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Thursday, 19 July 2018

July 19, 2018

National News: Facing one troubling revelation after another, election officials work to prevent a 'digital Watergate' | Gaps remain in election security 4 months before midterms | Robocall company exposes hundreds of thousands of voter records | President's intel chiefs fight Russia's election interference--with or without him | Michelle Obama, Tom Hanks, Lin Manuel Miranda team up for voter registration effort | Election security bill picks up new support in Senate

Alabama: Possible crossover issues, no voting machine glitches | Alabama investigating absentee votes in Black Belt | Secretary of state explains reason for voting issues in Montgomery

Arizona: Study: Arizona ranks 43 in voter turnout; minorities, youth & poor participate least

Arkansas: Washington Co. ramps up election security | Could voting machines in our region be hacked? | Wash. Co. absentee voters to see ballot changes

California: California spends millions, enacts new law to strengthen election security | You won't have to put a stamp on your ballot starting in 2019 | California spends millions to secure elections

Colorado: Secretary of state candidates will be talking about cybersecurity a lot this fall

Delaware: State misses target for releasing voting machine bid info

Florida: Amid cyber-worries, election tensions persist between counties and state | Russia worries loom as Florida readies cybersecurity grant money | Some polling places moved for 2018

Georgia: Temporary polling places issued for some Chatham Co. voters

Guam: Election commission increases number of ballots to 170K

Illinois: Election hacking leaves Illinois voters uneasy | DuPage Co. election commission director abruptly resigns

Indiana: Congressional report lists Indiana as vulnerable to election system attack

Kansas: Election commissioner: 'Yelling obscenities at staff of this office, it is certainly not productive'

Louisiana: Crow, Free first to qualify for secretary of state race

Maine: Federal voter fraud commission documents finally headed to Maine secretary of state | After 2 court orders, Maine's member of voter fraud panel is getting documents he wanted

Minnesota: Simon: President 'made us less safe'

Mississippi: Lincoln Co. voting machines are not hackable

Missouri: Boone Co. election security--protecting polls from hackers & threats

Nebraska: Omaha-based voting machine company denies Russian hacking

New Hampshire: State receives $3.1M federal election security grant

New York: NY taking added steps to protect voting system | Ulster Co. elections commissioners reappointed

North Carolina: Elections board approves early voting schedule | Dare elections board fails to agree on early voting plan | One-stop voting plan mulled | Early voting approved without WSSU | New law increases county's cost for early voting | Forsyth Co. BOE approves early voting sites | Alamance Co. election board picks officers

Ohio: Ohio gets $12.1M to make sure state election system is protected

Oklahoma: OK accepts federal election money, forgoes security scan| Election board talks voter, ballot security

U.S. Virgin Islands: Despite delays, more than 300 come out for early voting in both districts

Washington: Primary ballots going out today, postage included

Wisconsin: Elections commission moves forward with plans for election security