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August 24, 2012

National News: Counting votes is tricky business | Pre-election legal battles target voting rules | Activist officials lead voter ID charge

Alabama: Seven states backing Shelby Couty in appeal of voting rights to the U.S. Supreme Court | Elections officials monitoring Tropical Storm Isaac | Some confused by sites for Northport polls

California: For first time, Californians will be able to register to vote online | Senate OKs Calif. election-day voter sign up | Los Altos Hills cancels election | Dems push to allow Election Day postmark | Last-minute Calif. bill would allow later mail-in ballots

Colorado: Gessler asks noncitizen voters to withdraw

Florida: Elections office wraps up primary | Election night delays explained | Rock the Vote brings voter registration to Tampa Bay youth | Over objection, Fla. asks court to approve early voting plan | Holland's plan to move elections office from Gateway could be a winner | Manual audit published by elections supervisor | Florida to face stiffer RNC penalties if it moves up primary date again

Georgia: With Sumbry out, Phenix City election officials to mark through 5K ballots

Hawaii: Tributes follow death of fired election worker

Indiana: Election board fails to agree on early voting sites | Lawsuit claims man was barred from polling place in violation of Indiana gun law

Iowa: Secretary of state defends change in eletction rules | Secretary of state says rules provide more due process

Maine: Speakers at Augusta forum unite against voter ID requirements

Maryland: Online ballot marking for absentee voters approved but potential for fraud questioned

Michigan: Local governments ask to be reimbursed for special election costs

Minnesota: Former Minn. secretary of state advocates for voter ID amendment | Hopkins expects $2400 more in election costs if voter photo ID passes

Nevada: Enthusiasim lacking despite Tagalog ballots

New Mexico: Voter registration cards now abundant | Secretary of state to serve as acting NM governor

North Carolina: Cumberland County board of elections not conducting door-to-door registration drive

Ohio: Ohio's early voting hours get mixed review | Election officials reinstated amid early-voting hours battle | Poll workers followed the rules, elections board says | Criminal inquiry sought for ballot signatures

Pennsylvania: Voter ID standoff | Pa. Supreme Court moves voter ID appeal up on its schedule | Colleague slaps voter ID sponsor | Government and community leaders urge voters to prepare for new voter ID law

Rhode Island: Secretary of state says voter fraud claims are 'concerning' | Gemma sets up 'tip hotline' in voter fraud probe | Mail ballot voting increases after law eases restrictions

South Dakota: Secretary of state publishes 2012 ballot questions online

Texas: Constable files suit over election results

Wisconsin: Ald. Coggs unhappy with Van Hollen effort on voter ID

Wyoming: Ballot error throws election results in to question