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Thursday, 01 March 2018

March 1, 2018

National News: Russia's sights are set on US elections. Can states secure their voting systems in time? | 1 State? 7 States? Uncertainty persists about Russian cyberattacks on US election | Argument analysis: Justices debate decorum, line-drawing at 'political' apparel at the polls | Justices disturbed with law limiting apparel at voting booths, struggle with solution | Senate DHS reauthorization bill likely to streamline oversight, include election security

Alabama: Merrill: 'The threat is real'

Alaska: Alaskan election officials question reports of breach

California: New California law to expand youth voter participation | NorCal county registrars say hacking won't happen here

Colorado: Secretary of state explains primary elections to CCRW

Florida: Poll: Floridians strongly support voting rights for felons

Georgia: Lawmakers pass bill on paper ballots

Guam: US Homeland Security assisting Guam election commission

Hawaii: Lawmakers consider conducting Hawaii's election entirely by mail

Illinois: Illinois protecting against Russian election tampering

Indiana: May primary oversight debated in Porter Co.

Iowa: Sec. of state urges voter readiness

Louisiana: Governor joins lawmakers calling for secretary of state to resign

Maine: Secretary of state talks of 'strange journey' on president's voter fraud panel | Dunlap scoffs at voter fraud, vows to make ranked choice voting work if needed

Minnesota: Supreme Court debates voter apparel law | US Supreme Court takes up Minnesota voter apparel case | Justices disturbed with law limiting apparel at voting booths, struggle with solution

Mississippi: Voting bill dies

New York: Attorney speaks about voter suppression issues in the US

North Carolina: Swain Co. responds to election director lawsuit

Ohio: Cuyahoga Co. BOE announces new Parma Heights polling location

Pennsylvania: State disputed claim 100K noncitizens registered to vote

South Dakota: Legislative panel works through 12 election bills

Texas: State, federal officials deny Russians compromised Texas voting system | County sees uptick in voting numbers | Record turnout in Hays Co. for early voting

Utah: San Juan Co. asks court to pause redistricting that would give more political power to Navajo voters | Signature gatherers being charged with forging signatures on statewide ballot initiatives

Washington: Spokane Co. struggles to comply with new ballot box law

West Virginia: Putnam voters will be able to try new voting machines at libraries

Wisconsin: State election officials respond to report alleging voting systems compromised by Russia | Elections commission, state leaders react to alleged hacking

Wyoming: Solution needed for aging voting machines | North Casper will get its polling place back