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October 4, 2012

National News: Absentee ballots gain popularity despite warnings of potential voter fraud | Battle continues on who can vote and how

Alaska: Complaint says district broke election laws

Arkansas: Pine Bluff election moves forward in 2012 | Faulkner County to have off-site early voting for the first time in history

California: Sacramento County will use machines to count votes | Vote counting open to public | More thank 200K use online voter registration in first two weeks | Online voter registration hugely popular | Voter fraud complaints in Riverside County probed | Online registration boosts voter rolls sharply, officials say

Colorado: Voters who answered citizenship check get thanks

Connecticut: State investigating complaint by West Hartford registrar

Florida: FDLE launches criminal investigation into voter registration forms by GOP vendor | Suspect voter registrations in Broward? Elections chief won't say | Fla. elections supervisors ordered to review GOP voter forms for possible fraud | Pro-Obama campaign, Pasco elections chief spar over voting information | Robo voter calls causing confusion at elections office | Huge ballot likely to test voters' concentration, patience | Elections officials told to save docs, prepare for court

Georgia: Decision pending on alleged election fraud

Hawaii: State takes over Big Island elections

Illinois: If Illinois had a voter ID law, 685K residents could not vote | Thousands of Chicago immigrants get help registering to vote | County has nearly 6K 'inactive' voters

Iowa: Schultz blasts audit request

Kansas: Activists say they'll seek to recall Kobach | Kobach: Only public high school IDs valid for voting

Louisiana: New, smaller districts create voting machine shortage

Massachusetts: Gloucester's Ward 2 voters to share polling place

Michigan: Johnson asks judge to excuse her from court hearing | Charlotte's absentee voters mistakenly told to mail ballots to West Bloomfield address | Voters should ignore citizenship question on ballot, clerk says

Minnesota: Some black leaders say goal of voter ID requirement to suppres vote

Mississippi: DOJ's voter ID request criticized | Delay in Hinds county absentee voting | Hosemann wants military absentee voting extended for three counties

Nevada: Delays in online voter registration system

New Hampshire: Town will use optical scanner on Election Day | Clinton criticizes NH voter ID law in UNH speech

New Jersey: Bogus emails confusing NJ voters

New York: Training video created for election judges | Chautauqua County BOE enhances voter language access

North Carolina: Raleigh voter found party affiliation changed | Forsyth Co. judge dismisses lawsuit against elections chief | 163 deceased citizens remain on county voter rolls | Gaston's elections director: 'I like to be prepared'

Ohio: Ohio State email can serve as election ID for students | Ballot's font size required by law

Oklahoma: OSB tests new voting machines | Voting for the blind now easier with new machines

Pennsylvania: Commissioners briefed on Election Day readiness | After ruling, Pa. scrambles to pull voter ID ads | Pa. voter ID law delay prompts outreach shifts | Voter ID education push gets extra time | Ruling on voter ID law draws positive reaction | Election board shifts Oxford polls

Tennessee: Poll procedures still worry voters | Options cited for new voter ID law | TN voter ID laws should be removed, attorney says in emergency appeal | Elections chief: voters getting message about ID law | First-time TN voters face challenges | Judge sentences woman to 22 years for elections official's murder

Texas: More dead voters letters sent to black areas of Houston | State: No voters will be purged for not responding to 'dead' letters | Online registration hoax could put Texas voters off line at the polls

U.S. Virgin Islands: St. Thomas-St. John board of elections decides details of recount

Virginia: County gets ready | Election board says it has completed delivery of 4.6M voter registration cards

Washington: Democrats target Republican hold on secretary of state office

West Virginia: Initiative focuses on educating disabled voters

Wisconsin: DA: Voter fraud allegations unfounded