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Monday, 03 July 2017

July 1-3, 2017

Editor's Note: ElectionlineToday will not publish on Tuesday July 4, but we'll be back on Wednesday July 5, just a bit later than normal, around 8 a.m. Happy 4th of July!

National News: State officials of both parties reject requests for voter info | States push back on voter info request | Black lawmakers press state officials not to give up voter data | Experts warn voter data request could lead to hacks | Asked for voters' data, states give panel a bipartisan 'No' | Civil rights activists raise alarm over DOJ pick | President says states are 'trying to hide' things from his voter fraud commission | President's voting commission asked states to hand over election data. Some are pushing back | House Republicans want to eliminate EAC

Alabama: Merrill holds voter registration and ID drive at Whitlock's General Store | Merrill has questions about voter roll request | Suit seeks to force Alabama to inform people about restored voting rights | Crossover voting will be prohibited during a runoff

Alaska: Alaska elections director says WH commission will get some voter data

Arizona: Arizona will provide voter information to White House as concerns swirl | Sec. Reagan ready to turn over voter rolls

California: Mendocino Co. grand jury recommends faster election results | Bored by state races, young Californians increasingly forsake their right to vote

Colorado: Williams will turn over public voter lists to White House panel

Connecticut: Stamford town clerk allegedly broke voting rules, sources say

District of Columbia: DC says not to White House request for voter data

Florida: Gov. Scott mum on voter inquest | Supervisor of Elections Hays rolling out adopt-a-precinct program | Push to restore Fla. ex-felon voting rights gains steam, but obstacles remain

Georgia: Georgia to share information with presidential commission

Idaho: Idaho reviewing request for voter data

Illinois: Ability to vote compromised for thousands behind bars | Illinois still waiting on White House request | Complaint calls roll in as Illinois awaits request for data | Board of elections commissioners of the City of Chicago met June 13

Indiana: County to get electronic poll books for next election | Voting fraud commission won't get full Indiana data | Lawson withholds info from WH voter fraud commission | Election board plans vote centers

Iowa: Iowa election official says he'll share public information

Kansas: Kobach apologizes for materials in voter lawsuit | Kobach: Kansas won't give Social Security info to Kobach-led voter panel

Kentucky: Grimes: 'Not enough bourbon in Kentucky' to make me release voter data | Governor orders voting rights restored for 284 Kentuckians | Three ex-felons in Pulaski have voting rights restored

Louisiana: Louisiana reviewing request for voter information

Maine: Election fraud panel asks Maine, other states for voter info | Secretary of state releases statement about request for voter data | Dunlap statement on panel's request for voter information

Maryland: President names Marylander with little elections experience to commission | Watchdog urges MD elections officials not to cooperate with WH panel

Massachusetts: Administration wants voter data from Mass. and Mass. is saying no

Michigan: SOS: WH panel hasn't asked for voter information

Minnesota: Simon won't supply voter information to WH panel

Mississippi: Hosemann to presidential commission: Go jump in the Gulf of Mexico

Missouri: Missouri to give commission limited voter details | Republicans pick Burks as recommendation for county clerk

Montana: Montana won't give up private voter info to presidential commission

Nevada: Nevada to hand over some publicly available information

New Hampshire: Sununu, Gardner say state will hand over public information

New Jersey: Losing candidates demand recount in Roselle primary

New Mexico: Toulouse Oliver says she won't give panel voters' info

New York: Nassau Co. election board to publish committee member names | Cuomo won't send voter information to election panel

North Carolina: No voter ID revival before lawmakers left Raleigh | Gov. Cooper comments on voting commission request | NC election officials to turn over public voter data to WH panel

North Dakota: North Dakota law prevents officials from giving voter info to WH commission

Ohio: Ohio will not give private data to election commission | Local governments focus on cybersecurity

Oklahoma: Voting commission will get limited state voter data

Oregon: Oregon secretary of state won't supply voter information | Lawmakers advance special election to budget committee

Pennsylvania: PA to voter-fraud commission: You can pay for voter data like anyone else

Rhode Island: Yet another state is on the brink of enacting automatic voter registration | Automatic voter registration bill advances in RI Legislature | Gorbea responds to Feds' voter data request

South Carolina: No request yet from vote fraud task force for SC voter information | Mount Pleasant man spends hundreds in FOIA bills to uncover state's election hack chatter

South Dakota: Krebs won't share South Dakota data with panel

Tennessee: Tennessee secretary of state refuses to share voter information | Go Vote! Knoxville aims to increase voter turnout

Texas: Texas will release voter data | Judge sentences former mailman to 18 months in prison

U.S. Virgin Islands: In wake of Rodriquez vote, senators ponder elections board reform | Sarauw asks court to compel certification of special election

Utah: Utah won't release private voter data to election commission

Vermont: Official: Bound by law to turn over voter data

Virginia: McAuliffe spurns request for voter data | Von Spakovsky riled Fairfax with voter fraud efforts; president just elevated him | Goldman sues SBOE over registered voters list

Washington: Secretary of state to stick by voter data request--for now | Polls closes for long-time San Juan Co. elections' office employee

West Virginia: Putnam Co. receives new touch-screen voting machines | Officials will assess voter records request | Secretary of state won't give up all data commission wants | State laws may pose stumbling block for voting commission | Clerks, secretary of state clean up voter rolls

Wisconsin: Wisconsin election commission to WH panel: You want voter data? Pay for it