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Thursday, 17 November 2016

November 17, 2016

National News: Many people who wanted to vote could not | Newly Republican-led states more likely to adopt voter ID laws

Alabama: Elections officials: Trust process | Madison Co. voters cast three times more provisional ballots than in 2012

Arizona: Elections department continues to work long after the vote | Election lines in Wilcox | A rise in provisional ballots is seen| Incoming county recorder says elections cannot be done 'on the cheap' | Still thousands of ballots left to tally | 3K early ballots still need to be counted

Arkansas: Election commission accepts absentee ballots

California: Latest Santa Cruz Co. election canvassing results show little change in results | Voters swarm polls on election night | SoCal election officials respond to Issa's allegation of vote count interference | Issa seeks to challenge ballots in close race | Close races, long waits for results the norm, experts say | Still lots of votes to count | 20K additional ballots to count, 3 races too close to call

Connecticut: Voting on campus hindered by technical difficulties | Absentees, same-day registration popular for 2016 voters

Colorado: Boulder, other counties continue to count ballots | Vote counting done until Nov. 22 canvass meeting | Nearly 1K ballots with signature issues

Florida: LWV studying possibilities for increased voter turnout | Early voting begins this weekend in runoff

Georgia: Recount set for Thursday | Early voting could make Election Day history

Illinois: Senate overrides automatic-voter reg veto | Few Election Day complaints in Kane Co.

Indiana: Court documents: Employees admit to voter registration fraud

Kansas: Software problem slowed Johnson Co. vote counting

Kentucky: Recanvass requested for three House races | Lackey requests recanvass

Maine: Maine voters can now rank their choices on the ballot | Recounts in ballot questions underway

Maryland: What do Bugs Bunny, Gov. Hogan and Megatron all have in common?

Massachusetts: Local voting civil amidst heated election

Michigan: Rev. Jesse Jackson calls for protection of voting rights at UM speech | Grand Rapids clerk calls for better training for election challengers at the polls

Minnesota: Student voting experience | Cass sees more voters using mail, absentee ballots

Missouri: Student-led 'Vote, dammit.' outreach campaign worked to increase registration, turnout

Nebraska: Election results remain unofficial | All-mail voting leads to high voter turnout in Cedar Co.

Nevada: North Las Vegas council considering move to even-year city elections

New York: Elections official caught blasting de Blasio's ID program to be replaced | Police see no criminal intent in voter fraud case | de Blasio takes up voting reform

North Carolina: Durham Co. BOE to hold hearing Friday on election protest | North Carolina's war on voters is heating up | McCrory campaign files 11 new protests over potentially fraudulent absentee ballots | County to tackle remaining ballots | What's next in sorting out close NC elections? | Counties reviewing provisional ballots ahead of canvass| State BOE looks into fraudulent absentee ballot requests

Ohio: BOE seeks pay increases for employees | Most county ballot issues nixed

Pennsylvania: 69 percent of voters went to the polls

Rhode Island: Six recount requests filed

South Carolina: Absentee voting begins for runoff

Texas: New equipment could have sped up vote count | Texas voter ID law faces uncertain future | Ballot recount complete

Utah: No, voter turnout was not down this year

Vermont: Legislature to decide race

Virginia: Results show 81 percent turnout in Powhatan Co.

Wisconsin: 19 ballots rejected over voter ID

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