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Monday, 28 November 2016

November 24-28, 2016

National News: Republicans renew push for more voting restrictions | Sessions' Senate career shows mixed record on Voting Rights Act support | U.S. officials defend legitimacy of the voting system | Jill Stein seeks recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania | Secretive push underway to audit key 2016 swing-state vote totals | President-elect makes unfounded claim that 'millions' vote illegally | U.S. officials defend integrity of vote, despite hacking fears

Alabama: 'Selfless servant' honored at retirement reception

Alaska: All absentee ballots counted and accounted for

Arizona: Citizens speak out at county canvass

Arkansas: Election commission certifies election

California: Vote count continues post-election throughout the state | Get ready for new voting system in 2018 | California still ballot counting | Nevada Co. part of an election change pilot program | Santa Clara Co.: Automatic recounts set for 10 election contests | Ballots dwindle as counting nears end | Voter fraud charge 'absurd' says secretary of state | No evidence to back-up claims of widespread voter fraud

Connecticut: Republican registrar of voters will retire after nearly 20 years | Montville registrars set to move

Florida: Voting numbers look promising to election officials | Batman, the Pope received Osceola write-in votes

Georgia: Secretary of state's office certifies results of record-breaking election | County sees fix for slow returns

Guam: GEC prepares for final recount | Handful of ballots remain to be counted

Idaho: Printing issue attributed to delayed election results | Secretary of state reflects on Election Day as a poll worker

Illinois: Rezin proposes voter registration legislation

Kansas: JoCo election office says recount leaves vote unchanged

Kentucky: Vote-buying allegations were determined to be unfounded

Louisiana: Low turnout for first day of early voting

Michigan: Michigan elections official casts doubt on vote-hacking concerns | Michigan prepping for potential hand recount of 4.8M presidential votes | Secretary of state's office responds to talk of potential election hacking | Michigan election director: No evidence of hack | Michigan GOP ready for statewide recount of votes in presidential election

Minnesota: Woman charged with voter fraud | Early voting challenged Hubbard Co. auditor's office | Small marking on ballot may change local election's outcome | Coin toss still doesn't settle election contest | Absentee voting numbers up in region

Mississippi: 1.2M voted in Miss., 560 lacked photo ID at polls

Nevada: Three from Nevada tribes win awards for fight for voting rights

New Hampshire: Hudson officials praise voting process

New Jersey: Poll worker saw big changes in 70 years on job

New York: Rockland's GOP election chief may be out of job | State Assemblyman found guilty of ballot tampering

North Carolina: Advocacy groups join fray over NC governor votes | Election canvass delayed due to DMV registrations | Watauga Co. election results official, no changes | Governor's race battle slows Buncombe election results | State officials in limbo over McCrory protest until Durham produces documents | App State students may play role in voting rights fight | Republicans claim 43 voters are ineligible felons. Many of them aren't | McCrory will withdraw recount demand if Durham votes recounted | State board of elections hosts emergency meeting | SBOE could consider key ballot appeal this week | Elections officials: Need more than a news release to act on McCrory's recount deal | Election board to hear case of double voting | Despite massive early voting figure, overall turnout down slightly | Election protest in Bladen Co., Part Deux | State GOP seeks Durham Co. absentee ballot signatures | Canvass adds 198 votes | State elections board agrees to hold hearing on GOP appeal | NCSBOE wants more info before ruling | New Hanover commission race set for recount | Carteret Co. BOE expected to finalize election this week | Durham ballots caught up in statewide recount issue

North Dakota: Kathy Jaeger, wife of ND secretary of state, dies

Ohio: Election board raises pay approves provisional ballots | Trumbull Co. certifies election, gives day and a half off | Cuyahoga Co. certifies election | Tied race determined by chance

Oklahoma: Norman to proceed with February election

Oregon: Oregon's voter participation is impressive--but it's not Minnesota

Pennsylvania: Recount will take place in Wisconsin; Pa. deadline next

Rhode Island: RI State Police: No crime committed in Mattiello race

South Carolina: SC voter-law oddity allows undocumented address change

Texas: Phillips set to lead elections office | Tarrant Co. election official leaving, heading back to Denton | Tight legislative race gets another recount Monday

Utah: After an unusual election, lawmakers draft pile of bills seeking to make changes | Growth prompts record election year | Some Utah counties had record-breaking turnout

Vermont: Secretary of state's office to audit election results from 6 towns

Virginia: Surovell: Expand early voting now in Northern Virginia | Smyth Co. conclude canvass | Board of elections certifies results

Washington: Connecting the arrow on your ballot a thing of the past for Pierce Co. voters Whitman Co. auditor's office still counting votes | E-Day at the election-central 'beehive'

Wisconsin: LeMahieu: Election hacking claims unlikely | Historic recount will have to move quickly | Here's why some votes won't be counted in Wisconsin | Elections commission to hold special meeting Monday | Jill Stein files for recount in Wisconsin | Elections officials see no proof of hacking | Election officials expected to discuss voter recount timeline | Election recount starts this week | Recount expected to start Thursday| Election officials prepare for statewide recount

Wyoming: Recount cost $3,900