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October 16, 2012

National News: Fraud, fights & failures | State voting-law cases test Supreme Court's politics | Early voting makes vote-by-mail states loo like late comers

Overseas Voting News: Experts: Ballot requests from overseas service members lag

Alabama; After hoaxes and misinformation, party leaders join probate judge to clarify voter ID laws

Arizona: Voter ID appeal headed for high court | High court to Ariz. voter-registration case | County warning voters not to give early ballots to others to turn in | Pima County makes it easier for smartphone users to locate polling places

California: State hotline provides inaccurate voter registration deadline | Voter fraud found in Vernon election, new winner named | Voting officials say counting ballots sooner could clear up confusion in ranked-choice voting | Dept. of elections announces creation of election fraud hotline | League helps youth register to vote, early

Colorado: Colorado Ethics Watch calls for criminal investigation of Gessler's travel to GOP events | Election activist files complaint against county | Almost 2M mail ballots go out in Colorado today

Connecticut: State working out voter registration computer kinks

Florida: Possibility of double voting a real concern in Florida | Thousands of voters continue to wait for their absentee ballots

Georgia: Some early voters in Bibb County greeted by hour-long wait | Two hour waits reported on first day of early voting | Voting could take longer this election in Muscogee County

Indiana: State offers online preview of your ballot | U.S. Attorney promises extra help to investigate voter fraud

Maryland: To avoid Election Day lines, vote early | MD BOE asks state to investigate MontCo electioneering

Massachusetts: Mansfield attorney on panel discussing voter ID | Worcester staffs-up for clean elections

Minnesota: Voter opposition goes up on airwaves

Mississippi: NAACP lawsuit seeks new districts, new election

Missouri: Couple worried victims of election registration scam

Montana: Record number ask for absentee ballots

Nevada: Deadline brings out late voter registration surge

New Hampshire: Absentee ballot requests up, but that isn't open to everybody

New Mexico: Duran wants federal court to handle straight-ticket lawsuit

New York: Bloomberg: Moving NYC primaries 'a terrible idea' | Council to BOE: Pull yourselves together | Fort Drum helps soldiers process absentee ballot paper work

North Carolina: Duke, elections board agree to address verifications | Hickory repays county fees for referendum vote | NC voter 'pre-registration' law draws national attention | Flu shots offered during early voting

Ohio: Courts have yet to resolve Ohio election fights | Suit aims to protect arrestees' voting rights | Juniata County BOE seeks employees

Oregon: Secretary of state candidates speak | Brown defends record; challenger seeks to be first successful statewide GOP candidate in a decade

Pennsylvania: Voters will be asked to show photo ID, but don't need to | Mailing to retired city workers says photo ID needed | DA wants fraud probe

South Carolina: SC could join early voting trend in 2016 | New voting rules won't stop absentee fraud

Texas: Hart InterCivic announces Ron Clevenger as vice president of sales | LULAC sues county over voter purges

Virginia: Fairfax in need of poll workers | Voter registrars report a rush to register | Local man finds several voter applications in his store dumpster

Wisconsin: Woman convicted of voter fraud charges | Romney campaign sues over absentee ballots in Wisconsin