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Monday, 06 November 2017

November 4-6, 2017

National News: Local voting districts seen as crucial to election security | Voting access is under attack as the countdown to Election Day 2018 begins | WH voter fraud commission appears to have gone dark

Alabama: Fewer crossover voters than estimated

California: Wine Country fires turn Sonoma Co. elections into mail-only contests

Colorado: More than 600K ballots have been cast on Colorado so far

Connecticut: Lack of 'I Voted' stickers for Election Day lamented by women's group

Florida: Felons' rights initiative clears 300K signatures

Georgia: With city elections near, Hall Co. still has no director | Changed voting times in Atlanta may cause confusion

Idaho: Phil McGrane to run for Ada Co. clerk's office | Ada Co. Clerk Chris Rich to retire

Iowa: Some small eastern Iowa communities won't have anyone running for city offices

Kansas: Maintenance workers receive kudos for inventiveness | Do we like voting in autumn better than spring? | Greeley Co. ballots must be reprinted

Louisiana: Rideaux sworn in as acting registrar of voters

Maine: Maine delays start of voter-approved election law | Ranked-choice voting supporters prepare for 'people's veto' | LePage lets bill that would kill ranked choice voting in 2021 become law

Maryland: Laurel BOE demonstrates electronic voting machines | Debate on noncitizens voting has upended College Park elections

Massachusetts: Massachusetts ended its participation in controversial voter fraud system in March | After 'vote-farming' allegations, 6 Boston ballots nullified | Trial likely in lawsuit over Mass. city's election system

Michigan: City voting precincts change

Minnesota: Confusion expected from Queensbury voters looking for polls | The confusion surrounding ranked choice voting

Missouri: New tech at KC polling locations should make Tuesday's election check-in faster | Secretary of state details new voter ID law | Preparations underway for special election

Montana: Drive-up service for mail-in ballots | Voters urged to drop off ballots for election day, too late to mail | Missoula Co. commissioners start process of finding new elections administrator

New Hampshire: His job? Probe NH voter fraud

New Jersey: How secure are NJ's voting machines? | AC mayor alleges widespread voter fraud | Rutgers law students offer free assistance to voters on Election Day

New Mexico: NM credits paper ballots as hacker protection

New York: Ahead of Election Day, comptroller audit highlights BOE dysfunction |'Incompetence' by elections officials is depriving voters' rights, says report | Senator Little wants absentee voting without excuses | De Blasio sending translators to help people vote in election

North Carolina: Polling site software concerns state elections officials | Election software that malfunctioned in Durham gets the go-ahead for NC use | Gastonia native gets ready to oversee first election near Raleigh | Tension between Durham political groups erupts in BOE parking lot

Ohio: Electronic books making debut at polls | Voting equipment packed up for Election Day | Secretary of state makes it easy for voters to view ballots ahead of election day | Interpreter for Mahoning Co. BOE removed, brought back | East Ohio gets ready to vote Tuesday

Oregon: Clatsop Co. considers voter pamphlets in odd-year elections

Pennsylvania: Behind the scenes election night: What to expect | Questions raised about absentee votes at nursing home | Pa. officials still mostly mum on noncitizens registered to vote | Erie may need to find new polling place after storm | A look at 'curb side' voting ahead of Election Day

Texas: Hidalgo Co. voter turnout almost doubled

Utah: Utah Co. has received 50K ballots and expects another 25K

Washington: Elections officials are probing several Wapato ballots