swells despite concerns | Brevard Co. stuck on new 'I Voted' stickers | At PBC polls, voter intimidation or free speech? | Vote-by-mail fraud not possible | Woman says someone else voted in her name in Duval | Polling sites sparse for some Osceola Co. voters | Campaign sign fight in Orange Park | How ballots are counted and secured after you vote

Georgia: 5 reasons it's hard to rig an election in Georgia | A record pace as early voting ends | Security at polls tightens

Idaho: Canyon Co. tests voting machines

Illinois: When voting, keep your phone in your pocket | Voting official warns against uncertified observers | Metro East election judge charged with voter fraud | New joint office to streamline early voting, Election Day registration | Early voting records toppled

Indiana: Harrison Co. Dem party sues clerk over voting machine security | Hoosiers break early voting record, near-record turnout in Tippecanoe Co. | All eyes on poll workers | Floyd Co. poll workers ready for another election

Iowa: Des Moines Co. auditor fights against fears of a 'rigged' election

Kansas: Kansas judge strikes state's dual voter registration system | Breaking down felons' right to vote in Kansas

Louisiana: List of voters who used the private voting machine released | VIP voting list more than twice as long as registrar said | Jefferson recuses himself from role in recall

Maine: Question 5 explained |

Maryland: Maryland takes measure to increase voter access | Maryland will audit election results | Write-ins put state's new system to the test

Massachusetts: Cohasset loved early voting | More than 1M vote early in Massachusetts

Michigan: Oakland Co. issues 11 percent more absentee ballots compared to 2012 | Election challengers sign up to watch the polls in Detroit | Justice Dept. watching Michigan on Election Day, but it's largely business as usual | Michigan Dems sue to stop intimidation

Minnesota: With no-excuse absentee, scores of Minnesotans have already voted | How Minnesota has tried to make voting more accessible | Hennepin Co. using iPads for voter check-in

Missouri: Candidates for secretary of state talk qualifications |

Montana: Election office provides top 5 reminders to voters before Election | McCulloch calls GOP chairman's demand 'shameful'

Nevada: Washoe Co. smashes record number of early voters | Registered voters turned away

New Hampshire: Voting inquiry, complaint lines offered on Election Day

New Jersey: Christie administration has 'strong confidence' in NJ ballot security

New Mexico: Cheaters gonna cheat, but in Farmington they'll probably get caught | Cellphone ban at rural polls in NM rankles ACLU

New York: BOE: Ballot bins are secured and delivered | Voter registration issue in Genesee Co. | Election Day monitors urge vigilance

North Carolina: Watauga BOE to re-process ballots after voting machine malfunction | Images released of Cumberland Co. early voting site break-in | Ballot issue corrected in Carteret Co. without any problems | Three-hour wait to vote at NC State location | Judge: NC counties must restore voters removed in 'insane' process

Ohio: Judge issues order to stop harassment | Busy weekend expected at early voting center | Long lines move along with ease | Poll observers rarely find problems in Stark Co. | Ohio federal judge bars voter intimidation as other states consider similar suits | Local counties prepare for Election Day | Voters sent wrong information

Oklahoma: Early voters see long lines

Oregon: Election officials warn of misleading robocalls

Pennsylvania: Authorities investigating voter registration 'irregularities' | Montco. commissioners clash over voting system

South Carolina: Record absentee voting in Charleston Co.

South Dakota: Butte Co. poll workers ready

Tennessee: Shelby Co. voting machines are offline | Naturalized citizen's first vote | Election officials eyeing Election Day | ACLU hits Hargett on purges

Texas: Dead Texans won't be voting officials say | Early voting numbers reach new highs | Woman claims poll worker botched her vote | Records exceeded every day of early voting | Early voting numbers up in Ector Co.| Harris Co. smashes early voting records | Early voting ends the way it began, with long line | Why the voter ID confusion? Because the rules were written at 20th-grade reading level | Texas continues to withhold details of voter education effort | Voting has become more convenient over the years

Vermont: Breaking early voting records in Montpelier | Secretary of state tries to allay fears

Virginia: Can rigged elections happen in Hampton Roads? | Prince William officials offer reminders, tips for voting | Elections offices ready for a smooth day| In Virginia, ex-felons find empowerment in voting booth

Washington: Record voter registration | Ballot blizzard prompts early processing in Walla Walla Co. | Wyman pushes back

West Virginia: Officials preparing for fair, safe, accurate election | Early voting numbers at record highs

Wisconsin: Wisconsin GOP leader wants early voting limits

Wyoming: Secretary of state encourages residents to vote | Murray gets cease-and-desist letter over citizenship proof requirement