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December 8-10, 2012

National News: After Obama vow, Washington weighs role in election management

Alabama: Etowah County details election costs

Alaska: Lawmaker plans to push for voter photo ID law

Arizona: Hays pleads guilty to voter fraud | Ballot access costly | Delayed count due to ballotless 'early' voters at polls

Arkansas: County working to improve voting process following problems | Vote centers for Arkansas under consideration

California: Online voter registration boosted turnout, data suggested | Online voter registrants in California were younger, more likely to vote | Mail-in ballots, online registration boost local turnout

Colorado: Election officials across Colorado push for voting overhauls

Florida: Thousands of rejected Miami-Dade absentee ballots show perils of voting by mail | Tampa Bay election supervisors rejected nearly 3K absentee ballots | City council's concern over proposal to build new elections office | City commission approves transition plan for election changes | Election officials discuss Lee County voting issues | Plenty of absentee ballots didn't make the grade | What could go wrong when voting absentee? Plenty, it turns out

Georgia: County looks at inaccurate voter addresses | Augusta election officials to scrutinize vacant lot voters

Iowa: Officials weigh signature verification and additions to mail-in voting

Kansas: Is voter registration becoming obsolete?

Louisiana: Lower voter turnout expected

Maryland: Helmet bill is out, voter ID likely to follow | Turnout should be key factor in any expansion of early voting, director says

Massachusetts: Long lines at the poll prompt calls for early voting | Worcester commission won't pursue complaints about primary election

Minnesota: Voting-law changes are on DFL minds | Voting equipment replacement moving ahead | County attorney rejects Mapleview voting complaints

Missouri: Supporters of photo ID for Missouri voters look to 2013 session

Nebraska: Poll closings may prompt changes in how election commissioners are chosen | Senator: Take governor out of equation for election commissioners

New Hampshire: Special election to replace rep would cost $2K

New Jersey: Late-counted absentee, provisional ballots make no difference in race

New Mexico: County vote goes to court

New York: County billed 11 county villages for election costs | Quinn and council propose detailed reforms to improve city's voting system | Early votes' fate at issue | BOE employee testifies he was following his boss's orders

North Carolina: Recount favors Frost

Ohio: Provisional-ballot causes probed | Husted to serve as panelist at Pew

Pennsylvania: Mayor Nutter puts together fact-finding team to look into Election Day problems | Panel to review reports of voting problems

South Carolina: Poll managers dispute director, say they warned early about too few machine | Legislative delegation split over firing of county election director

Texas: Commission to choose new elections administrator

U.S. Virgin Islands: Abramson ordered to apologize to official he tried to fire

Utah: County Republicans adopt resolution on voting fraud concerns

Washington: Recount resolutions bring end election to end | Secretary of state-elect goes local for aides

Wisconsin: With Walker on hand, son used same-day registration in GOP primary