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Wednesday, 01 February 2017

February 1, 2017

National News: The tale of a presidential falsehood: How voter fraud claim spread like a virus | Voter-fraud activist hedges his claims

Alabama: 'Restore my Vote' rally will focus on voter rights

Arkansas: House votes to revive state's voter ID law | AR House OKs bill to require voter ID at polls

California: Judge says San Diego Co. must change vote counting procedures

Connecticut: Redman completes term as registrar

Guam: Election commission gets budget approved

Illinois: Champaign Co. Dems reviewing precinct consolidation

Nebraska: Local election commissioner thorough in cleaning voter registration rolls

Pennsylvania: Citing conflict of interest, Centre Co. commissioners recuse themselves from elections board

South Carolina: SC House District 84 vacancy creates 'domino effect' | Election official arrested, accused of trying to influence voters | SC poll worker accused of telling people who to vote for

Tennessee: New voter app could bring Chattanooga better communications

Texas: Election changes ahead | Third election complaint filed with secretary of state

Utah: House committee passes bill to extend early voting period

Virginia: Constitutional amendment would strip governor of ability to restore voting rights

Washington: Republicans and Democrats offer competing voting-rights bills in Legislature | Wrong voter pamphlets sent to voters in Lake Stevens

Wyoming: Committee votes down presidential primary bill | House kills bill extending count of absentee ballots