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November 22-26, 2012

National: Lawmakers eye proposals to speed voting | Justices' reconsideration of Voting Rights Act alarms liberals | Why have there been so many contested elections?

Alabama: State still has to wrap up details from Nov. 6 election

Arizona: Bennett makes push for 'voting centers' | Supes unanimously approve canvass | As tallies confirm results, many call for a faster way to count | Arizona ballots finally counted—and Latinos ask, why so long? | County to voters: We hear your frustration | State asked to consider switch to voting centers

California: Registrar's performance praised by supervisors | County moves toward more 'low-tech' voting methods | County voter turnout hits 20-year high | Friday election update unlikely | SB County vote not likely to be certified until Dec. 4 | LA city council schedules special election for May | Election run-off could cost Northstate taxpayers nearly a million dollars | Thousands of ballots won't be counted | Provisional ballots challenge elections staff | Congressman George Miller's 'Simple Voting Act' | Leland Yee to run for secretary of state

Colorado: El Paso County voters set election record | Canvass shows few discrepancies

Connecticut: Moriarty School polling place recount to be held Tuesday | 2,800 pounds of food collected on Election Day

Florida: Post-election audit matches machine results in Indian River County | Mayor proposes supervisor of elections office move downtown | Duval elections supervisor opposes city's proposal to move office to Yates building | Riverview elections office closes doors | Early voting numbers down | Automatic registration a top priority for some reformers | Former Florida GOP leaders say voter suppression was reason they pushed new election law

Georgia: State investigation of Hall elections still open

Guam: Override of election reform veto fails | Nearly 315 election workers go unpaid

Hawaii: Elections commission moves up meeting after public complaints | Gov. to Halloran: "I'll ask Legislature for all-mail voting system'

Illinois: Special election could cost $5.1M | Roll of dice will determine tied race

Indiana: Porter County needs more room for voters — or does it?

Iowa: State to consider signature verification of voters | Schultz to keep pushing Iowa voter ID law | Secretary of state expects more voter fraud arrests | Iowa secretary of state set to resume campaign to root out voter fraud

Kansas: Kobach voting law | Kobach touts success of Kan. photo ID law

Louisiana: Early voting starts for Dec. 8 election | Clinton residents stunned by allegations of voter fraud | Voters uptown complain about lack of educational materials, long lines in N.O. East

Maine: Final recounts settle election uncertainty

Michigan: Strickland pleads not guilty to voter registration crime | State threatens to use Troy is city doesn't hold mayoral election on Feb. 26 | State Sen. Whitmer, secretary of state see election in a very different way | Troy aims to skip mayoral election

Minnesota: Illegal ballots discovered in Mower County | Will early voting come to Minnesota?

Mississippi: Washington Co. election officials get more space

Missouri: County receives grant reimbursement, preps for recount | Unsuccessful secretary of state bid attracted local backing

Montana: Ballot counting error caught early | Public officials want attorney fees in American Indian voting suit

Nebraska: State board of canvassers to meet Dec. 3 | Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck support untallied in election

New Hampshire: Derry looks at ways to streamline voting process | NH seeks 'bail out' from federal voting law | State begins tabulating cost of voter ID law

New Jersey: Final counts overturn tight races | New Jersey email voting a casualty of Sandy's wake

New Mexico: Commission certifies ballots despite concerns about election

New York: Voting machine sales draw a light turnout | $250K settlement for elections board clerk

North Carolina: NC representative wants online voter registration | Civitas picks fight with state elections director | No offers yet on former Cumberland County BOE building

Ohio: Local activist says elections board retrieving jail ballots was done as favor | Franklin County discards 43 votes | Schoellman selected for precinct election official red carpet

Oklahoma: House District 45 battle continues

Pennsylvania: Photographer at polling place leads to complaint | After election disarray, Philadelphia commissioners try to regroup

Rhode Island: State elections board to ask General Assembly for $9M for new voting machines

South Carolina: Analysis: Richland had 185 fewer voting machines than 2010 | A voter's voice | Richland County delegation is sued over law that established current election office | A voter's voice | Hearing today on Richland County's election debacle

Texas: County considers pay policy for poll workers

U.S. Virgin Islands: St. Croix certifies vote; no change

Utah: Voter turnout remains low in Utah

Virginia: Prince William creates independent panel to look into long lines on Election Day | The results are in: The election went smoothly | Cole bill reduces types of voter IDs | County to look at Election Day efficiency | Utility bills, bank statements could be banned at polls

Washington: Elections director certifies races | Postal Service cuts could affect state's mail-in voting

Wisconsin: Wisconsin clerks fighting Walker on same-day voter registration | Clerks say eliminating same-day registration would create more difficulties | 19% of voters registered on Election Day in Milwaukee | Walker: Early voting could off-set same-day registration | Same-day registrations were popular on Milwaukee campuses