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January 5, 2012

California: Cash crunch puts California in the cheap seats in 2012 | No money for neighborhood council elections

Colorado: Clerk seeks comments on mail-in primary

Connecticut: Ward fighting on two fronts with Norwich Dems

District of Columbia: Resignation will cost D.C.

Florida: Florida early voting limits could negatively affect voters | Legislator files bill to reverse controversial measures | Businessman eyes top spot at Manatee elections office

Georgia: Rockdale election board considers 8 for at-large position | Potential election date up in the air

Idaho: Cassia County may qualify for election assistance

Illinois: Enrollment for voting by mail from college

Indiana: Judge: Incumbent wins mayoral race by 14 votes | County consolidates voting locations for 2012 elections

Iowa: Linn County's new election map is officially OK with the state

Louisiana: Marx won't call meeting to fix voting problem

Massachusetts: Ware to consider backing legislation changing how Massachusetts awards Electoral College votes | 5K North voters to get new precincts

Michigan: Shelby, state at odds over ballot issue | Township clerk works to avoid confusion during primary

Montana: Helena residents sound off on postal consolidations

Nebraska: Proposed voter ID bill meets opposition | Voter ID bill creates heavy debate

New Jersey: Wildwood Crest to move elections to November to save money

North Carolina: Lawmakers may try to override veto of voter ID bill

Ohio: Summit elections board seeks more funds for first quarter

Oklahoma: Mock election planned for county voters next week

Oregon: Took kit presented by secretary of state touts civics education

South Carolina: Counties tally up cost of GOP primary | AG to appeal voter ID ruling | GOP lacks money to pay for primary | Franklin County hires new elections superintendent

Tennessee: More than 9,000 voter IDs issued since July

Texas: Dayton may move polls from city hall to community center

Wisconsin: La Crosse County announces voter ID education campaign | Local groups raise awareness about voter ID laws