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Monday, 11 September 2017

September 9-11, 2017

National News: Documents released for Tuesday's election commission meeting | Is low-tech the answer to election security? | Kobach-lead federal voter commission prepares for 'first substantively significant' meeting | Democrat to stay on WH voter panel despite calls to leave | Election commission faces public record violation claims | Voter fraud panel, no stranger to controversy, creates another one

Arizona: Reagan unveils real-time voter registration information tool

Arkansas: City, county officials debate purchasing new voting machines

California: West Valley teens travel to Sacramento to advocate for lowering the voting age

Kansas: Idea could make voting easier, but faces Kobach opposition | Official: FBI has not contacted Kansas elections office

Louisiana: Voting precincts to remain unchanged

Maryland: Greenbelt could lower voting age to 16 for local elections | As tragedy struck, Frederick city residents voted during 'surreal' city primary on 9/11

Mississippi: Supervisors, election commissioners look to consolidate voting precincts

New Hampshire: Election integrity commission members accuse NH voters of fraud | Gardner: Attacks obscure voter facts | NH senators say voter fraud panel is using state data to mislead the public | Senators want secretary of state to leave election commission | Gardner rejects calls to resign

New York: County Exec.: Probe needed of 500+ last-minute voter registrations | Do homeless people vote? | Officials push for NYC students to get second day off for an election | Concord HS, Parkview Apartments won't be polling sites

North Carolina: Misleading mailer causes confusion among Craven Co. voters | Court ruling saves early voting in Pitt | Court order lets Cumberland BOE do its job | Durham and state election officials object to NY Times story about Russian hacking

North Dakota: ND won't give voter data to WH panel

Ohio: Democratic elections officials blast own party for 'political theatre' around unlocked voting building | Elections staff updates checklist

Oklahoma: Special election could cost $600K

Oregon: Feds come up with $500 for statewide voter info list

Texas: Appeals court asked to block voter ID law | Texas' losing streak on voter-rights decisions could complicate 2018 primaries

Virginia: Virginia scraps touch-screen voting machines as election looms | Virginia bans touch-screen voting machines over hacking concerns