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Monday, 25 September 2017

September 23-25, 2017

National News: Federal government notifies 21 states of election hacking | DHS tells states about Russian hacking during 2016 election | 10 months after Election Day, feds tell states more about Russian hacking | Amid hacking concerns, states switching back to paper ballots

Alabama: No crossover voting in Tuesday's runoff | Alabama among multiple states notified by government of potential election hacking

Alaska: Russian hackers 'unsuccessfully targeted' Alaska voter database | Q&A: How to vote by mail in Anchorage in 2018

Arizona: Russia tried to hack AZ voter-registration system | GOP rival blasts secretary of state over voter data request

California: Challenges mount as rollout of new California voting overhaul nears | Investigating voter fraud, Riverside Co. DA sought 60-plus search warrants | Secretary of state notified by DHS of unsuccessful attempt by Russians | How LA is thinking it will update your voting experience

Colorado: Russian hackers targeted Colorado voting machines

Connecticut: Feds say Russia tried to hack Connecticut's voter reg system

Delaware: Russia targeted Delaware voter registration system without success

Florida: Online voter registration coming in October

Georgia: Lawmakers begin talks about how to replace Georgia's aging voting machine | Georgia resets rules on voter challenges after town got it wrong | Georgia election officials: State not targeted by Russians

Idaho: Idaho not among the state targeted by hackers

Illinois: County extends hours, sites for NVRD | Change imminent in county clerk's office

Indiana: Indiana not one of the 21 states targeted by hackers in '16 | With federal lawsuit pending, GOP and Dems renew fight over early voting | Republican proposes switch to voting centers in Marion Co.

Iowa: Official: Iowa's elections system targeted, but not breached

Kansas: Kobach criticizes NH election law, but KS officials say the law is much the same | Kobach: Kansas election systems not targeted by hackers | Douglas Co. launches program to inform voters about upcoming elections

Maine: Maine election system not targeted by Russians

Michigan: County precincts get new voting machines | Clerk's office holds voter registration drive at Kennedy HS | Secretary of state says Michigan not targeted by Russians | How Traverse City's coming election works | Macomb Co. can try and oust clerk over residency

Minnesota: Secretary of state: Russians targeted Minnesota elections

Nebraska: Nebraska election systems not targeted in hacking case

New York: Corn maze marks 100 years of women voting in New York | Jennifer DiSomma leaves Suffolk elections board | Absentee ballot counts halted amid fraud allegations

North Carolina: Big bill coming for election equipment | NC elections officials: State not targeted in Russian hack

Ohio: Ohio among states targeted by Russians, but no breach | Cuyahoga Co. to spend $23K to replace doors at BOE

Oregon: Russians tried to hack Oregon election systems in 2016

Pennsylvania: Allegheny Co. elections officials say small number of non-citizens cast ballots

Texas: Hackers targeted secretary of state's website, official says | Vega HS earns top marks as state begins student voting initiative | Austinite joins lawsuit against election commission | Texas to change voting in nursing homes--for one election, by accident | Forecast small turnout leads to reduction in polling places | Polling site a source of conflict in Windcrest

Virginia: Four southwest Virginia counties updating voting machine technology

Washington: Russian hackers tried to access Washington's voting system

Wisconsin: Russian hacking attempt in Wisconsin unsuccessful | Voting rights rally attracts lawmakers from across the state | Wisconsin mulls whether to respond to data request | Wisconsin creating elections security team, plan | Green Bay to move some polling sites due to public school safety