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Monday, 25 June 2018

June 23-25, 2018

National News: How voting laws have changed since 2016

Alabama: Seven ways Alabama has made it harder to vote

Alaska: Jeremy Johnson: Eagerly awaiting election day, every day

Arizona: Voter registration drive aims to sign up underrepresented groups

Arkansas: Voting machine upgrades cause issues between county, state

California: In two years, how you vote in LA Co. will change | Yolo election officials say voter turnout did increase

Colorado: Don't say CO election officials aren't trying to prevent voting errors

Connecticut: Lawmakers weigh whether to override any vetoes | Manchester leaders favor polling place revival after complaints

Florida: Clay Co. SOE office seeks bilingual workers for upcoming elections | Hundreds attend forum to restore felon voting rights | Collier Co. announces precinct changes

Georgia: Fulton parents raise safety concerns with polling places in schools

Hawaii: Hanabusa calls for protection of Puna voters | Closed voting sites and early absentee ballots raise concerns in Puna

Illinois: Illinois finalizes plans to prevent another Russian hack

Kansas: Federal court ruling makes it easier to vote in Kansas | Secretary of state candidates divided on voter registration lawsuit | Gubernatorial candidate calls for end of Crosscheck

Kentucky: Grimes to send postcard to no-show registered voters asking for address check

Louisiana: Delay to choose company to replace Louisiana voting machines

Maine: Ranked-choice voting fans hope Maine's experiment pays off | Historic ranked-choice vote may have changed perceptions, but not outcomes | Lessons learned, cost of ranked-choice voting

Maryland: Some address changes, party changes not processed | Party, address changes for more than 18K voters weren't recorded | Panel to hold hearing on voter registration error | Early voting up 56 percent over 2014

Massachusetts: In bid for 7th term, Galvin clarifies history of support for same-day registration

Michigan: Michigan upgrades election security for 2018 | Cost to keep Ottawa Co. voting will be spread among local municipalities | Secretary of state candidate Jocelyn Benson talks election security

Minnesota: Interest in ranked-choice voting surges

Missouri: St. Louis to be site of election security summit

Nevada: New voting equipment survives first test | Nye Co. candidate wants recount

New York: One polling place per township on Tuesday

North Carolina: Republicans want lawmakers, not governor to decide who oversees elections | New law will likely result in Forsyth trimming list of early voting sites

South Carolina: Voting machine vendor treated SC election official, others to expensive trips

South Dakota: Auditor candidates differ on election night approaches

Texas: Salvadoran immigrant indicted for voter fraud in Texas

U.S. Virgin Islands: Unified elections board names officers, then divides into districts

Utah: After lawsuits, watchdog groups to monitor San Juan Co. elections | Impromptu voting locations being arranged due to undelivered ballots

Vermont: Secretary of state discusses election security testimony

Virginia: Tazewell advancing plan to consolidate several voting precincts | Henry Co. voters reassigned after precinct problem

Wisconsin: State, DOJ reach agreement ensuring electronic absentee ballots | City will consider moving polling locations out of schools