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Wednesday, 01 March 2017

March 1, 2017

National News: After court setbacks, lawmakers push for new voting restrictions

Arkansas: Bill assigns elections board to secretary of state

Florida: Supervisor of elections offers tip for smooth election day in Sarasota Co. | Christina White: Annually handles more than 20 elections in Miami-Dade

Georgia: Ga. license bill tweaked: 'Noncitizen' become 'ineligible voter' | Forsyth commissioners approve new elections headquarters

Indiana: Lake precinct consolidation mandate faces uncertain fate in House

Iowa: House panel debates elections bill

Kentucky: House committee approves special election rule change

Maryland: Washington Co. must move early voting center

Massachusetts: 2 missing words could cost city $9K | Ballot snafu haunts Lynn override vote

Michigan: State finalizes $82M contract for new voting machines | Michigan elections director retiring after 36 years

Mississippi: Early voting, online registration die in committee

New Mexico: A less automatic voter registration bill clears committee

North Carolina: Bill to match jury excuses with voter lists raises concerns

Rhode Island: Elections best-practices task force meets for first time | Cranston police probing general election voting irregularities

Tennessee: Feds charge two TN residents with buying votes in U.S. Senate election

Texas: Hays Co. hears update on errors during November election | Was Texas ID law biased? DOJ stays out of argument | Texas' voter ID law in court after DOJ pulls out

Utah: Voter registration privacy bill goes to full House | Primary may replace caucuses

Virginia: Randy Wertz retires as director of elections

Washington: Senate OKs bill to add hundreds of ballot drop boxes | Shoreline sees higher turnout with pre-paid ballot envelopes |

West Virginia: Secretary of state says staffing just one change since taking office

Wisconsin: Ex-con charged with voting illegally