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October 25, 2012

National: Is early voting a 'quiet revolution'? | Absentee voting's rise means more risk of problems | Watchdog groups prep for voter intimidation, fraud | A look at irregularities with voter registration, voting | Foreclosures expected to deter thousands of voters | U.S. felons a potentially powerful but shunned voting bloc | As election nears, efforts intensify to misinform, pressure voters

Alabama: Authorities ready to respond to complaints of election fraud, voting rights violations | Chief JeffCo election official: Watch out for bad election info

Arizona: Activists groups call foul on election practices in Arizona | Prop. 121 would create at 'top two' open primary in Arizona

Arkansas: County introduces electronic poll books

California: Online voter registration proves popular as state nears record | App allows voters to track vote by mail ballot | Early voting options expanded | Majority of new Yolo voters registered online | Mail ballots require one 45-cent stamp

Colorado: Critics air concerns about Boulder County's ballot processing | Mail ballots coming back | Voter purging resurfaces in Colorado | 20 noncitizens on Larimer County voter rolls | Mail ballot glitch leads to addition of drop-off box

Connecticut: Nation's oldest poll worker passes away

Florida: PBC back in election spotlight | Free Votran rides available to voters starting Saturday | South Florida voters need patience, perseverance | Fraudulent voter roll letters turn up in 26 counties | Veteran told he couldn't use bathroom in elections building | Copying bad PBC ballots will likely prevent repeat of 2000 election spotlight, experts say | Voting interest up; turnout may reach 80 percent | Long ballot could spell long lines, delays if voters come unprepared | Citrus County participates in statewide voting results test | Technology, longevity at heart of St. Lucie elections supervisor campaigns | FBI investigating bogus letters

Georgia: Gun raffle for vote campaign challenged | Early voting nears 600K | Fulton County hopes new changes fix past elections problems

Hawaii: Honolulu man votes for last time--from his deathbed

Illinois: Election judges study up ahead of Nov. 6 voting | Election judge pay no longer helped by state

Indiana: BMV expands hours for voters needing photo IDs | Dem chair wants investigation into voter purge

Iowa: Official: Early voting likely will set Iowa record | Vote while you shop: 'Pop-up' poll sites sweep Iowa | Iowa election results face delay with new rule

Kansas: Schools bus first-time voters to polls for advance voting | Wichita high school students vote for first time

Kentucky: Efforts to protect election integrity expands | New online resources available to voters

Louisiana: Lawsuit rips election plan

Maryland: Glitch with Md.'s new online voter registration system will affect hundred; others are mailed incomplete ballots | One page was absent from Md. absentee ballots | Elections board acknowledges absentee ballot errors

Michigan: Voting rights hotline and volunteers ready for election | Roseville clerk: Hundreds of absentee ballots not delivered | Election precinct workers offered online training

Minnesota: Voter ID amendment battle grows heated over ad claims | Dispute over military voting heats up photo ID campaign | Sparks fly during voter ID forum | Election Day registration rules detailed | Minneapolis busy preparing for Election Day and handling flood of absentee ballots

Missouri: Election crews put voting machines through a practice run | County clerk holds successful voting machine test | Candidates weigh in on voter ID | Schoeller stumps for photo ID requirements | Clerks brace for high polling place numbers | Secretary of state candidates clash

Montana: Missoula County distributes record number of absentee ballots

Nebraska: Secretary of state sets up voter fraud hotline

New Hampshire: Fake voter registration mailings frustrate NH town clerks

New Mexico: Bernalillo County releases voting app

New York: City fails Bengali ballot test; elections board says it has a plan | Nursing home resident says she felt pressure to vote

North Carolina: Cumberland County resets machine after voter complaints | More voting problems reported in Jamestown, Pleasant Garden | Veteran's photos removed from polling location | Some ballot machines not registering voter's choice | New scrutiny for voting machines in Mecklenburg County | Despite glitch, students marched to polls | State asks counties to speed up early voting | Early voters swarm election sites | Voting straight ticket? Beware the pitfalls, officials say | Long lines persist at polls; not changes planned

Ohio: Official: Local voting machines are safe, secure | Judge extends provisional ballot counting | Board names interim director | Absentee ballots could hang up Ohio's results | Several counties say they won't make changes to early voting | Ohio's nightmare voting scenario

Oklahoma: Overwhelming amount of inquiries about absentee voting leads to announcement of voting dates, times

Oregon: Brown turns to audits in secretary of state race

Pennsylvania: Speed up voter ID misinformation case, ACLU says | County must release some Pizano emails, agency rules | Post-Gazette argues for the right to photograph polling places

Rhode Island: Cranston killer tests voting rights laws | State, federal officials will be on lookout Election Day

South Carolina: Elections officials crack down on voting hoax email | New precinct announced for some Anderson County voters | 840 Spartanburg voters get wrong absentee ballots

South Dakota: Early voting advances in South Dakota

Tennessee: Tieche defends citizenship-challenge training for election | Voters' citizenship could be challenged

Texas: Lots of money and work to hold elections | Ballot error found on first day of voting | Upcoming Election Day sparks conversation with council regarding elections, terms | Texas AG sends warning to international election observers | Voters allege profiling at polls | Voting rights group urges Texas to embrace observers | No evidence of foul play in death of man a local polling place

Virginia: Cuccinelli will investigate GOP worker accused of trashing voter forms | State elections board cooperating with voter fraud investigation

Washington: Whatcom auditor: Take care not to tear ballot | County auditors and current secretary of state support Wyman | Gray Harbor ballots will not require two stamps

West Virginia: Taylor County prepares for Election Day

Wisconsin: GAB keeps two election policies in place | Lawsuit over late absentee ballots settled