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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

February 17-20, 2018

National News: Russia looms large as US election officials prep for 2018 | Russians indicted in 2016 US election meddling investigation | State elections officials fret over cybersecurity threats | Activists launch voter registration drive at 'Black Panther' screenings | States move to protect voting systems with little help from Congress | Election chiefs 'straddle the line between sounding the alarm and being alarmist' | Election security a high priority--until it comes to paying for new voting machines| State officials say they are told too little about election threats | Republican gains in secretary of state posts jolt Dems | States seek to prevent election hacking

Arizona: Voter registration mix-up lists wrong party for Scottsdale woman

Arkansas: Vote center ordinance gets second reading | Election security scorecard: Arkansas grades between D and F | Lawrence Co. prepares for upcoming election season |Report questions early voting procedure in Searcy Co.

California: Elections dept. seeking vote center workers

Colorado: Longmont Voter Service Center opens Monday

Connecticut: Voting booth to the mailbox: Malloy pushes for electoral reform | Candidates call for stricter absentee ballot oversight

Florida: Lake supervisor of elections to relocate | A new path to restoring Florida felon's voting rights

Georgia: Barrow back campaigning, this time for secretary of state | Gwinnett Co. elections officials seeking poll workers, especially Spanish speakers | Secretary of state's office looking into alleged vote-buying in Milton | Kemp faces new voter security questions amid Russia probe

Illinois: County officials say local election system secure | Aging equipment could threaten future Illinois elections | Chicago ID card would be valid voter identification | Early voting in Lake Co. gets greenlight after postponement | Effingham Co. considers fewer election judges

Indiana: All Greater Lafayette public high schools will be vote centers for a day

Kentucky: Secretary of state responds to poor election security grade

Maine: Maine ranked-choice voting backers file suit to ensure system is used in June | Maine Dems split on value of ranked-choice voting lawsuit | Bill would make it harder to get citizen questions on Maine ballot

Massachusetts: Amherst, Hadley considering change in the way residents vote

Michigan: Proposed constitutional amendment would streamline voter registration

Minnesota: Supreme Court will consider case involving polling place attire | Poll equipment grant helps to upgrade devices | Minn. election chief among those straddling line between sounding alarm and being alarmist | Commissioners consider voting equipment grant

Montana: Stapleton updates review process for problematic mail ballots

Nevada: Carson City's new voting machines simple to use

New Mexico: Wife of Espanola candidate disputes voter fraud charges

New York: Kennedy delays plans to withhold Suffolk election workers' pay

North Carolina: AP Explains: Why is NC election board fight still unsettled? | Confusion over election districts could have consequences

North Dakota: Al Jaeger defends ND's protective measures for election results

Ohio: Debate over voting machine replacement continues in Ohio | Officials say Ohio's voting systems are secure from breach

Oregon: Richardson gets classified briefing on Russian election meddling

Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania moves back towards paper ballots | Second polling location to be opened in area

South Carolina: Orangeburg Co. special election revealed voting problems | Local election officials taking meddling threat 'seriously'

Tennessee: US Rep. Jim Cooper calls for $28M to address hacking threat for TN voting system | Fearing more meddling, Dems go back to paper ballot push | New actions against ranked choice voting | Memphis City council quietly works on anti-instant runoffs bill

Texas: Lubbock Co. elections offices provides pro-tips ahead of early voting | Texans aren't great voters, but they are good neighbors, study finds | Mail-in ballot confusion frustrates local Democratic retirees | Report: Texas gets a 'D' grade for election security | Harvey looms over Texas primary, but effect may be minimal | Voter fraud gaining more attention in Valley

Washington: Senate plan would block the public from some voter data | Democrats seek automatic and day-of voter registration

West Virginia: Senate passes election vacancy bill that Justice vetoed last year

Wisconsin: Clerks test new voting machines in preparation for Tuesday's primary | Dodge Co. to use new voting machines Tuesday | Voter IDs for students available at two sites on campus | Security of Wisconsin's election system | Elections commission warns clerks of primary election weather problems | Town of Madison offers first bilingual ballots in Dane Co. | Wisconsin elections officials prepare for bad weather | State officials promise election is secure on two-year anniversary of voter ID | Fox Crossing moves polling place | Winter weather won't deter Tuesday's election in Eau Claire

Wyoming: GOP considers Murray replacement with election looming