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Monday, 20 March 2017

March 18-20, 2017

National News: Dem bill would codify elections at critical infrastructure | Same-day registration helped boost turnout

Arizona: Thorpe defends bill to limit student voting, citizen initiatives

Colorado: Tate early-voting cost-saving bill still waiting back stage

Florida: Ballot box blues

Georgia: Judge dismisses suit alleging Ga. wrongly bumped voters off rolls

Guam: Senator proposes doing away with primaries

Hawaii: Lawmakers say mail-in voting could bolster Hawaii's turnout

Idaho: County elections director retires

Illinois: Videos suggest teens on party bus were promised pay for their votes

Indiana: Hammond attorney named to Lake elections board | Miami Co. poll worker surprised with state award

Iowa: JoCo auditor considers run for secretary of state

Kentucky: Bill would allow local option questions on general, primary ballots

Louisiana: Norton launches voter registration campaign

Maine: Maine shoots to 2 in nation for voter turnout

Missouri: Missouri begins voter ID rollout amid questions about money and security

Montana: Lewis & Clark Co. prepares for special election | All-mail election would save Yellowstone Co. $50K

New Hampshire: New report: NH had nation's third-highest turnout | Senate OKs bill to hire full-time election law attorney | Moderator will not conduct voting machine audit

New Mexico: Senate OKs bill to consolidate most local elections, let cities opt out

New York: Advocates urge state lawmakers to budget for voting reforms | Crowds call on Cuomo for voting reform | New Yorkers called on to create new 'I Voted' sticker designs

North Carolina: Local voters falsely accused of fraud seek changes in election protest process

North Dakota: Lawmakers considering changes to the state's voter ID laws

Pennsylvania: Senator proposes auto voter reg | Allegheny Co. election workers may get their first raise in almost a decade | Lawrence now chair of Montco. election board | Dauphin Co. looking to change where people vote

Texas: A Texas woman 'voted like a U.S. citizen.' Only she wasn't

Utah: Report: 42% of voting age population didn't vote | Governor signs bill to cut election wait times

Washington: County makes precinct changes

West Virginia: Lawmakers propose stringent voter ID law