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Tuesday, 03 October 2017

October 3, 2017

National News: US senator seeks cyber info from voting machine makers | Should Election Day be on a weekend? | New document shows inner workings of WH voter fraud probe

Arizona: Dems will try again to overturn 'ballot harvesting' ban

California: Governor signs one, vetoes one of Stern's civic engagement bills

Colorado: Garfield Co. to adjust precinct lines after election

Georgia: ACLU gets involved in county voting issue | Conservative group targets rural Ga. counties over voter rolls | Buckhead resident makes fighting voter apathy his full-time job

Kansas: Historic change may be coming to a ballot near year | GOP candidates for secretary of state respond to ACLU voting rights campaign

Louisiana: Advocates believe Louisiana's voting rights have been under attack | Tufts University studies voter engagement

Mississippi: Lauderdale supervisors approve purchase of new voting equipment | Forrest Co. board of supervisors approve new election commissioner | DeSoto commissioners cancel special election

New Hampshire: Club formed to fix voting system | Second batch of Gardner documents shows many asked him not to release their information to WH panel

Oregon: Elections offices reject votes due to 'non-matching' signatures

Pennsylvania: Berks Co. struggles to find poll workers for Election Day

Tennessee: Secretary of state on hand as Ravenswood students join in voter registration drive

Texas: New voting machines tested

Washington: Rep Rick Larsen talks to students about voting