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November 3-5, 2012

National News: Nightmare Scenario: The election night that might not end | How secure is your electronic vote? | Groups on guard for voting irregularities | National Federation for the Blind to run Election Day hotline | Early voting likely to break records in key swing states | Use of e-voting machines unaltered despite power outages caused by Hurricane Sandy | Voting machines remain a worry in US election | How Sandy has impacted voting in NY, NJ and Conn. | Sandy has election officials scrambling; some worry about turnout | Three countries where it's easier to vote than the United States | DOJ sending voting observers to 23 states | Will poll watchers help or hinder voting in the elections? | States launch database to reach new voters and purge rolls | Officials fret about polling sites in storm-ravaged states | Millions of Americans vote before Election Day | How international election observers rile some states | As election looms, many voters fear process is compromised | State officials rush to head off Sandy-related election issues | Officials: Sandy-stricken areas will vote Tuesday 'come hell or high water' | Election Day headaches: A look at what could go wrong when the votes are counted on Tuesday | Seven swing state election irregularities | Mail-in ballots: The hanging chads of 2012? | Disruption from storm may be felt at the polls | Voting after Hurricane Sandy might be a big mess | Will Election Day be a 'perfect storm?' Four nightmare scenarios for what could go wrong | Despite Hurricane Sandy, election officials believe voting can go on | First the voting, then counting, then challenges

Overseas Voting News: Some absentee ballots may be lost | Pentagon pushed e-mail voting for troops despite security concerns

Alabama: Madison County voters may have to stay up late Tuesday to see election results | Jefferson County preps poll workers for Election Day | Junkins: Etowah County election prep is 'massive project'

Alaska: No need to wait: Early voting is an option this weekend | Voters line up to cast ballots early in Anchorage on Sunday | New election districts are cause for confusion: Officials are confident kinks are worked out

Arizona: Maricopa County voters on inactive list still allowed to vote | Controversy over poll watchers simmers | Closed club's cash piles up vs. open primary | Election officials prepare voting locations in Mesa County | Monitors to visit Arizona polls | Officials: Early ballot system safeguards effective against fraud

California: Poll workers, inspectors ensure each vote counts | In California, no need to stay up late on Election Night | Voting by mail becoming the norm | Civil rights concerns for county's Spanish-speaking voters prompts feds to step in on Election Day | Vallejo couple finds completed ballots in street | Record number of vote-by-mail ballots for Tuesday's election | Riverside, Alameda county polling places to get federal monitors | Solano County registrar of voters office gets jump-start on election | Long ballots may challenge Valley voters' patience | Countries learn how to refine voting process | Santa Clara County offers voter app to help on Election Day

Colorado: Voting machines changed their vote, some say | Time running out for early voters, mail-in ballots in Colorado | Boulder County election judges should be calling out voters' names, critic complains | Clerk's office in election mode | Boulder County clerks says past ballot-counting problems are resolved | Elections critic decides not to pursue his latest complaint about Boulder County's clerk | Windsor's early voting center at fire station to remain open through Election Day | Colorado county clerks ready for scrutiny, long night for election

Connecticut: Monday to bring final word from state on polling places | Frustrated registrars say they'll adapt | Registrars caution against over-voting | All Norwalk polling sites operational for Election Day | Monroe's polls ready to roll on Election Day

Delaware: Large turnout predicted, photo ID not needed

District of Columbia: Long early voting lines continue despite extra voting machines | Nearly 30K have voted early in D.C. | DC Officials: 52K early voters

Florida: For some Florida voters, six-hour wait time to cast a ballot | Feds monitor early voting in Miami-Dade | Pinellas supervisor of elections Deborah Clark faces familiar opponent | Theres LePore talks about former job | Small number of absentee ballots rejected | Navy captain can't vote in home state | Voters brave lines on early voting deadline | As election day nears, groups brace for legal showdown | Leaders call on Scott to extend early voting | Crews detonate two suspicious items at early voting location | Singing security guard entertains early voters stuck in long lines | Monroe Co. elections supervisor asks Scott to extend early voting hours | Judge rules against allowing West Palm Beach woman to vote in person after dispute over signature | Lake supervisor of elections faces challenge to 40-year reign | Felons who voted, dead people listed on county rolls | Final day of early voting goes late into the night | Fla. Democrats want extended early voting hours | Early voting ends with special Sunday voting | Voters overwhelm Dade elections for Sunday voting | In Madison County, Florida's longest absentee-voter fraud case | 'Early' voting still possible through over-the-counter ballots in Tampa Bay area | Miami-Dade, Broward elections closes, reopens doors | Felons find restoring right to vote harder now | As Election Day nears, groups brace for legal showdown at the polls | Turning 18 after Election Day means missing out on the vote | PBC accepting absentee ballots today | Judge orders 1 Fla. county to extend early voting

Georgia: Thousands wait in line on final day of early voting | State tells Fulton to un-flag suspect voters | Ga. elections officials gear up for Election Day

Hawaii: Voting machines verified, tested ahead of Tuesday's vote | Voting machines tested ahead of general election | Hawaii voters break record for this election season

Idaho: Idaho issues 159K absentee ballots | Officials say fewer absentee ballots issued this year

Illinois: Officials happy with voter purge in Alexander County | Large Election day turnout will mean long wait at some polls | Candidate questions absentee voting; Clerk says laws are being followed | Election judges are ready for their big day | No problems at area polls on last days of early, absentee voting

Indiana: Elections clerk readies voters on 'P-I Live!' | Secretary of state sued by Common Cause | County's savings add up with vote centers | Locals say voter ID laws not impacting turnout | League of Women Voters Cass County observe polls | Ballot canceled when woman registers in Indiana and California | Early voting ends at noon Monday, long lines continue at satellite sites | Longtime poll worker looks at voting process

Iowa: ID scanners available at some voting sites | Lines stretch outside as voters cast ballots early | Confusion rises over voting rights for felons | USPS discusses absentee ballot procedures | Absentee voting becoming trendier around Siouxland  | Longtime rural election officials miss charm of old ways

Kansas: Clerk's office open over the weekend | Missouri Dems worried about Kansas voter ID law

Maine: Early voting less popular this year than in 2008

Maryland: Long lines for early voting in Maryland | Ocean City polling place to change due to Sandy | Nearly twice as many Maryland voters cast early ballots compared with last election | Garrett County officials say polls, roads will be open on Election Day despite snow | Long ballot could give rise to lots of mistakes

Massachusetts: Elections worker was ousted in 2010 | Clerks: Every vote will be counted | 'Early voting, Massachusetts style': Technically not allowed but happening anyway with absentee ballots | Teen poll workers helping Brookline vote in 2012 | Clerks: Inactive voters likely to slow some polls | Essex woman frozen out from voting

Michigan: Clerks prepare for record voter turnout | Robo call questions voter registration in Detroit | Secretary of state: Voting instructions for volunteers headed to help Sandy victims | Scanning driver's license shortens time at polls | Coalition asks for investigation into missing Auburn Hills absentee ballots | Genesee County voters, election workers cope with lengthy ballot

Mississippi: Controversy heats up over voter's ID

Minnesota: Proposed voter ID amendment should not be confused with current voter laws | Voter ID amendment worries some local voters | Fight over voter ID goes down to wire | Early voting, Minnesota style | Major changes loom for Minn. election law if voter ID passes | Voting this election can be a complicated matter for Native Americans | Fraud, voting rights groups will keep vigil at polls

Missouri: How private is your absentee vote? | Missouri Dems worried about Kansas voter ID law | Kander, Schoeller fight for secretary of state's seat | Polling places prepare for Election Day | Franklin County to use iPads on Election Day | St. Louis County gets outside help for election | Republican Party placing 'challengers' at local polls

Montana: Voting can be difficult when you don't have an address | Republicans eye elections process carefully | Yellowstone County election equipment ready for Tuesday | Republicans eye elections process carefully | Voting machine option | Civic-minded seniors do duty on Election Day

Nebraska: Voting rights complaint filed in Lincoln | Hearing date set for Nebraska voting complaint

Nevada: Secretary of state says no evidence provided of voting machine irregularity | GOP alleges voting machine problems | Woman arrested in Las Vegas for alleged voter fraud | Reno voters offered chance to get to polls free | Secretary of state tries to allay concerns about voting problems | Voters claim issues with voting machines | Voters may cringe, but a recount could be a factor in close election

New Hampshire: Lack of photo ID no barrier to voting: AG announces hotline for Election Day questions | NH officials prep voters on election law changes | Residents can vote--and register--on Tuesday even without a picture ID | No ID will be needed to vote Tuesday, but it will speed things up | Voter ID is in effect in NH

New Jersey: Due to power failures, some Hunterdon residents will vote in a different place | Voting a real concern for New Jersey residents | Wyckoff polling places unchanged after Sandy, officials say | New Jersey makes plans for makeshift voting places | Towns have contingency plans for voting | Officials scramble to ensure smooth election after Hurricane Sandy | State directs counties to permit electronic voting | Sandy confuses voters flooded out of usual polling places | Military trucks at NJ polling places could affect how, if people vote | NJ residents displaced by storm can vote by email | Voters displaced by Hurricane Sandy will be able to vote by fax or email, state says | New polling places for some as Sandy shuts down sites | Sandy causes polling place shuffle | Mobile voting precinct moves north to aid storm-weary voters | Half of polling places knocked out by Sandy restored | NJ election board prepping for intense Election Day

New Mexico: Voting never gets old | Early voting grows in Bernalillo County

New York: Moving voting sites for Nov. 6 Election Day | Will Sandy impact Election Day on Long Island? | No plan yet for Election Day, no gas to transport voting machines | NYS BOE: It's possible voting may be permitted beyond Tuesday | Elections board moves Deer Park polling places | The vote must go on: Onondaga County sends ballots to National Guard members called up for Sandy relief | Putnam prepped for Election Day after Sandy | Storm forcing BOE to relocate 80 polling places, but it's not clear which ones | Midwest generators to power NY polling sites | Sandy's disruption affects absentee ballots for out-of-towners | State Senate head wants to create election reform group | Nassau: Power secured for most poll sites | NYC polling sites are moved two days before election | Election workers ready for big day | 59 polling sites citywide to be moved because of storm damage | Board of elections commissioner: 'Everything is fine'

North Carolina: Youth become active during voting process | Smartphones not smart at the polls | Elections director says touchscreens don't flip votes | List of purportedly dead NC voters includes some live ones | County breaks one-stop record | Copper thieves delay early voting in Anson Co. | Report: Paper ballot will protect votes cast | Polling sites busy on last day of early voting | Mobile voting precinct moves north to aid storm-weary voters

North Dakota: Recount would put spotlight on ND's unique voting rules | No ND voter registration surprises observers | Senate recount talk irritates Jaeger

Ohio: 9 polling places in Cuyahoga County without power, 4 days before election | Ohio voting is already under the microscope | Millions lost in voting system sale | Ohio voter advocates criticize elections chief's provisional ballot order, want judge to rule | Officials question 24 registrations | Ohio's provisional ballots could delay outcome of presidential race | Absentee ballots rejected after voter records delayed | Provisional ballot voting order criticized | Board of elections will open doors for early voting Sunday | Lawyers descend on Ohio--just in case | US Postal Service considering billing BOE for absentee ballot postage confusion | County's voting mechanisms in place for Election Day | Fairfield County officials working to make final election preparations | Early voters willing to wait in line during disputed weekend hours | Glitch delays delivery of voter records | Advocates say Husted directives give him greater license to disenfranchise voters | Local changes could result in voter confusion | 209 voters in Miami Co. received 2 absentee ballots | New directive by Ohio secretary of state has some saying he is trying to suppress Tuesday's vote | Voters can expect to see 'observers' at most polling places | Voting machines being calibrated | Voter fraud or voters suppression? Party chairmen rattle sabres as Election Day nears in Ohio | State says wearing varsity attire to polls OK

Oklahoma: Oklahoma new voter ID law in effect

Oregon: Oregon investigating alleged ballot fraud in Clackamas County elections | Oregon Dept. of Justice investigates alleged ballot tampering in Clackamas County as candidates consider legal action | Schrader calls alleged ballot tampering in Clackamas County 'sneaky, underhanded' | Charges fly in Oregon secretary of state race over rules for ballots | Concern over ballots lacking postage in Oregon | On election eve, Oregon celebrates a century of voting rights for women | Lehan calls for 'emergency' meeting of Clackamas board | Ballot postage becomes election issue | Brown increases monitoring of Clackamas County elections | Second state elections official dispatched to Clackamas County amidst state investigation into possible ballot tampering

Pennsylvania: Polling places slowly getting power back | County officials: Most polling places will have power | Lorain County election workers to help if there are ballot errors | Philadelphia election commissioners nailing down final details for Tuesday's vote | 11 Monroe County voting sites still without power | Judge refuses to curb voter ID advertisements | Absentee voters flock to election bureau | Pa. voting rights groups increase prevention efforts | Clearfield County officials prepare for Election Day | Montgomery County election officials prepared for Election Day problems | Volunteers are especially important this year for voters confused about voter ID law, officials say | The dead live on in Monroe voter registration list | Sandy, one week later, would have caused election chaos | Philadelphia poll workers to receive pay increase? | Despite doubt from experts, state insists all votes are safeguarded, counted | W.Pa. officials ready to tackle voting issues | Pittsburgh lawyers to field voters' questions | How to vote if you're displaced

Rhode Island: Last chance for free IDs before election

South Dakota: Years of experience for poll workers | Absentee voters appreciate convenience of Saturday voting | Poll workers ready for Tuesday election

South Carolina: Long line of voters in Horry County | SC soldiers demand absentee ballots overseas | Absentee ballot voting continues to grow in SC

South Dakota: South Dakota county works to avoid repeat of vote miscount

Tennessee: As early voting ends in Shelby County, the glitch index seems down | State Supreme Court to hear voter ID case | Woman able to vote through exemption in law despite no photo ID | Election administrator gives tips for Election Day voters | Tenn. giving residents last minute opportunity to get voter photo IDs | Justice Dept. to monitor Nashville vote Tuesday | More on Knox County's lack of 'I Voted' stickers | Precinct shifts cause confusion in greater Chattanooga area

Texas: A few early voters report getting wrong ballot | First vote as U.S. citizen is final step in woman's journey to becoming an American | Early voting finishes with new records in Harris County | After early voting incident, Gonzalez demands Texas enforce current ID rules | State NAACP urges Texans to report voter intimidation | You're not dead? Texas officials' error-plagued effort purges live voters, too | Bedridden DeSoto woman rolls to the polls after mail-in ballot doesn't show | Some Buda voters issued wrong ballot | Long lines on Election Day could be a thing of the past | County officials work overtime to produce fair election | Some voting problems reported at McLennan County polls | State official warns counties that several forms of ID are acceptable at polls | Poll watchers poised to take their places | Poll workers gear up for Election Day | Travis County residents can vote at any polling place on Election Day | Election workers keep polls running smoothly | Long waits led to disturbance at polling site, official says

U.S. Virgin Islands: Ballot creates possible confusion in St. Thomas-St. John BOE race | St. Thomas-St. John voting machines to be tested for certification all weekend | Federal agency to audit VI elections' last 10 years

Utah: Alpine 5th grade class learns about voting in Utah | Thousands hit Utah polls as early voting wraps up

Vermont: Condos says absentee ballots may delay election results | Electronic voting concerns are aired

Virginia: Poll watchers unlikely to cause Election Day problems, officials say | Virginia voter fraud case expands focus on GOP firm | Fairfax judge denies Dems request for injunction on county policy for poll watchers | Registrars busy on last day of in-person absentee voting | Henrico, Richmond asked to take greater care with voting materials | Election Day in Cape Charles presents historic complication | Richmond says it will comply with voting materials safeguard request | Virginia awaits effects of voter ID law | Virginia voter ID law gets first test Tuesday | Provisional ballots will delay Va.'s final vote tally

Washington: Cowlitz County extends ballot processing into weekend | Five accessible voting centers open in King County | Active military personnel and their families are exempt from voter registration deadlines | King County executive, elections director come to West Seattle with a warning | Complaints follow Republicans' offer to deliver voters' ballots

West Virginia: WV secretary of state memo causes concern for county commissioners | Tennant clarifies who is permitted in polling places | Early voting concludes

Wisconsin: Workers monitor absentee voting in Janesville for first time | Local officials ready for Election Day