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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

April 19, 2017

Alabama: Special election estimated to cost up to $15M

Florida: Bipartisan effort to help restore ex-felons' rights faster could be in the works for 2018

Georgia: Fulton extends polling hours; DeKalb and Cobb smooth | What happens to your ballot after you cast your vote | Voters frustrated they couldn't vote in special election | Lee named for potential electoral list problem | Hall weighing changes to elections office | Poll theft discussed in private by Cobb commissioners and secretary of state's office officials | Fulton extending voting hours at two polling places | Fulton Co. experiences data issues while counting votes

Hawaii: Hawaii lawmakers considering vote-by-mail bill

Indiana: Indiana cancels nearly half a million voter registrations

Maryland: Conservative group urges Maryland to do more to weed out ineligible voters--or it will sue

Massachusetts: City clerk is looking at busy election season

Mississippi: Election commissioners present plan for precinct consolidation | Poll workers preparing for Meridian municipal elections

Missouri: Voters will be asked to show photo ID starting June 1

Montana: Is there still a chance for mail ballot election? | Mail-in ballots for special election probably won't be voted on again | House speaker kills mail-ballot bill with parliamentary power | Mail-in ballots for special election probably won't be voted on again | Green Party, independents won't be on Montana's special election ballot

Nevada: Clark Co. could switch to vote centers by 2018

New Hampshire: SB3 hearing draws debate over student participation, message sent to young voters | Heated hearing for bill to plug voter 'domicile loophole' | House debates bill that would change voting rights in NH

New York: City, group working on deal for suit over purge of 200K voters | On the heels of the presidential election, there's now a shortage of poll workers

North Carolina: Voting rights group wants Republican voting protests probed | Democracy NC calls for criminal probe of NCGOP for unfounded voter fraud claims

North Dakota: Lawmakers pass voter ID bill, but attorney says it doesn't follow court ruling | North Dakota lawmakers pass voter ID bill

Ohio: E-pollbooks to be demonstrated at area libraries

Tennessee: Mike Walden begins 10th term as election commission chairman

Texas: Nonpartisan group urges Paxton to stop appealing decisions on voter ID laws | Election officials don't believe ad typo affected registrations | Political group files complaint over ballot irregularities in Dallas Co. | Alvin voters warned massive ballot can take 30 minutes to read

U.S. Virgin Islands: Elections board won't certify vote, for now | St. Thomas-St. John district board can't certify special election until Rodriquez de-certified