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Thursday, 23 February 2017

February 23, 2017

National News: How politics could put the reliability of future elections at risk | Perez calls president's voter fraud claim 'bunk' | Vice president filling out voter fraud task force | States balk at election system move by DHS

Alabama: Colbert commission will maintain ADA voting machines

Alaska: Ballot selfies bill moves in Alaska

Arkansas: House committee selects voter ID measure as proposed constitutional amendment | Panel endorses bid to add voter ID amendment to constitution

Colorado: County clerk proposes new voting machine lease

Georgia: Grant requested for new voting site for Hogansville |

Guam: GEC staff return from off-island training and certification workshop

Indiana: Voter registration bill moves to Senate | Indiana joins Idaho in claiming DHS tried to hack their election

Iowa: Dallas Co. general election review commission analyzes election error

Kentucky: Elections board approves merger of precincts

Maryland: Public input wanted for proposed election date change in Takoma Park

Mississippi: Pascagoula city council makes decision on polling places

Montana: GOP leader opposes mail ballot for special election | GOP chairman says mail elections hurt Republicans, is accused of voter suppression

Nevada: Motor Voter clears first hurdle

New York: AG says voter fraud a 'non-issue' in NY

North Carolina: Law firm disputes dismissal from NC voter ID case

Ohio: Election board sends voter fraud complaint to prosecutor's office | Grubbe gets the boot

Texas: Delay sought in voter ID hearing | Officials: Voter ID confusion, not voter fraud at issue in election | Human error to blame for 1800 missing votes

U.S. Virgin Islands: In rowdy Senate session, senators keep unified elections board

Utah: Bill protecting voter information held by committee | Lawmakers consider letting voters rank their candidates

Vermont: Ready! Set! Stop! Recount gets called off | How a recount in the Vermont House turned into a 'comedy of errors'

Virginia: Senate passes voter photo ID measure in close vote

Wisconsin: Clerk: City voter turnout 'pretty darn good'