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August 11-13, 2012

National News: Voting ID law: Necessity or burden? | New database of US voter fraud finds no evidence that photo ID laws are needed | Election day impersonation, an impetus for voter laws, a rarity, data show | Poll: Voter ID laws have support of majority of Americans | Communities find relief from Voting Rights Act

Alabama: Worley still waiting for trial | Candidates hope to solve River Falls confusion

Arizona: County elections chief talks voting process

California: Corona store collects cards and voter registration worker | Testimony begins in hearing on voter fraud, perjury charges against Alacron | Nathan Hale work shifts polling place to Ocean Beach

Connecticut: Windham adds 3rd polling place | Software glitch confuses New Haven voters

Florida: No audit for ballot error incident | Democrats seek Hillsborough elections supervisor post | Nassau voter wants to know why he received 2 extra ballot apps | Voters will find longer primary ballot | Columbia County correcting ballot mixup

Georgia: Voting machines gear-up for tune-up | Absentee voting draws fresh scrutiny in Phenix City | Early voting for runoff election begins Monday | State secretary turns up heat over election problems | For many Middle Georgia counties, new round of voting bekons

Guam: Election commission met to discuss provisional ballots

Hawaii: Abercrombie orders voting extension for Big Island polling places | First results released 2 hours after schedule closing | Rocky start for some polling places | Volunteers bring in the polling supplies | Elections officials brace for voters at polls Saturday | Record number of voters cast their ballots early for primary | Early voting on the upswing, boosted by more mail-in balloting | Abercrombie extends voting on Hawaii after delays | Glitches plague Big Isle polls | Abercrombie explains Big Island polling place issues

Illinois: Richland County listed in violation of National Voter Registration Act

Iowa: Iowa agent hired to chase voter fraud | Iowa voter registration controversy | Poll workers needed in Black Hawk County

Kansas: Two state House races await provisional ballot counts | Commission race left off ballot

Kentucky: Grimes files lawsuit to protect military voters

Maine: Study: Voter ID laws target minor problems

Massachusetts: Voters suit filer not registered? | Voting fraud allegations in E. Longmeadow

Michigan: Election reports error-free, canvassers report | Clerk says faulty absentee ballots delayed vote count | Reports of confusion, frustration over voter ID law after Tuesday primary

Minnesota: Changes to polling places will shape primary

Mississippi: Voter ID unlikely for November election

Missouri: County used more electronic poll books for Tuesday's election

New Jersey: Warren County freeholders urged to replace board of elections

New Mexico: Voter purge hits active voters

North Carolina: Redistricting, referendums produce profusion of ballots | Brown sworn in as new BOE member

Ohio: Ohio eases voter registration updates | Husted may review early-hours voting rule

Pennsylvania: Voter ID case puts spotlight on Pa. judge | Poll finds support for voter ID but little awareness | Commonwealth Court to rule on Pa. voter ID law this week | Author hints Pa. voter ID foes trying to hide something | Clergy rally in Philly against voter ID law | Rep. Kotick pushing for postal voting legislation | Clinic helps locals obtain voter ID

South Carolina: Judges split on ruling in voter ID case

Tennessee: Seven votes tossed in August election for no voter ID | Trial to start for woman charged in murder of Monroe County election official

Texas: Ruling on voter law expected this week | Time short to plan Laguna Madre election

Virginia: Virginia making progress ID'ing deceased voters | Fairfax County working to remove more than 1K deceased from voter rolls

Washington: Secretary of state stops in Port Townsend on farewell tour