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September 1-4, 2012

National News: Voter ID laws an extra challenge for Asian Americans | Dems release voter registration apps, including open source version | Voter ID and early voting cases heat up in courts across the country

Alabama: Alabama AG looking into Uniontown election issues | Lee Co. helps students vote, brings registrars to campus | Alabama GOP leaders: 'Voter fraud is alive and well'

Arizona: More Maricopa County voters signed up to vote early | Court says 'top two' should be on November ballot

California: Bill extends Calif. vote-counting deadline

Colorado: Search for illegal voters not finding much | Voter registration now possible on mobile devices | Clerk calls primary 'the election from hell,' says she won't step down despite report

Connecticut: Merrill draws precincts for primary audit

Florida: Julien's claim of absentee ballot fraud focuses on nursing homes | Changes to voting rules still mired in controversy | Benard files suit to overturn primary result | Governor eases stance on Keys election supervisor

Georia: Despite voter ID law, minority turnout up in Georgia | Stephens County approves consolidated polling places

Guam: Turnout lower than expected; tabulation goes into early hours | GEC to address problems: Officials work to ensure ballots, phones ready

Hawaii: Hawaii council chair defends himself against ethics complaint

Illinois: Advocates urge voters to update registration

Iowa: Do Iowans with disabilities still face voting barriers? | Iowa Dems tout 'Be the First' | More Iowans planning to vote early

Massachusetts: Clerks seek to clear confusion over next week's state primary | Hudson continues to be largest town to hand count votes | Group investigating possible voter fraud in Brimfield

Mississippi: Texas voter ID ruling's impact on Mississippi unclear | Hosemann studying Texas voter ID case

Nebraska: Small Neb. counties report more voters than eligible populations due to lengthy process to take voters off the rolls

New Hampshire: For poll workers, the time-consuming details of voter ID law are of concern

New York: Bad election notices will send voters to wrong polling places

North Carolina: Group says it found 30K dead NC registered to vote | New Hanover Co. discusses polling place signage

Ohio: Absentee ballots are in the mail | Elections board asks for increase in budget | Judge OKs Ohio's early voting on weekend before election | Elections board should internally handle complaints about employees, Husted rules | Fired Montgomery Co. elections workers: We're not heroes

Oklahoma: Oklahoma voter ID law different from other states, experts say | Clerk candidates want recount

Oregon: Clerk forum cordial despite differences

Pennsylvania: Voter ID system changed for state's oldest residents | Voter ID odyssey by woman 105, triggers change | Leeway for how names conform on voter IDs | Pennsylvanians' path to voter ID not without glitches | Voter ID law frustrates Point Park students

South Carolina: South Carolina voter ID law trial winds down | Voter ID trial phase closes with questions about how parts of law will work | Voter ID takes some hits in court

South Dakota: Human error caused election errors

Tennessee: Election commission to consider later hours at early voting site | Election officials confront big mess

Texas: Historic voting box in hands of ex-Hurst mayor | Current maps will be used for the coming election | County pushes super precincts

U.S. Virgin Islands: Election officials in high gear for primary

Utah: Vote-by-mail campaign leaves some voters irate | Voting machines the first to go to Davis County's new building

Vermont: Election reporting proposal meets resistance from town clerks who prefer to work with AP

Virginia: New voter ID law with provisional ballot option could cause election nightmare | Virginia could host election nightmare | Fairfax County gets equipped for election day

Wisconsin: Future of Wisconsin voter ID law could hinge on Texas case | Voting ballots a hurdle for non-English speakers | Board OKs change in voter ID