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Tuesday, 11 September 2018

September 11, 2018

National News: How can election groups get out the vote when just half of Americans say the process is 'fair and open' | Election security a 'priority' DHS official tells states at Missouri summit | On the sidelines of democracy: Exploring why so many Americans don't vote | Election officials work to protect against hacking, and bolster voter confidence | Better cooperation between states an US can help safeguard midterm elections, officials say

Tech News: What election security funding means for state and local CIOs

Arizona: Hearing set over law barring collection of mail-in ballots

Arkansas: Poll: Overwhelming support for voter ID | Pine Bluff airing out | Voting centers established in Craighead Co.

Colorado: Pueblo art project stresses importance of voting

Delaware: Petition to audit primary election results fails to delay certification

Florida: Ex-felons in Florida could get their voting rights back sooner

Georgia: Judge will decide whether to order Ga. voters to use paper ballots | Ga. will keep using inaccurate voter registration forms ahead of midterms | Election error may have cost Ga. representative his race | Voter registration error exposed 14 years later

Guam: GEC postpones tabulation of absentee, provisional ballots

Indiana: Counties urged to switch to voting machines with paper trails | Cass Co. voting systems pass test

Louisiana: Secretary of state candidate asking for freezing of voting machine contract process

Massachusetts: Mass. elections chief investigating Lowell and Lawrence | Secretary of state seizing control of Lowell, Lawrence election offices | Concord sees significant turnout increase in primary

Mississippi: Hosemann to host voting forum on Tuesday

Missouri: Better cooperation between states an US can help safeguard midterm elections, officials say

New Hampshire: Hearing on SB3 wraps up | Behind the scenes: A hidden routine for secret ballots in Concord | New Hampshire has the third latest state primary date in country | NH primary election hotline for voters

New Jersey: Dems' bill pushes Murphy to move faster on new voting machines

New Mexico: Toulouse Oliver stands firm on straight-ticket voting | Straight party issue spurs Libertarian to run for secretary of state

New York: Warren Co. deals with voting machine problems | Local lawmaker, sheriffs oppose sex offender voting in schools

North Carolina: Does requiring a photo ID to vote discriminate against minorities? NC leaders weigh in | North Carolina DMV also receives voting records subpoena

North Dakota: Appeals court hearing arguments on voter ID

Rhode Island: RI readies for Wednesday primary | Rare Wednesday vote could influence turnout in RI primaries

Texas: Online voter registration taking baby steps in Texas | Election volunteers playing vital role in Nacogdoches Co. election process

Virginia: Montgomery Co. group helps voters get photo IDs | Reports finds problems with Va. elections systems

Wisconsin: Eau Clair Co. clerk asks for $10K for more election ballots