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March 26, 2013

National News: Republican to Holder: Probe 'rat's nest' in DOJ civil rights shop | Lawmaker criticizes Obamacare questions on voter registration

Arizona: Arizona GOP: Voter maps aided Democrats

Arkansas: Governor Beebe vetoes voter ID bill; override expected | Beebe vetoes voter ID requirement | AG not sure of result if voter ID challenged

Connecticut: Litchfield resident honored for 50 years of service to community | Lawmakers mull early voting | Lawyer announces bid to be senate's top election official

Colorado: Recalls could leave some with ballot burnout

Illinois: Early voting slow at start; weather partly to blame | Illinois could expand early voting | Spring break should not affect early voting | Macomb stands by its election policy

Iowa: Judge dismisses voter fraud charges against western Iowans | Agent investigating voter fraud called to active military duty

Kansas: Senate approves bill for plain-language 'explainer' on complicated ballot issues

Maine: Bill would bar constitutional officers from running for statewide office

Maryland: Frederick not ready for early voting in 2013 election

Massachusetts: Town clerk's office ready for election day in Winchester | Lawrence board of registrars disabled as elections approach

Minnesota: Clerk looks for 'plan B' to fund Minneapolis election

Missouri: Senate panel considers requiring paper ballots

New Hampshire: State investigating Grafton voting

New Mexico: Recapping the 2013 legislative session: NM vote matters

Ohio: The state's early-voting laws need changes, secretary of state says | Republicans hear from election board candidates

Oregon: Oregon Republicans oppose automatic voter registration bill

Pennsylvania: Officials debate decision to toss provisional ballots | Judge won't impose bad-faith sanctions on county over unreleased emails

Rhode Island: Brennan Center chief praises Rhode Island voter-ID law

South Carolina: Election office prepares for special ballot

Tennessee: Caucus versus primary: Party leaders consider costs, voters | House to hear new version of voter ID bill | House disagrees with Senate on college IDs for voting

Texas: Paid 'vote harvesting' targeted by Texas House bill | Flap over publishing polling places in newspapers

Virginia: New voting process in Pittsylvania Co. should be easier