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April 17, 2013

National News: Scalia calls Voting Rights Act a 'racial preferment'

Alabama: Voter registration bill bogs down in House

Arizona: Poll: Don't scrub early voting lists

Arkansas: Voter bills may go on ballot

California: LA registrar-recorder/county clerk makes groundbreaking efforts to change election system

Colorado: Elections bill stirs passions

Delaware: Delaware restores voting rights to felons | Mixed day for votes on proposals for lawmakers

Florida: Senate poised to pass elections reform bill | Senate Dems try and fail to 'upgrade' Florida's election system | Florida Senate debate over election reform gets Manatee County twist | Group warns that Senate bill could draw a voting rights act lawsuit | Florida election supervisors dislike disciplinary provision added to elections overhaul bill | Florida Senate reworks elections bill; supervisors livid | Big price tag may prevent future election embarrassments | Florida Republicans crack down on foreign-language voting

Illinois: Skokie village clerk says goodbye after more than 30 years | Proposal would allow certain minors to vote in primaries | Havana mayor's race decided by golf ball lottery drawing

Indiana: Munster special election details finalized

Maryland: Long Reach extends election due to mishap with absentee ballots | Updates to Snow Hill election code changes absentee ballot rules

Massachusetts: Polling hours drastically cut for race-less Norwell election

Mississippi: Mississippi records near-record voter turnout, report shows

Missouri: Recent election cost $9.40 per voter

Montana: House backs election-related referendums | House supports 2 proposed election referendums

New Jersey: Register to vote at Jersey City eatery, get 50 percent off your bill | Civil rights icon U.S. Rep. John Lewis pushes for NJ early voting bill

New York: Early voting could be costly for counties| Cuomo touts election reform | Oversized districts, lack of polling places still cause election board headaches | Tougher state elections rules

North Carolina: House to debate voter ID bill in committee | State board provides data related to voter ID | Data shows fewer lack photo IDs | Bill would make NC redistricting nonpartisan

North Dakota: Walsh County struggles with miscount of November election

Ohio: Technology and new policy should speed up voting | Nun won't do jail time for voter fraud

Pennsylvania: Pa. lawmakers push voting bills | Historic Lebanon, election commission commemorate 100th anniversary of post office

South Dakota: Last week's heavy snow pushes local elections back a week

Tennessee: Election commission looking at adding precinct | Election commission reorganizes | New election commission sworn-in

West Virginia: 15 of 17 Tennant-approved bills pass | W.Va. approves online voter registration

Wisconsin: GAB mails postcards to inactive voters