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November 2016

Monday, 14 November 2016

November 12-14, 2016

Also, check out all our Election Day 2016 Dispatches here.

National News: Election officials say there is 'no basis' to rumors that Russia rigged election | First steps to fixing long lines at the polls? Knowing where they happened | On Election Day, Google tracked nationwide voting issues on a real-time map | After a fraught election, questions over the impact of a balky voting process | This year, laws with roots to the Civil War prevented 6.1M from voting | Voter turnout lowest in 20 years

Alabama: Thousands of Alabama voters did not choose anyone for president

Arizona: 112K ballots still need to be counted

Arkansas: Election commission rejects 73 provisional ballots

California: Election headquarters officials explain LA Co. vote counting process | Registrar releases statement on voter issues | 80 percent turnout possible in San Diego | Ballots still to count after surge of voters | Yolo teens peek behind the scenes of election | Millions of ballots still uncounted | OC on pace to post highest turnout since 1976 | Election complaints increase this year | Confusion at the polls

Colorado: Ballots remain up in the air | Summit Co. voters show up in record-breaking numbers| Cause for Colorado's election results delay explained

Connecticut: Bethel man arrested for disturbance at polling place | Stamford group leaves mark with election stickers

Florida: Poor cellular service delays results | New machines key to 'smooth' Volusia election | 108K voted early, mailed ballots | Does mail voting save money, increase turnout? | Broward voters lament vote-by-mail shortfall | Manatee canvassing board accepts most of Anna Maria ballots after challenge | Florida orders recount in Miami-Dade House race

Georgia: Two of every three Paulding voters cast ballots early | At Issue: Crying child vs. voting rights

Idaho: Voter turnout likely 75 to 80 percent | Secretary of state reflects on Election Day as poll worker

Illinois: Illinois broke early voting record

Indiana: Some voters may have been turned away on Election Day | NWI experienced a voting high this year

Iowa: Sioux City man wants to force special election to fill council vacancy

Kansas: Voting location maps taken off county website during election

Louisiana: Officials verify voting results | LSU issuing voter ID compliant credentials | Hessmer 'lock out' was innocent error

Maine: Logistics could put RCV on hold in 2018

Maryland: Havre de Grace to hold special election on Dec. 27 | Voter turnout well below projections | Provisional and absentee ballots counted after Election Day

Massachusetts: Criticism emerges around ballot question in Holyoke | Plymouth: Early voting equals late results

Michigan: More voting problems for blind people; state promises fix | Livonia woman, 99, has voted in-person in each election | Lack of 'I Voted' stickers disappoints some

Minnesota: A peek behind the scenes on Election Day| Software glitch to blame for county's late election results | Dakota Co. didn't report a single ballot until 2am. Why? | The vote must go on! Frazee fire, police help out when power outage hits on Election Day

Montana: With just a 2-vote difference, Lake Co. waiting to count provisionals

New Hampshire: College towns have big impact on NH election

New Mexico: New secretary of state will have her hands full

New York: Voting issues pop up in Silver Creek

North Carolina: NCGOP attorney demands recount after Durham voting machine error | Durham elections board defends election-night count | Durham Co. elections officials outline problems | 60K provisional ballots unlikely to change outcome

Ohio: Long-time women voters relish the opportunity | Senior voter, poll worker savor involvement in the process | Woman reports someone used her name to vote

Oklahoma: Challenger to seek recount

Pennsylvania: Few poll problems reported in county | Voter registration problems sent students in circles on Election Day | Volunteers grateful for hospitality of St. Mary's Church polling site

South Carolina: Poll worker shortage leads to challenge in mayor's race

South Dakota: Female student pulled fire alarm on Election Day

Tennessee: Absentee ballots stalled Shelby Co. election returns | Shelby Co. commissioner on election results delay

Texas: Montgomery Co. has ID'd steps to speed election night results | County works on new tallies

U.S. Virgin Islands: Absentee ballots being counted on St. Thomas

Utah: Salt Lake Co. clerk blasted over long lines on Election Day

Virginia: Registration mix-up causes issues for first-time voters | Canvass of Election Day ballots underway

Wisconsin: Lisbon ballot mystery solved

Wyoming: Putting in the time for the sake of freedom

Friday, 11 November 2016

November 11, 2016

Also, check out all our Election Day 2016 Dispatches here.

National News: European poll watchers report myriad flaws in U.S. elections | Voter suppression laws likely tipped scales, rights groups say | Effect of voting laws seen, but not enough to sway outcome | For pro athletes, voting can require extra effort

Alabama: Preparation work for next election begins | Judge calls vote process a success | Voter registration mishap

Alaska: Voters use an app to submit vote | Alaska's cash cow now comes with automatic voter registration

Arizona: More than 400K mail-in ballots still not counted | Lawmaker seeks more poll centers after voters saw long lines

Arkansas: Lakeview voters run out of paper ballots, go electronic

California: Dead city treasurer wins re-election | Roll of election observers redefined | Uncounted ballots mean Sonoma Co. election results may not be final until December | More than 200K Merced ballots still to be counted | How the vote is counted in California after Election Day | At least 4M ballots left to be counted | Polling issues minimal

Colorado: An inside look at ballot counting | Secretary of state address Pueblo ballot counting problem | Newly created primaries a challenge for election officials

Connecticut: Close vote will trigger a recount | Glitches plague state election results website

Delaware: Race with 11-vote difference to be recounted

Florida: Recount looms in two races | St. Augustin to take up issue of 'sham' write-in candidates | Brevard man voted in every election since 1936

Georgia: School board still to consider student voter registration drive policy | Paper ballots slow Floyd count

Hawaii: Voter turnout the largest since 2008

Idaho: Illegible ballots were cause of delay for Canyon election results | Election Day saw record turnout in Southeast Idaho| A day in the life of a poll worker | Election judge says no issues with inaccessible polling place

Illinois: DuPage NAACP turns focus on voter registration, education | Officials: Election Day ran 'smoothly' | Computer problems snarl access to vote totals in DuPage on election night | DuPage officials disappointed in software roll out | Central HS students assist at the polls | For wheelchair users, Chicago's polling places could use some improvement

Kansas: Mickey Mouse, Daffy Duck slow down election | Computer snafu causes long line for Johnson Co. election official

Kentucky: Six calls from Floyd Co. made to election hotline

Louisiana: Livingston Parish voter turnout exceptionally high on Election Day

Maine: South Portland mayoral candidates request recount | What ranked choice voting means for Maine

Maryland: Clerical error moved woman's registration

Massachusetts: Voting went well, overall, but officials look to iron out wrinkles | Voting machine malfunctions, forcing a hand count | Student poll workers bring diversity to voting centers | Human error cased ballot mix-up

Minnesota: Jackson Co. results in just a little bit later | Mayor revises retirement plan to avoid special election | Voter turnout fell | Software glitch to blame for delay results

Missouri: After Missouri approves photo ID, legal battle likely

Montana: Late registration reached an all-time high | Missoula boasts 71 percent turnout

Nebraska: Close races coming down to provisionals

New Hampshire: Secretary of state says number of ballots cast in election shattered 8-year record | Paving project caused traffic problems at Dover poll

New Jersey: Registration address mix-ups prohibit students from voting in campus polling booths

New Mexico: Challenges await new secretary of state

New York: Walker pleads not guilty to election-law charges | Woman go groped at Upper East Side polling place | Susan B. Anthony's gravestone a sad place 2 days after election

North Carolina: Candidates gird for legal fight over votes | Voters returned to the rolls | Provisional ballots higher than usual in county, but not state | Election staff work to review thousands of provisional ballots

North Dakota: Long lines plague voting | Voter turnout lower than expected

Oregon: New voting record set | Breaking down Oregon's voter turnout | Oregon turnout record high number, but not record high percentage | Oregon couple creates Election Day-themed baby announcement

Ohio: BOE receives complaint from one voter | Some Norwalk voters got wrong ballots | Provisional ballot totals fall short of 2012

Pennsylvania: Luzerne Co. reviewing election polling place needs | Poll: Should Pennsylvania have early voting? | 86-year-old woman votes with help from hospital staff | Action mulled on Westmoreland election gridlock

Rhode Island: BOE considers fraud complaint

South Carolina: Early rush at polls creates some long waits | High turnout, few problems for Lakeland officials

Tennessee: Johnson waiting till Monday for provisional vote | Shelby vote count delay caused by 'technical and human' errors

Texas: Bandera Co. voters voice early voting concerns | Mistake forces Denton Co. to recount ballots | County elections officials dealt with record turnout

Utah: County Clerk: Long lines caused by turnout, insufficient outreach| Election officials still processing ballots | Utah GOP: Voters in Salt Lake City disenfranchised by long lines at polls | GOP bashes Salt Lake for long lines | Lawmaker seeks more poll centers after voters saw long lines

Virginia: Ex-felon votes for first time | New record for absentee ballot use | Thousands in VA were forced to cast provisional ballots

Washington: Kim Wyman re-elected as secretary of state | Election results still filtering in

West Virginia: County processed paper ballots more quickly than primary | Turnout was 57.2 percent

Wisconsin: Chippewa Co. clerks write Election Day off as success | Milwaukee elections head says voter ID law hurt turnout | Turnout near 20-year low | Roughly 80 city employees help process election| Polls were busy

Wyoming: Recount confirms election night results | Voter turnout set state and local records

Thursday, 10 November 2016

November 10, 2016

Also, check out all our Election Day 2016 Dispatches here.

National News: Despite fears, few problems reported at polling places | States with new voting restrictions changed voting patterns | US election was fair, despite voting obstacles: OSCE rights group | 'Serious shortcomings remain' in U.S. electoral system | Republican sweep extends to secretaries of state

Alabama: Troy Univ. has voter registration mishap | A&M students wondering where lost registrations are | Merrill defends stand against automatic voter registration | Voters discuss polling place issues

Alaska: Alaskans favor ballot measure tying registration to PFD

Arizona: Voter turnout surges in Cochise Co.| New voting equipment delays results in Apache CO.

Arkansas: Busy day at polls in Arkansas described as calm | Record number of citizens vote in Eureka Springs | Balky machines, long lines hinder voters

California: Sac registrar breaks down election night | Hundreds of thousands of ballots yet to be counted in Bay Area | County elections inundated with uncounted ballots | 103-year-old man rides tractor to polling place | Election tensions surface in SLO Co. | Shortage of ballots in Tulare blamed on high turnout | A day in the life of a neighborhood precinct

Connecticut: Same day registration leads to long lines | Computer glitch delays full Connecticut election outcome | Hartford sheds third registrar

Colorado: Montezuma Co. count runs into Wednesday morning

Florida: Could Hurricane Matthew have affected voter turnout? | Old equipment means Indian River results lag behind | Recount in sheriff's race | Upgrades will improve results reporting| Seminole and Largo elections could face recounts | Candidate challenged legality of voters | Stegall's final election in Lake Co. runs smoothly | Judge Judy, Jeb! and Jesus make PBC election ballots

Georgia: More reported voting issues in Muscogee Co.

Illinois: DeKalb Co. Clerk: Some long lines, but a smooth election | Teens serve as election judges | Chicago teens working polling sites get front-row seat on Election Day

Indiana: Voter with disability frustrated with voting process | Long lines cause delays in counting votes | Election Day smooth for northeast Indiana | Clark Co. Clerk: Something must change to prevent election night delays | Long lines, multiple vote centers lead to election night delays | Vote centers had smooth election night

Iowa: Woodbury Co. officials report no election day issues

Kansas: No votes lost in Johnson Co. system crash | Huge influx of ballots in Johnson Co. delays results | Never again, Johnson Co. elections chief vows after delayed results

Louisiana: First-time voter can't vote after registration gets lost

Maine: Clerks report high turnout, some problems on Election Day | Maine passes ranked-choice voting | Scarborough counts thousands of absentee ballots missed on election night

Maryland: Man travels 150 miles to help couple vote | Voter turnout potentially record-breaking for Maryland| State to review problems that led to delays, lines at some polling places

Michigan: Voting problems in Detroit, but not here | Official: East Lansing 'voter intimidation' just a misunderstanding

Mississippi: Historic election

Missouri: Man attacks election judge for too long a wait | Long lines, but no major disruptions | What you need to know about Missouri's voter ID law | Greene Co. officials consider changes at polls

Montana: Voting machine error slows Cascade Co. results | Late-registration creates long lines on Election Day | High turnout contributes to reporting delays in Lewis & Clark Co. | Corey Stapleton elected as secretary of state

Nevada: No arrests, few disruptions at Nevada polling places | Final 509 ballots counted following glitch

New Hampshire: Poll workers, voters face some snags on Election Day

New Jersey: Voting early, counting late | Woman alleges voter fraud, pols want solutions for long lines | 3 towns face federal review over asking voters for ID at polls | Hoboken mayor says poll worker asked her for ID

New York: Election Day problems included broken machines throughout the state | Durham officials investigate technical glitch | E. Greenbush group monitored election for hackers

North Carolina: Durham's vote problems linger into Thursday | Group brings random acts of kindness to polling site

Oklahoma: Candidate considers challenging loss after complaints of voter fraud | Delay in Osage Co. precinct pushed results past midnight

Ohio: Mostly smooth day of voting at area polling places | Husted says Election Day went better than in years past | BOE staff discusses vote

Oregon: Officials cite Motor Voter for lower turnout | Richardson takes secretary of state race

Pennsylvania: Luzerne Co. voting machine calibration problems verified| Privacy concerns addressed at Falls Creek polling place | Dept. of state officials say no major problems on Election Day | Pa. lawmaker wants changes to improve polling problems | Long waits could lead to extra polling location

Rhode Island: Mail and emergency ballots to be counted Thursday

South Carolina: South Carolina looking to update voting machines | Technical glitch makes precinct reporting lone holdout | Pregnant woman still votes after water breaks

South Dakota: Voter turnout down slightly | Remote ranch above Lake Oahe serves as voting center for Stanley Co.

Texas: Election relatively smooth despite turnout | Forecasts for voter turnout fall short | Why Wichita Co.'s results were later than others | County seeks court order to retabulate ballots | Clerical error causes problems in Nueces Co.| County elections dept. will learn from Election Day

Utah: Long lines, nearly 230K uncounted ballots complicate election night results | Balloting bottlenecks brought frustration in Salt Lake Co.

Virginia: Canvas process begins across Virginia

Washington: Almost done: The canvassing board and the certification of elections | Wyman wins second term

West Virginia: Wood Co. canvas slated for Monday | Secretary of state wins comes at 'right time'

Wednesday, 09 November 2016

November 9, 2016

Also, check out all our Election Day 2016 Dispatches here.

National News: Long line, snags, but major issues scant | Voters encounter problems, but not the ones most feared | How did the weakened VRA impact election? | How much Election Day costs the country--and voters

Alaska: Alaska voters passing ballot measure on PFD voter registration | Handful of voting machines malfunction on Election Day

Arizona: Massive voter turnout, long waits at polls | Judge rejects extension of poll hours in Maricopa Co. | Water main breaks near polling place

California: On social media, complaints about glitches at some LA polling places | Shouting, cops, ballot concerns: Riding along with Orange Co. registrar | For registrar, a busy night as truckloads of ballots arrive | Some Tulare polling places run short of paper ballots | LA County registrar's office doubles as polling place

Colorado: Voting system jams; only partial results in | Dems call to keep the polls open denied | Colorado polls close on schedule | Voter registration system went down for 29 minutes

Connecticut: 20K use same-day registration | Stamford registrar re-elected | Dozens turned away from Election Day registration in Meriden | 1500 late registrants vote, 50 don't

Florida: Cape Coral man turned away at poll for expired voter registration | Episodes of voter intimidation reported | Doyle defeats incumbent Harrington in Lee Co. supervisor of elections race | Mark Earley takes supervisor of elections post | Hays coasts to easy win in supervisor of elections race | Over 70 percent turnout on smooth Election Day in Volusia-Flagler | Broward election results sluggish compared to some counties

Georgia: Provisional ballots denied to some voters

Illinois: More than 1,600 high school students worked the polls

Indiana: Vote centers get people in and out | Indiana voters cast 900K absentee ballots | Poll workers stay late to make sure every vote gets counted

Louisiana: Man denied to vote due to voter registration mix-up | Voters pass registrar amendment

Maine: Approval looks like for ranked choice amendment | Voters approve ranked-choice

Maryland: Baltimore City elections smooth, chief says | Aberdeen mayor requests delay on elections ties amendment vote | Maryland high court rejected emergency request for polling stations in jails

Michigan: Voter turned away for improper identification | Absentee ballots slow count

Missouri: Voter ID approved by Missouri voters | Ashcroft wins in Missouri

Montana: Stapleton leads secretary of state race | Stapleton leads Lindeen | Voters wait to register across Montana | Montana sees record absentee ballots returned

Nevada: Washoe Co. sees record turnout of voters

New Hampshire: New Hampshire officials report few problems

New Jersey: Huge turnout creates long lines, hour-long delays | Mail-in ballot error leaves election in limbo

New Mexico: Second chance

New York: NYC mayor bashes state's voting system | Yates Co. teen charged following 'voter fraud' investigation

North Carolina: Durham Co. extends voting time | Cumberland elections director disputes reports of problems

Ohio: Elections went smoothly | Power outage hits 2 Warren Co. polling places | Uneventful night at Stark Co. BOE | Poll worker dismissed

Oregon: Major voting problems scant despite ominous warnings | Ranked choice measure passes in Benton | Richardson top Avakian for secretary of state

Pennsylvania: Voter registration through DMV fails some voters | Long lines, registration issues complicate voting at Temple University

South Dakota: First time voters denied following student registration issue | Voting lessons learned the hard way | Secretary of state talks ballot issues, turnout| Belt on vote counting machine replaced

Tennessee: Knoxville moves city primary elections | Delays mean no results from Shelby Co.

Texas: Polling station changes among voter complaints | Dallas Co. election judge assaulted and robbed | American astronaut casts ultimate absentee ballot

Utah: Rural reaction mixed on mail-in ballots

Vermont: Vermont election mostly smooth, but glitches reported

Virginia: No reports of voter intimidation | Youth manning the polls

Washington: Incumbent Wyman leads Podlodowski despite late bobbles

West Virginia: Warner beats Tennant in race for secretary of state | Warner unseats Tennant for secretary of state

Wisconsin: Wisconsin voters head to the polls for historic election | UW-Madison prints last-minute ID's for students | No major issues, election commission says | Ballot selfies problematic in Wisconsin

Wyoming: Delays at some Cheyenne voting centers

Tuesday, 08 November 2016

November 8, 2016

(Editor’s Note: Electionline will be posting Election Dispatches throughout the day on Tuesday November 8. Be sure to check them out here.)

National News: Hackers find security flaws in some voting machines | A cyberattack could disrupt Tuesday's elections--but it wouldn't change results | If the Internet goes down on Election Day, what happens | Justice Dept. sends monitors to 28 states | OSCE boosts number monitoring US election | Election monitors to use social media as a way to find voting problems | Tougher voting requirements, past election hacks lead to concerns for Tuesday | Do I need an ID to vote in my state? | With fewer legal tools in hand, DOJ prepares to monitor election | DOJ cuts number of staff it's sending to ensure voting rights | Controversial group warns members against Election Day meddling | This is how we'll be voting in 2020 | Fear is driving voting rights advocates and vigilantes to watch polling stations | Voter fraud warnings overblown, says election law expert | State officials prepare for an unusually chaotic Election Day | Spread of early voting is forging new habits and tactics

Alabama: Locals take voting procedures seriously, county clerk notes | Lee Co. prepares for Election Day

Arizona: 'Federal-only' ballots limit some Arizonans in voting | Election Day has arrived! | For voters on reservations, getting to the poll just the first hurdle

Arkansas: County clerk: Voting machine not changing votes | No political clothing at the polls

California: Long lines at Santa Clara Co. registrar of voters | Half of San Diego's mail-in ballots returned before Election Day | Padilla addresses voter fraud | On eve of election, questions build about fairness at the polls | Behind the scenes at the busy registrar of voters office | SJ Co. registrar ready for busy process | California counties prep for large Election Day turnout | Beside ballot? At some hospitals, patients get ballots hand-delivered | State election website causes headaches for some North State voters

Colorado: Colorado Springs facility helps deaf, blind students cast their first ballots | WalMart shopper says scammers took her voter registration info | 11News talks with secretary of state | Mail-in ballots lend new vibe to Boulder Co. election eve | Are more Colorado voters than usual holding onto their ballots until Election Day? Some clerks think so | LAPD, sheriff's department to patrol polling places on Election Day| Denver has Snapchat filter for voters

Connecticut: Norwalk registrar expect long lines for Election Day Registration | Hartford, New Haven, other cities prepared to deal with Election Day crowds | New Haven looks to avoid election day issues of two years ago | Area officials prepared for same-day registration

Delaware: County prepared for poll watcher issues

District of Columbia: What officials say about election security

Florida: Paper ballots prevent hacking, elections officials say | Supervisor of elections expects fairly quiet Election Day because of early voting turnout | No car? No worries. Free rides to the polls on Election Day | Dade election department ready for their big day | DOJ will send monitors to PBC | DOJ to monitor Lee Co.| Central Florida officials say they're running honest election, despite fraud claims | PBC elections chief weighs in on poll watchers | Supervisor addresses fear of early voting fraud | Hillsborough says poll workers are ready | Rivera Beach woman warns voters about text scam | Frenzy of early voting could make smoother Election Day | 4300 Duval Co. voters get wrong polling info

Georgia: Secretary of state promises fair elections | Georgia prepares for Election Day | Record 2.38M voted early | Voters have push-button power to avoid Election Day errors | Cobb caps record early voting with 161K votes cast | Chief of elections ensures vote will be secure | Elections officials ask voters to come prepared | More than half of Paulding voters cast early ballots | Elections officials warn of 'voting freebies' being a felony

Hawaii: Hawaii's voter high voter registration may not boost turnout

Idaho: Voting equipment delivered in Ada Co. | Secretary of state to serve as poll worker

Illinois: Early voting wraps up Monday| State elections board: Voters not in legal peril for ballot selfies

Indiana: Poll workers prepare for Election Day | Police officer pleads guilty to four counts of voter fraud | Police plan checks on voting centers | How early voting signals a long election night | Attorney upset after sealed document leaked in voter fraud investigation | Indy's prettiest polling site | Dems text wrong polling information to about 2K voters

Iowa: Yes, children are allowed in polling places | Iowa secretary of state implores voters registering at the polls, 'please go early' | Longest-serving, oldest election workers recognized

Kansas: Kansas judge: Kobach has no authority for dual election system | Election commissioner says voting machines are secure

Kentucky: Kentucky GOP voices concerns about voter fraud in Eastern Kentucky | Mock polling location helps prepare new citizens for Election Day

Louisiana: Crews rolling out voting machines | With eye on voting rights, feds will watch New Orleans vote | Caddo Parish voting machines in place, ready for Tuesday | Polling places prepare for Election Day | New LSU student ID is ticket to ballot box

Maine: LePage says college students should establish residency to vote | ACLU of Maine calls for feds to investigate LePage for voting rights violation

Maryland: What officials say about election security | What Maryland voters need to know on Election Day | Longtime election judge in Frederick Co. shares Election Day memories

Massachusetts: Electronic election fraud risk low in Bay State | Judge sides with ACLU in Mass. voter registration case | Mass. seeks to calm jitters on voting hacks | State officials view early voting as a success | The 'I Voted' sticker is a badge of pride

Michigan: Michigan Dems add to voter-suppression claims | ACLU accuses Detroit clerk of 'misinformation campaign' on voter ID | Accident causes power outage; voting precinct to remain open

Minnesota: Court tells judges to follow the law | Minnesota's 'I Voted' stickers have withstood the test of time

Mississippi: Mississippi voter reminded to bring ID to vote

Missouri: Poll scrutiny planned for election day | Ferguson activists mobilize against voter ID | Sheriff's deputies will be at polling places, despite blowback from NAACP, others |

Montana: Election officials prepare absentee ballots for counting | Flathead voters line up to by hundreds to drop off early ballots | Early voters line up out the door at County Courthouse | Ravalli Co. election judges take oaths

Nevada: Face the state: Washoe Co. Registrar of Voters Luanne Cutler | ACLU, Metro to monitor polling places | Keeping early voting sites open past closing broke now laws

New Hampshire: Town clerks coping with deluge of voter registration requests

New Jersey: Could out-dated voting machines leave NJ vulnerable | Some voters report mail-in ballot problems

New Mexico: Early voters set new record | Offices of secretary of state and attorney general helping monitor election | Officials warn against self-appointed poll watchers

New York: The first automatic voting machine | Making sure New Yorkers know Election Day details | Meet a man who does not take voting for granted | How Onondaga Co. protects votes | NYC Comptroller sets up website to report problems at polls | DMV online voter registration glitches | NYC shows off anti-fraud technology | Election commissioner stress right way to write-in candidates | Throngs expected at Susan B. Anthony gravesite

North Carolina: Judge orders purged voters restored | Election worker error caused Gastonia voter problems

Ohio: To boost confidence, Husted assures voting security | Barberton woman alleges voter registration was lost | Early voting on final day is brisk | Supreme Court refuses to issue order on voter intimidation | Post office delay prevents some out-of-state Ohioans from voting

Oregon: State GOP robocalls cause voter confusion | Motor voter errors

Pennsylvania: Lebanon Co. prepared for Election Day | Pa. high court asked to nix challenges in voter fraud probe | As election looms large, rumors of voter fraud linger | Voting machines taken to polling places | Justice Dept. to monitor Tuesday' selection in Pa. | Under new deadline, thousands of absentee ballots arrive in Montco

Rhode Island: Changes at the polls, and how officials are keeping election valid in Rhode Island | DOJ to monitor polls in Providence, Pawtucket

South Carolina: How strong is South Carolina's voter ID law? Not very | Iconic SC 'I Voted' stickers a gimmick with a cause | Absentee voting in SC hits record

South Dakota: Absentee ballot requests top 100K in South Dakota | Krebs want to ditch pro and con statements

Tennessee: College students push for changes to ID law | Officials say Hamilton Co. voters treated equally during early voting

Texas: County said voting equipment accurate and secure | Thousands of voting machines to be delivered to polling places | Dallas Co. smashes early voting record | Texas remains old school with voter registration | Paxton warns election officials on poll watchers | Secretary of state talks about voting in Texas | Texas officials have vote security on their minds | After early voting glitches, officials hope new Texas voter ID rules are clear | Elections chief won't account for voter ID ed funds | Never too early to learn the importance of early voting | County makes sure polling places are ready for record turnout | Travis Co. working against the clock | No guns allowed at polling places | Local officials prepare for historic vote | Poll workers watch for electioneering by t-shirt| Bus driver arrested for polling place fight | Dallas voters really wanted their 'I Voted' stickers so elections office ordered more than 1M

Utah: Your mail-in ballot's journey, in excruciating detail | Utah election results could hold up final presidential decision| Free rides for Midland, Odessa voters

Virginia: What officials say about election security | McAuliffe attacked for restoring felon voting rights | How voter registration offices prepare for Election Day | McAuliffe: Va. ready for lines at polls | Precincts prepare to make Election Day a smooth process | Security plans in place as voters head to the polls

Washington: Mail-in ballot isn't the only way to vote | Voter turnout at 45 percent and counting

West Virginia: 'We're ready for anything' | Some voters still have registration questions

Wisconsin: Still time to get an ID | Polling places getting ready | Wisconsin sets new early voting record

Wyoming: Simpson reflects on time as election judge| From sloppy joes to memory cards, here's what happens on Election Day

Monday, 07 November 2016

November 7, 2017

(Editor’s Note: Electionline will be posting Election Dispatches throughout the day on Tuesday November 8. Be sure to check them out at

For news from November 5, click here and news from November 6, click here.

National News: How the election could be hacked, and why you shouldn't worry about it | How long are polling places open? | The election will go on even if hackers attack | The art of the vote: Who designs the ballots we cast? | Confusion, obstacles raise voting concerns in some states | Civil rights advocates work to prevent polling place chaos | Why is voter turnout so low in the U.S.? | The next fight to expand voting rights has already begun | Social media helps millennial voters register, turnout worries linger | Democrats falling short on pre-emptive poll-watching lawsuits | We hold these truths to be selfie evident | In the hospital on Election Day? You can still vote | Most states have not laws about guns in polling places

Alabama: It takes a lot of work to prepare for Election Day | Local officials confident in clean election process Tuesday

Alaska: Can I post a ballot selfie in Alaska (and other questions)? | Elections division ready

Arizona: Voter fraud nearly non-existent in Cochise Co. | Three emergency early voting sites are open Monday | Will clearer instructions lead to fewer rejected ballots?

California: Orange Co. says rigged election almost impossible | Valley voters will have 'secure and safe places to vote' | Voter fraud unlikely in SB, SLO counties | Thousands of early voters hit the polls in LA Co.

Colorado: Voting centers open Monday to turn in ballots, register to vote | Judge allows ballot selfies | Six more voter service & polling centers open Monday

Connecticut: New voting devices for voters with disabilities

Delaware: Answers to frequently and infrequently asked questions | Unofficial poll watchers won't be allowed inside voting sites | Delaware is ready for Election Day

Florida: Some improvements made since 2000, but others needed | Nearly 60 percent of all Lee Co. voters have cast ballots | Election general counsel sides with judge on backlogged registrations | Judge extends early voting hours at Miami-Dade site | Bay area counties see record early voting | More than 44K cast ballot on last day of early voting in Broward | Two-thirds of Collier voters have already voted | For Miami-Dade early vote, redemption from a debacle | About 800K absentees yet to be returned | Official: Nothing wrong with keeping site open late | Hillsborough officials working around the clock as Election Day approaches

Hawaii: Early voter numbers in Hawaii indicate good year for election turnout | Unusual congressional election confuses voters

Illinois: Problems at your polling place? Here's what to do | Who exactly are the people who run your polling place?

Indiana: Tumultuous election could result in record turnout | Early voting Sunday receives high turnout in Marion Co.

Iowa: Becky Jordan focuses on voter ID in county auditor race | Voting need-to-know in Iowa | Lucy Martin describes county auditor position, hopes for re-election

Kansas: Candidate asked to leave polling place parking lot

Louisiana: Not much longer | Lawsuit aims to keep recall campaigners 600 feet from polling sites

Maine: Voter suppression effort decried at Bates College

Maryland: Election director discusses turnout, keeping vote fair | Early voting breaks county record

Massachusetts: Clear Ballot says its technology ensures reliable vote counts | Voting hasn't always gone smoothly in Lawrence

Michigan: 10 things Michiganders need to know for Election Day | Secretary of state reminds voters of polling rules | Grand Rapids family has issue with ballot

Minnesota: Judge takes election judges questions under advisement | The tale of Minnesota's iconic 'I Voted' sticker

Missouri: Greene Co. clerk, sheriff's office working to ensure positive voting experience | Where to go and what to know on Election Day | Despite lines, county elections officials say absentee voting similar to 2012

Montana: Elections office provides top 5 reminders for voters

Nebraska: Clerks in 'organized chaos' for election

Nevada: Clark Co. refutes GOP accusation that early voting site was open late

New Hampshire: Poll officials discount threats of fraud, violence

New Jersey: NJ Division of Elections addresses election security inquiries

New Mexico: Missing ballot in Santa Fe Co. found | State prosecutors to monitor polling places

New York: When do polls close and other New York information for Election Day | NYC BOE struggling to meet court mandate to make polls accessible

North Carolina: More than 45 percent of NC voters have already cast ballots | Last day of early voting brings long lines | Flood damage forces officials to move VFW voting | Familiar face has greeted Patterson Precinct voters for 40 years

Ohio: More than 400 poll workers in Franklin Co. gearing up for Election Day | Ohio's elections chief stresses secure voting process | Long lines don't deter early voters | Akron working to bring joy to voting | Last weekend for early voting | Long lines on Sunday were expected | Unregistered poll watchers not seen as local issue | Getting to know an election poll worker | Despite long wait, people were pleasant and patient

Oklahoma: Oklahoma early voting breaks 2008 records

Oregon: Oregon political parties weigh robocalls

Pennsylvania: The mechanics of voting in Cumberland | Election leaders preparing for voting | Lebanon Co. officials preparing for Election Day | Poll workers are ready for the Tuesday rush | Election office directors talk poll watchers, voting rules | Voting in Berks, surrounding counties could be put to test | Judge grants emergency petition in Montco to extend ballot deadline

Rhode Island: Rhode Island voters can register on Election Day

South Carolina: Psst, you really don't have to have an ID to vote in SC | Quick tips and frequently asked questions for SC voters | Record voting expected

Tennessee: Woman concerned about purging of voters in Davidson Co.| Tennessee agencies help voters get free IDs ahead of election |

Texas: Centenarians cast their votes by mail and in person | El Paso Co. addresses possibility of Election Day voter fraud | Polling places, voter ID rules for Tuesday | Poll watching and voter protection fight to start Election Day | Does Election Day weather make a difference? | Texas closed more poling places after VRA ruling than any other state | Election judges busy this weekend getting ready | Court orders recount of Hill Co. primary ballots | Over 600 poll workers ready for Tuesday

Utah: Salt Lake Co. clerk advises voters to return their ballots | Election officials anticipate busy polling day

Virginia: 'Cicada voters' face new system for presidential voting in Richmond | Election Day do's and don'ts | Absentee voting in Virginia breaks record  

Washington: State election officials think they may hit record turnout

West Virginia: Political science professors dissect WV's record-breaking early voting | Poll workers help election run smoothly | Flooding forces polling place changes in Kanawha Co.

Wisconsin: The challenge of voting for aging Wisconsin residents | Poll workers receive training and last-minute instructions | Poll watchers are welcome, but must follow strict rules

Wyoming: Most county clerk's offices closed on Tuesday for election| County clerk busy before election

Sunday, 06 November 2016

November 6, 2016

(Editor’s Note: Electionline will be posting Election Dispatches throughout the day on Tuesday November 8. Be sure to check them out at

National News: Some schools, wary of voting disturbances, cancel classes | 'Getting twitchy': Election threats have cyber experts worried | Report: Sources warn of pre-election terror threat in multiple states | Uber adds polling place locator on Election Day | Uber, Google, Zipcar will help you get to the polls | How a hostile nation could disrupt the U.S. election | Cyber 'SWAT' teams gird for Election Day troubles | International election observers head to US polls in bigger numbers this year | Judge denies Dems' request to block RNC poll watching | When your polling place runs out of 'I Voted' stickers--election to customize your own

Alabama: Voting machines: County must pay for upkeep

Alaska: Alaska elections director: Division ready for election | Election FAQ: Selfies, take-backs, guns and more | Early voting numbers on the rise in Alaska

Arizona: Long lines as early-voting locations close | County officials anticipate smooth election | Judge finds no evidence AZ voters will face intimidation | US court block AZ ban on ballot collection; goes to Supreme Court | Arizona can ban ballot harvesting, Supreme Court says | Extra poll workers, computers can't stem long waits | Judge rules evidence lacking in voter intimidation lawsuit

Arkansas: Jefferson Co. constables and deputies to be present on Election Day

California: Counting votes getting under way | LA County just ran an election night simulation. How'd it go? | Sacramento Co. sees increased number of early voters | More Hmong Siskiyou Co. residents allege harassment; say many afraid to vote

Colorado: Judge allows voters to post ballot selfies | Pregnant woman stops by Boulder clerk's office to vote before hitting hospital | What Colorado election officials are doing to keep polling places safe | Students create voter awareness video for native tribe

Connecticut: Voter registrar races uncontested in Danbury area

District of Columbia: Maryland and DC both set records in early voting

Florida: Early voting in Florida will exceed 5M | Early voting concerns causing many to wait | Seminole Co. early voting at record high

Georgia: Georgia smashes early voting record

Idaho: Bannock Co. election officials prepare for Election Day | Many voters frustrated with last-minute polling place change

Illinois: Woman admits voting for dead husband | Anticipated record turnout brings per-vote cost down | Rockford and Winnebago open new polling place

Indiana: Indiana poised for early voting record | Long-time election worker's 1st rule: Vote | Poll workers' paychecks missing information | Election inspector tallying votes one last time | Monroe Co. poll workers will include many teens | Bloomington church polling place opening chapel during voting

Iowa: Voting numbers down despite early voting push

Maine: Behind the scenes: The absentee ballot process

Maryland: Maryland and DC both set records in early voting | Maryland will audit all votes cast in general election | Early voting in Anne Arundel doubles previous record | Early voters show up at the polls in Maryland

Massachusetts: Early voting ends in Mass.; Nearly 1 million ballots cast

Michigan: County clerk shares insights about election fraud | Secretary of state talks election security

Minnesota: Election Day security | Judge hears election judge case | People behind the polls | In final stretch, Minnesota elections offices have longer hours and growing workload

Mississippi: Area clerks: Extra security in place to protect voting process | Rigged vote 'unlikely'

Missouri: Family raises concerns after 90-year-old with Alzheimer's votes | Greene Co. election judges train as Tuesday nears | Multiple checks and security measures protect election fairness | Missouri county clerks warn voters of messages, websites with wrong polling location | Homelessness and disabilities can create barriers on Election Day

Montana: Officials continue preparations ahead of Election Day | Voters advised to hand-deliver remaining absentee ballots | Gallatin Co. adds drive-up option for absentee ballots | Five reminders for Election Day

Nebraska: No do-overs for Nebraskans | If you're planning on voting early in Douglas Co., prepare for long lines

Nevada: More than 57K Clark Co. voters cast ballots on final day of early voting | Random citizens can contest your voting right in Nevada | Allegations of voter fraud | Long lines part of frenetic finish to Nevada's early voting cycle

New Jersey: Atlantic Co. GOP file complaint over polling instructions | County election officials ensure voting is secure

New Mexico: Poll: Toulouse Oliver has substantial lead | NM has rule on poll watchers and challengers

New York: Protecting the vote in Putnam and Dutchess | Local experts weigh-in on terror threat ahead of Election Day | Judge lets ban on selfies remain in NY | NYC BOE prepares for huge turnout | Poll inspectors prepare for busy day | Polling site with candidate's name on it irks NYC voters | Agreement reached on purged voters | Election officials cite fraud safeguards | City braces for BOE problems as Tuesday's vote nears

North Carolina: Gov. Jim Hunt urges extension of early voting hours | Early voting way up: 44 percent cast ballots in Buncombe | Poll monitors, lawyers will be on hand for election | Officials complete recount

Ohio: Surge in early voting has some BOE sites experiencing long lines | Jailed sheriff can still vote--but it's complicated | Ohio mailer has Cuyahoga Co. voters concerned and call the BOE | Locals share concerns about elderly relatives voting | Reissued absentee ballots making their way back to the BOE | Putting on elections is not easy | Cuyahoga Co. early voting running smoothly | New traffic flow expected to improve efficiency at polls | Poll workers can handle troubles | Trumbull Co. voters receive wrong voting info

Oklahoma: Cost limits Oklahoma's early-voting opportunity | Nearly 55K vote early on Thursday in Oklahoma | Election board prepares for Tuesday

Oregon: Oregon asks feds to investigate 'apparent voter suppression' | Late contributions flood into secretary of state race

Pennsylvania: In case Tuesday is 'really dicey,' poll watchers prep | Absentee ballot deadline extended in suburban Philly| Montco extends deadline for accepting absentee ballots | Amid challenges, thousands of Delco voters getting provisional ballots

South Carolina: Richland Co. voting going smoothly ahead of election

South Dakota: Observing South Dakota polling places on Election Day

Tennessee: Tennessee early voting sets new record | TN sets early voting record, but turnout not as strong in cities | Historic election breaks early voting record | Physical disabilities not a deterrent for voters | Legislators teaming up to repeal ballot selfie ban | Blount Co. breaks early voting record | Some officials believe Hamilton Co. needed more early voting sites

Texas: In last day of early voting, Travis, Williamson break turnout records | Travis Co. clerks say they did not get as many early voters as they were hoping for | Early voting numbers see about 36 percent turnout | Record accomplished | Early voters set new record in Brazos Co. | With early voting over, preparation for Election Day begins | Duty done for half of county's voters | 'Super-lines' coming to a polling place near you on Election Day | East Texans react to possible terrorist threat | 41 percent of voters cast early ballots in McLennan Co. | Smith Co. sets new record for early voting | Border early voting surge shatters records| Harris Co. prepares for Election Day | Cox counts the votes on election night | Harris Co. poll workers brace for Election Day

Utah: Election officials urge Utahns to get ballots in, fear long lines on Tuesday | Mail-in ballots have been coming in, and so have the questions

Virginia: No known Election Day threats, SBOE director says | Area officials prepping for Election Day | Prince William Co. faces stress test of post-2012 election | Man with gun outside of Virginia polling place | Retiring Montgomery Co. registrar: It was a 'good ride' | New voting machines in Prince William require you 'mark the vote' | One small-town election has a different look this year in Botetourt Co.

Washington: What happens to your ballot after you vote? | At least 42 percent of Pierce Co. voters have turned in ballots | Early votes arrive as Washington prepares for election night |

West Virginia: Wayne Co. deputy clerk says this election busiest yet

Wisconsin: Wisconsin sets early voting record | GOP leader wants to limit early voting

Wyoming: Secretary of state responds to possible voter suppression| Wyoming led the country in women's rights for decades

Saturday, 05 November 2016

November 5, 2016

(Editor’s Note: Due to the high volume of news stories, electionlineToday will post Sunday November 6 around 10 a.m.)

National News: After election, DHS will work voting machine vendors on cybersecurity | U.S. boosting cyber defenses, but not police presence for election | Lines, be gone: Mapping tech is here to help you vote faster | Poll: Majority of black voters believe ID laws weaken voting power | 46 states request help from Homeland Security | Homeland Security officials 'concerned' about cyber attempts to create confusion on Election Day

Alaska: Alaskans to decide on ballot measure that would tie PFD and voter registration

Arizona: As election nears, volunteers work to protect Native American voting rights | Non-citizen charged with false registration | Study: Number of Arizona polling places has fallen sharply since 2012 | Appeals Court blocks ban on ballot harvesting

Arkansas: Voting machine problems in Pulaski Co. fewer this year

California: California voter registration nearing 20M | San Francisco's greatest vote fraud cases through the years| Poll watchers will themselves be watched | Woman says ballot she got was from 2014 | My dog ate my ballot! | Want a polling place? Make sure someone volunteers to run it | Manhattan Beach may consolidate elections with county

Connecticut: Hartford registrar promises problems a thing of the past | Bracing for the busiest, heaviest election cycle | Poll workers turn fashion police | Election Day registration available

Florida: Miami-Dade SOE: 'Everything we do here is open and transparent' | Ethics complaint filed in Lee Supervisor of Elections race | Early voting swells despite concerns | Brevard Co. stuck on new 'I Voted' stickers | At PBC polls, voter intimidation or free speech? | Vote-by-mail fraud not possible | Woman says someone else voted in her name in Duval | Polling sites sparse for some Osceola Co. voters | Campaign sign fight in Orange Park | How ballots are counted and secured after you vote

Georgia: 5 reasons it's hard to rig an election in Georgia | A record pace as early voting ends | Security at polls tightens

Idaho: Canyon Co. tests voting machines

Illinois: When voting, keep your phone in your pocket | Voting official warns against uncertified observers | Metro East election judge charged with voter fraud | New joint office to streamline early voting, Election Day registration | Early voting records toppled

Indiana: Harrison Co. Dem party sues clerk over voting machine security | Hoosiers break early voting record, near-record turnout in Tippecanoe Co. | All eyes on poll workers | Floyd Co. poll workers ready for another election

Iowa: Des Moines Co. auditor fights against fears of a 'rigged' election

Kansas: Kansas judge strikes state's dual voter registration system | Breaking down felons' right to vote in Kansas

Louisiana: List of voters who used the private voting machine released | VIP voting list more than twice as long as registrar said | Jefferson recuses himself from role in recall

Maine: Question 5 explained |

Maryland: Maryland takes measure to increase voter access | Maryland will audit election results | Write-ins put state's new system to the test

Massachusetts: Cohasset loved early voting | More than 1M vote early in Massachusetts

Michigan: Oakland Co. issues 11 percent more absentee ballots compared to 2012 | Election challengers sign up to watch the polls in Detroit | Justice Dept. watching Michigan on Election Day, but it's largely business as usual | Michigan Dems sue to stop intimidation

Minnesota: With no-excuse absentee, scores of Minnesotans have already voted | How Minnesota has tried to make voting more accessible | Hennepin Co. using iPads for voter check-in

Missouri: Candidates for secretary of state talk qualifications |

Montana: Election office provides top 5 reminders to voters before Election | McCulloch calls GOP chairman's demand 'shameful'

Nevada: Washoe Co. smashes record number of early voters | Registered voters turned away

New Hampshire: Voting inquiry, complaint lines offered on Election Day

New Jersey: Christie administration has 'strong confidence' in NJ ballot security

New Mexico: Cheaters gonna cheat, but in Farmington they'll probably get caught | Cellphone ban at rural polls in NM rankles ACLU

New York: BOE: Ballot bins are secured and delivered | Voter registration issue in Genesee Co. | Election Day monitors urge vigilance

North Carolina: Watauga BOE to re-process ballots after voting machine malfunction | Images released of Cumberland Co. early voting site break-in | Ballot issue corrected in Carteret Co. without any problems | Three-hour wait to vote at NC State location | Judge: NC counties must restore voters removed in 'insane' process

Ohio: Judge issues order to stop harassment | Busy weekend expected at early voting center | Long lines move along with ease | Poll observers rarely find problems in Stark Co. | Ohio federal judge bars voter intimidation as other states consider similar suits | Local counties prepare for Election Day | Voters sent wrong information

Oklahoma: Early voters see long lines

Oregon: Election officials warn of misleading robocalls

Pennsylvania: Authorities investigating voter registration 'irregularities' | Montco. commissioners clash over voting system

South Carolina: Record absentee voting in Charleston Co.

South Dakota: Butte Co. poll workers ready

Tennessee: Shelby Co. voting machines are offline | Naturalized citizen's first vote | Election officials eyeing Election Day | ACLU hits Hargett on purges

Texas: Dead Texans won't be voting officials say | Early voting numbers reach new highs | Woman claims poll worker botched her vote | Records exceeded every day of early voting | Early voting numbers up in Ector Co.| Harris Co. smashes early voting records | Early voting ends the way it began, with long line | Why the voter ID confusion? Because the rules were written at 20th-grade reading level | Texas continues to withhold details of voter education effort | Voting has become more convenient over the years

Vermont: Breaking early voting records in Montpelier | Secretary of state tries to allay fears

Virginia: Can rigged elections happen in Hampton Roads? | Prince William officials offer reminders, tips for voting | Elections offices ready for a smooth day| In Virginia, ex-felons find empowerment in voting booth

Washington: Record voter registration | Ballot blizzard prompts early processing in Walla Walla Co. | Wyman pushes back

West Virginia: Officials preparing for fair, safe, accurate election | Early voting numbers at record highs

Wisconsin: Wisconsin GOP leader wants early voting limits

Wyoming: Secretary of state encourages residents to vote | Murray gets cease-and-desist letter over citizenship proof requirement

Friday, 04 November 2016

November 4, 2016

(Editor’s Note: Due to the high volume of news stories, electionlineToday will post on both Saturday, November 5 and Sunday November 6 around 10 a.m. each day.)

National News: Voter intimidation reports pour into elections watchdog | After Supreme Court decision, advocates turn to technology to protect voting rights | US election: Northern Ireland firm has it boxed off | Signups slow for poll watchers | Cops probably don't have time to arrest you for taking a ballot selfie | How states moved toward stricter voter ID laws | Fight for ballot access moves from courts to polling sites | Rock the Vote to celebrity stunts: Get-out-the-vote efforts run the gamut | Uber, Google want to make it easy to vote | The weirdest polling places in America

Alaska: Early voting holding at busy pace | Strong turnout in Alaska early voting

American Samoa: Judge rejects bid to expand voting rights to America Samoa

Arizona: Questions build over line between fraud prevention, voter intimidation at polls | Judge says holiday registration deadline was OK | Full 9th Circuit to rehear AZ voting law challenge | Democrats, GOP spar in court over polling place behavior

Arkansas: Election commissioner responds to claims of voter intimidation | Investigation of possible Greene Co. voter fraud requested | Lawmakers hold hearing on Arkansas election | Locale's voter surge spurs call for probe

California: Former mayor questions write-in ballot security | Voter phishing a recurring problem | You can watch, but just don't interfere with voters | Yolo Co. elections office hosting election night bash | More than 80 election ballots mysteriously arrive at one address | San Diego church that serves as polling place hands of flyer saying voting Democrat is a sin

Connecticut: State election officials worry about long lines, not rigging

Delaware: Best of both worlds: Poll worker enjoys pay for civic duty

Florida: You can buy your very own voting machine from the 2000 Florida election | Voting rights groups report problems with early, mail ballots | Broward elections supervisor resolves Republican's challenge over mail-in ballots | Officials on watch for voter fraud | Voting groups say Florida leads in calls to election hotline | Ethics complaint filed against Lee Co. election officials | Embattles Broward elections boss to GOP lawyers: We're doing everything by the book | Election officials talk security on election night | Dying man fights to get ballot counted | Complaints at polling location make voters uneasy

Georgia: Even with electronic voting, counting ballots lasts into the night | 1,400 added to Georgia's voter rolls with extension | Mother unable to vote because crying child was 'distracting' | Early voting packed in Chatham Co.

Hawaii: Hawaii election officials boost vigilance

Idaho: Ada Co. tests voting equipment | As Ada Co. officials prepare for the big count, early voter numbers continue to swell

Illinois: Clerk has no fraud concerns | Strick hails voter-registration surge, calls for ID checks to reduce fraud | Conservative group accuses AG of vote-by-mail interference

Indiana: 1 in 4 'suspect' voter forms rejected in Muncie | St. Joe Co. election workers prepare for Tuesday | The price of voting? A long wait

Kansas: Statistician says paperless ballots undermine democracy

Kentucky: Secretary Grimes reminds voters of Election Day do's and don'ts

Louisiana: Jefferson registrar may recuse himself from certifying recall| Jefferson Parish officials among voters who used VIP machine

Maine: Cape Elizabeth High polling place moves after kick ball sets off chain of events

Maryland: Early voting continues to climb | Maryland takes measures to increase voter access | More than 800K Marylanders cast early ballots | Long lines mark end of early voting in Carroll Co.

Massachusetts: Early voting remains popular in Holyoke | Polling place postcards found in trash bin

Michigan: Reminder of the Election Day rules in Michigan | Local county clerks say voting results and ballots will be secure | Absentee voting up in Michigan | Michigan laws does not prohibit guns in polling places

Minnesota: Early voting tops 400K | Elections office busy counting absentee ballots

Missouri: Voter ID debate moves to ballot | Voting equipment aces verification test | No sigh, no problem voting | House opponents diverge on voter ID laws

Montana: Time running out for mail ballots

Nebraska: Election officials prepare for more voter challenges at polls

Nevada: No quick ruling on claim about GOP watchers at Nevada polls | Reno woman felt intimidated when asked for address

New Hampshire: Merrimack expands to three polling sites for Election Day

New Jersey: Number of vote-by-mail ballots could break record

New Mexico: Cell phones not allowed at polls | 34% of Bernalillo Co. voters have cast ballots | Spotlight on secretary of state race | Ad dollars flow in secretary of state race

New York: Local inspector pulls back curtain on Election Day | For 2016, ballot selfies OK in New York, but hide your votes | BOE, police talk Election Day security | Bledi reappointed as elections commissioner | Federal judge upholds ballot selfie ban

North Carolina: Emails show how Republicans lobbied to limit voting hours in North Carolina | How one swing state is responding to 'rigged election' claims | BOE to recount ballots cast at Newport early voting site | Poll law depresses NC black vote even after suit | Three polling sites to be relocated | Voting machine malfunction forces recount | Feds will monitor Forsyth Co. polls on Tuesday | Election preparation on track for Tuesday | Federal officials to monitor polls in 5 NC counties | Woman could be charged for polling place selfie | Voters who registered at the DMV may face Election Day issues

North Dakota: Candidates downplay impact of possible DAPL protestors voting in ND elections

Ohio: Boosters theft impacts elections board too | Washington Co. BOE to hold emergency meeting | Husted talks challenges, security | Election officials warn OU professors against offering students extra credit for voting | Construction won't impact voting

Oklahoma: No write-in voting allowed in state | What you need to know about Oklahoma's 3-day early voting period | Residents turn out for early voting, mail-in ballots set record

Oregon: Secretary of state launches new site to track results | Multnomah Co. rebukes notion of rigged election

Pennsylvania: Meehan claims 'criminal conspiracy' in Delco voter registration probe | Federal judge rejects GOP bid to change poll-watching rules | A kinder, gentler voting system offers relief from hostility | Philadelphia transit agency may try to halt strike on Election Day | MoCo judge: Absentee ballot problem 'has got to be fixed'

South Carolina: Everything you need to know to vote in SC

South Dakota: Clay Co. officials ready for Tuesday

Tennessee: Last day of early voting in Tennessee | Memphis legislator calls for repeal of ballot selfie ban | Fisk, TSU students say voter ID targets students | Shelby Co. election commission breaks down early voting numbers | Early voting wraps up in Madison Co. with unusual end | Wilson Co. sets early voting record | Multiple counties report record early voting turnout | Voters turned away after early voting polls close | Power outage causes lull at early voting site

Texas: Voters turned away over confusion with voter ID law | Travis Co. tops 92 percent voter registration | Early voting record set in Walker Co. | Elections head says voting machines OK | First time voters get more than a sticker at this poll | Early voting in Harris Co. breaks record | Archer Co. voters can have faith in election process

Utah: Eight Utah counties offering same day registration | Utah elections officials: Violence at polls no concern

Vermont: Condos contributes to overseas voting policy recommendations report

Virginia: Half of Smyth precinct to use paper-ballots | With mix of paper ballots and touchscreens, officials say Virginia's voting system is secure | Prince William election officials make changes after hacker tampers with commuter lot's electronic sign

Washington: Whatcom Co. election workers already busy preparing ballots for count

West Virginia: WV on pace to break early voting record | Secretary of state candidates reflect on voter registration postcard controversy

Wisconsin: Winona County seeks strong early voting | Fort Atkinson clerk ready for Election Day | Cybersecurity is focus to protect voter information, track ballots for Elections Commission | The fight against Wisconsin's voter ID law | Who thought up I Voted stickers? | UWGB students to get answers about early voting site, Election Day plans | For first time, Wausau offers 'I Voted' stickers

Thursday, 03 November 2016

November 3, 2016

National News: As calls of a 'rigged' election continue, voting officials highlight open doors | White nationalists plot Election Day show of force | 300 newsrooms sign on to monitor voting problems | Designs, long lines and under-staffing: The problems facing early voters | Why voting technology is stuck in the Stone Age | Court: RNC must detail 'ballot security' efforts | A Kenyan crowdsourcing tool will monitor U.S. election for fraud | Safe to selfie? Courts hear challenges to laws banning ballot photos | Absentee ballot changes look unlikely

Alabama: Merrill: Helping more people vote would 'cheapen the work' of civil rights heroes | Secretary of state confident poll pad will aide voting process

Arizona: Latinos face long lines, false information with early voting underway | Voter fraud unlikely in Coconino Co. | Appeals Court to revisit ballot collection law | Yavapai Co. ready for election | US Appeals Court says Arizona precinct voting rule stands | Secretary of state issues warning about behavior at polls on Election Day

Arkansas: Washington Co. voters: Expect change when you cast your ballot | ACLU seeks voter roll data | Lawmakers hold hearing on election | Polling places prepare for massive voter turnout | Voter sues Jefferson Co. election commissioner

California: West County votes not likely to get 'rigged' | How to cope with that 'too darn long' California ballot | California officials say state has clean elections process | Judge refuses to block ban on ballot selfies | How did an El Dorado Co. ballot end up in Utah? | Ballot selfies and other voting etiquette

Colorado: No clear answer on the ballot selfie law | Rigged election 'impossible' in Pueblo Co.| Bipartisan judges handle 2016 ballots under strict procedures

Connecticut: Connecticut sees surge in voter registration after Facebook push | DPS to increase security for Election Day | Merrill: Intimidation will not be tolerated

District of Columbia: DC Council bill makes voter registration automatic | Georgetown Library set for Election Day despite leak | Non-felon prisoners vote in DC jail

Florida: Supervisor of elections working through ballot issues | Voters turned away from Seminole Co. polling place | Deadline looms for unsigned ballots | Treasure Coast beefs up Nov. 8 voter safety measures | Former felons fight for voting rights | Deal reached after GOP claimed absentee ballots were handled improperly in Broward | Lee Co. cites data error for missing information | Man cuts hands on sign bearing blades at polling place

Georgia: State looks at reports of more voting machines 'flipping' votes | So far, so good | Paulding voters see three additional early voting sites | Voting machines contested by Dems | Hurricane Matthew derails young voter registration drive | Ga. polling place rules on selfies, guns and signs explained |

Idaho: Yes, there has been voter fraud in Idaho | Ada Co. early voting smashes previous record | Residents in Idaho Falls who haven't voted in a while will have to learn new voting technology

Illinois: Judge rejects bid to expand voting rights | Who benefitted from same-day voter registration?

Indiana: Disability rights attorneys on call on Election Day | Long waits for early voting persist in local precincts | Contentious election brings voters out in droves

Kansas: New changes at JoCo voting office | Wichita man can vote after proving parents' citizenship

Louisiana: Early voting ends with heavy turnout in Orleans and Jefferson parishes | Recall leader calls for registrar of voters to step down | Voting rights groups ramp up efforts in Louisiana | 'Super precinct' plays key role in record-breaking turnout | More than half a million ballots already cast in La.

Maine: Maine voters overseas create processing backlog for secretary of state's office | Ballot initiative would let voters rank candidates | Clerks say early voting turnout stronger this year

Maryland: McFaul Center in Bel Air is one of region's busiest for early voting | Intimidation at Howard Co. polling place | MoCo ballot mix-up a 'critical error,' voter says

Massachusetts: ACLU sues Mass. over voter registration deadline | Sherborn announces Election Day food drive | Galvin seeks longer hours for last day of early voting

Minnesota: Fillmore Co. has safeguards | Voters' group challenges polling-place procedure | Judge to hear case by election judges challenging state laws

Mississippi: Hosemann fields election questions | Citizen poll watchers not welcome in Mississippi

Missouri: Social media boosts voter registration | St. Clair Co. blames 'user error' for voting complaints | Secretary of state candidates weigh-in on voter ID | Absentee and early voting brisk around St. Louis region

Montana: Missoula Co. officials working to ensure vote counts are accurate | Mail-in ballot counting procedures in Butte

New Hampshire: Sununu softens voter fraud claims | Steady streams of new-voter signups lead officials to predict big turnout | Clerks hounded by early voting questions | Derry council moves central polling place | Don't be surprised when you see guns at polling places

New Mexico: Taos Co. early voting tops 5K days before election | UNM voting site makes casting ballots easier for students and staff

New York: Rochester's ugly Election Day | Chance of election fraud? Count it out in Erie Co.| Most Onondaga Co. schools closed on Election Day

North Carolina: Judge: NC voter challenge process seems 'insane | DOJ shows interest in NAACP lawsuit challenging NC voter roll purges | Suspect steals coin machine from early voting site | Voting machines not affected by break-in | Elementary school students learn importance of voting | Groups offer transportation to polls | Election organization works to ensure voting runs smoothly | UNCC take advantage of same-day voter registration

North Dakota: UND student leaders push North Dakota voter ID information | State, county officials expect smooth Election Day

Ohio: Voters may request new ballots to make changes | Lucas Co. voters missing ballots can get help

Pennsylvania: Elk Co. election director works to quell election day concerns | Elections office busy as Election Day nears | Intimidation or encouragement?: Mailer tells Pa. residents 'whether or not your vote is public record' | DA Seth Williams says election not 'rigged' but staff on Election Day alert | After Delco raid, focus widens | County prepared for Election Day | Proposed bill would allow 15-day early voting period

Rhode Island: Election officials urge voters to mail ballots soon

South Carolina: Long lines likely at some bulging Greenville Co. polling sites | Absentee voting breaks record in Charleston Co.

South Dakota: Secretary of state expects absentee voting to surpass 2012 | Minnehaha Co. prepares for what could be a record breaking election

Tennessee: Don't write-in wrong says election administrator | Record number of early voters prompts Blount Co. to extend hours | Final hours extended

Texas: AG asks SCOTUS to reinstate voter ID law, congressmen lend support | Bell Co. aims to make sure everyone gets a chance to vote | Voting up 25% in Hays Co. | Voters using provisional ballots | New voter ID laws have caused confusion at the polls | Voters turned away over voter ID confusion | TV, radio PSAs try to clear up voter ID confusion| Voters urged to leave guns at home | Added security precautions for Election Day

U.S. Virgin Islands: Voting machines test  

Utah: Late surge pushes voter registration numbers | Utah officials say no known threat to election

Vermont: Condos doesn't investigate town clerks

Virginia: County registrar debunks election myths| Prosecutors on duty on Election Day | Late absentee ballots sent by mail may not reach registrars by Election Day deadline | York Co. polling location letter providing false information

West Virginia: Early voting heavy as Election Day approaches | Mountain State voters hit the polls early | Washington Co. elections director charged with theft

Wisconsin: How your vote gets counted and why it won't be hacked | Eight 17-year-olds voted illegally in spring elections in Janesville | Wisconsin DOJ to continue polling place monitoring this election

Wyoming: Voting from jail is allowed, but tricky