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May 9, 2013

National News: Justice Dept. hiring request fuels bias complaints; 44 civil rights lawyers sought

Alabama: Committee approves bill to change voter registration

Delaware: Committee sends voter registration bill to House floor

Florida: Manatee County buys new, high-tech voting equipment | Judicial Watch sues DOJ for ACLU documents in Florida registration clean-up | Local election officials applaud election law changes

Indiana: Some will vote in a different location starting in 2014 | Council backs vote centers

Kansas: Local officials oppose election fraud bill

Minnesota: House backs small move toward earlier voting | State House passes elections bill| House sets new election in case of candidate's death

Mississippi: Election day machine snafus

Nevada: Senate panel to consider voter registration bill

New Hampshire: Party line votes on Senate panel to change voter ID, registration laws

New York: Senate passes bill to allow lever machine voting | State Senate approves bill that allows for old voting machines

North Carolina: Lee BOE holds hearing on alleged voter fraud

Ohio: Election goes well with fewer precincts | Elections board: Vote went smoothly| Elections bill in Ohio Senate gets caught in partisan crossfire | Turnout light; shirts, signs questioned

Oregon: Bill would make voter registration automatic | New plan on voter registration heard| Brown tweaks universal registration bill in search for more support

Pennsylvania: 3 voting bills to get day in court | Court upholds redrawn maps for Legislature | Are Philly city commissioners ready for the election

South Carolina: Election leaders: No decision on new executive director | Richland Council balks at paying 'election mess' legal fees | Richland Co. will continue search for elections director

Tennessee: Kelvin Scott takes seat on election commission

Texas: House OKs explaining rejected voter application | Voting bills focus on registrars in effort to increase turnout| County vote centers attract early voters