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August 4-6, 2012

National News: Could tougher voting laws squelch the youth vote? | In Ohio and elsewhere, battles over state voting laws head to court | Mass voter registration effort criticized | Romney campaign jabs at Obama over voting rights suit | Florida, Texas and Alabama challenge 1965 Voting Rights Act

Alabama: Fight brews over voter ID

Arizona: State judge not buying arguments by foes of open primary ballot measure | Election dustups could ruffle Bennett's ambitions | Recorder's office seeks public assistance in tracking early ballots

Arkansas: Election commission chooses Burdette as new 'election central'

California: UC students push for election-day voter registration | Voting by mail jumps, altering campaigns

Colorado: Inactive voters won't get mail-in ballots

Connecticut: Gomes' complaint alleges absentee ballot abuses

Florida: Thaxton looks at 2006 election hopes of unseating Dent | Polls open early, but more Tampa Bay voters choose the mail-in option | Florida falls flat when it comes to rules for tracking paper ballots after elections | Early voting smooth in PBC despite Delray Beach mix-up | Hernando supervisor of elections candidate says he would refuse part of his salary | Two running for supervisor of elections | Bennett and three others seek supervisor nomination | Hill Co. woman plaintiff in voter purge lawsuit | Polk gearing up for election

Georgia: Alto Park precinct votes retrieved from machine | Little-known KSU building houses elections nerve center | Kemp criticizes Fulton County voting process

Hawaii: Voting machines tested one more time before next week's primary

Kansas: Voter ID questions continue | Kobach: Counties seek ways to boost turnout

Louisiana: Registrar to cut inactive voters

Maine: Augusta voters to try Cony HS as polling place in fall

Michigan: Write-in votes could slow count | Southfield clerk readies for election

Minnesota: Polling places changing

Missouri: Poll workers prepare for primaries

New Hampshire: Voter ID law assistance offered

North Carolina: Elections board will debate early voting sites on Monday

Ohio: New state voting laws cause controversy; critics fear turnout will suffer | Thousands of ballots are disqualified each year by Ohio | Summit elections board fine-tunes cuts in polling sites

Pennsylvania: Monroe County prepares for voter ID law | Getting to voter ID centers is a hardship and a haul for low-income elderly | Rendell: Pa. voter ID law 'very serious' | Absentee ballots may offer a way around Pa.'s voter ID law | Size of voter ID budget debated | Survey cites difficulty in getting Pa. voter ID

Rhode Island: RI issues free voter ID's for elections

South Carolina: Concerns about S.C. voting machines

Tennessee: Election attorney says recounts rare, expensive | Election officials admit to mistake with voter's ballot at Caton's Chapel | Close election results won't automatically be recounted | Vital asks for recount after ballot counting error | Election officials walk fine line between donations, being fair

Texas: State to appeal federal ruling blocking some registration rules

Virginia: Va. board to meet on voter mailings

Washington: Pierce County says a few voters' pamphlets are incomplete | New ballot drop boxes for late voters